Will and the group were in the helicopter when it began to have propellor issues. They landed in a meadow and made repairs.


Will: Son of a...

Grimes: Ah what now?

Miller: Did we-

Will: Where's the fourth back rotor blade?!?

Mason: WHAT?

Will: We only have three out of four blades on the tail.

Mason: Can we still fly?

Will: Yeah, but I think we're close to the cabin. What's our coordinates?

Grimes: Uh, checking, checking. Look! A highway! Will, what highway is that?

Will: Oregon Highway 7, maybe.

Miller: So, we're going on a maybe? 

Will: Better than nothing right?

The crew had been sitting in their seats for the past three days, trying to keep the helicopter on course. The old helicopter has had several issues. The back rotors always got something caught in them, and even once the back ramp flew open randomly. The helicopter landed on the ground, Will flipped off the ignition switches and turned off the throttle.

Will: We're here everybody, except one of us is gonna have to drive the humvee, we're gonna tow the helicopter through the woods. Who's up for steering the helicopter with me?

Lauren: Oh! I will!

Asher: Alright, one more person will ride in the helicopter.

Luan: Sure, whatever.

Will: Miller, Grimes, you'll ride with the chopper. Mason, you can drive, right?

Mason: Yeah, I can drive. Sort of. We should use radios to communicate.

Will: The humvee has one built in, same with the helicopter.

Grimes: Let's roll out!

The helicopter and humvee began to roll along the road. The exaust on the humvee began to turn black as the engine strained to pull the helicopter. Will and Lauren clutched the stick of the helicopter, steering its wheels across the highway. the pavement cracked and split under the helicopter's immense weight. Will stared out to the meadow. A tear formed in his eye.

Lauren: What's wrong Will?

Will: Nothing...just-nothing.

Lauren: You don't wanna talk, or anything like that?

Will: No, I don't. 

Radio: Hey Will, it's Mason, should I turn up here?

Will: Yeah. Do it.

The helicopter and the humvee turned down a small dirt road into the woods. 

Lauren: Come on Will, lets talk.

Will: Back off, dammit! Just shut up! I don't want to talk! KNOCK IT OFF! I'M SICK AND TIRED OF IT! 

Lauren: Jesus Will, what crawled up your ass and died?

Will: Shutup! 

Radio: We're here! 

Will poked his head out of the helicopter. In the woods, a small cabin, painted yellow and brown, with solar panels mounted on the top, and oil well next to it, stood there. Still standing and in near perfect condition. 

Miller: Will, keys.

Miller threw Will a large keyring, with dozens of keys on it. Will walked up to the cabin. Held up his finger for silence. Ordered Miller, Mason, and Grimes to raise thier guns. Will pulled out his .44 and kicked open the door. Will entered slowly, followed by the three soldiers. Will turned down a hallway, turned on his flashlight and went to the powerbox. He opened the box, fiddled with the keyring for a minute, then grabbed a key. He stuck it into the keyhole and turned it on. Then he reached for the breakers and flipped them all. Then the lights turned on and the oil well began to pump slowly.

Will:  Hell yes! We got power!

Miller: What about water?

Will: It' a coupl-

Will was interrupted when the stock of a gun hit him on the side of the head. Then a several rounds hit Grimes' kneecap. Mason turned around and was knocked unconcious by a chairleg. Miller switched his M4 off safety and opened fire. Will was on the ground, bleeding. Miller's eye twitched. His gun didn't stop firing. 60 rounds later he looked down to see what he shot. It was a man, about 40. Will slowly stood up.

Grimes: Uhhhh.....My knee.....

Will: It's alright Grimes, you'll be alright. you'll be ok. Just stay with me!

Voice: Oh my god! Beth! RUN!

Soon a black-haired girl walks out of a dark room, with a shotgun. She aims for Grimes, and blows off his head instantly. Will reaches for the holster on his thigh, but the girl knocks the gun out of his hand. Miller kicks the shotgun out of the girl's hands. The girl began to run when Miller shot her on the foot. He ran up to her. He slammed two handcuffs on the girl and dragged her over to Will. 

Miller: Ugh...I got her. Whoever she is, she's been camping out in your cab-

Miller was interrupted when he heard screams then a whack. 

Will: The hell?

Will limped up and walked outside to see Asher holding down another woman, who was cussing and screaming.

Woman: Let me go god dammit!

Will: Not unless you tell us who you are.

Woman: I'm Beth. The girl in there's Ramona.

Will: What? I mean, I thought she looked familiar.

Beth: She had a key to the house so we stay-

Will: Wait a second! Where did she get it?

Beth: From her boyfriend before-

Will: Oh my god...So...who was the guy Miller gunned down.

Beth: My husband! But hey, he was abusive. I gotta say, thanks.

Asher: Uhm... Well...ok.

Will's head shifts towards the doorway of the cabin. He rips the handcuff key out of Miller's hand. 

Miller: Hey, what are you-

Will: Hold on.

Will steps inside. He walks over to the girl squirming on the ground. He bends down towards the handcuffs and unlocks them. Then Asher steps inside. 

Asher: Will, I don't like what's going on here. At all.

Will: Asher, not now.

The girl on the ground sits up against the wall.

Ramona: W-W-W-Willis?

Will: I-I-I don't know how you got here. But, I'm so god damn glad.

Mason finally wakes up.

Mason: Aww, man, what a horrible dream...-Oh, right.

Will softly laughs a little bit.  

Ramona: I'm sorry, I killed-

Will: I know honey, I know. 

Ramona starts to cry. Will leans forward and embraces her in his arms. 

Will: I know how hard it must've been for you, but I'm here for you.

Will didn't know that Lauren was watching them from the doorway. She had an angry look on her face.

Lauren: Dammit, now that that dumb bitch is in the way, I'm gonna have to kill her. I liked Will first. 

Lauren keeps on staring, then turns around and walks away.


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