When Beth and Asher went to Portland to look for supplies and instructions on how to fly, they ran into Phillip Jackson, the man who shot at Aaron and Jason. They agreed to bring him back and started walking. Miller and Mason ate cereal and talked about Will's growing mental state. Asher and Beth returned with Phillip and Aaron started freaking out on him, but he shot Jason and Asher knocked him out. They tied him up, and Luan doesn't know if he can save Jason. Will hung himself in the barn.


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Aaron Madison

Jason Madison

Phillip Jackson

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Beth Wring

Luan Stephens

Joshua Bishop

Jasper Lionell

Brad Cott

Summer Field


Joshua runs aimlessly through the tight forest, seeing where he can leave this death trap. He exits the forest, and sees a large building surrounded by smaller buildings. It appears to be a school. Chain-link fences surround a large area containing the buildings. A gate sits at the front of the fences, and barbed wire lines the top of it. A flowing river runs under part of the fence and flows beautifully through a section of the land. Joshua gasps and stares.

Joshua: Woah, h-... Holy shit...

He gathers his senses and and starts jogging towards the high school. A sign reads 'Capitol Hill High School', blood covering part of it. Joshua runs to the gate and starts to tug on it.

Joshua: Please! Someone, help!

He notices the Master Lock on the inside of the gate and reaches for it; he starts to pull on it and rattle it.

Joshua: Ugh, DAMN! Help! Someone please open up!

He turns around and sees some of the walkers that were chasing him come out of the forest.

Joshua: Oh no, HELP!

He rattles the lock harder. A few seconds later, he realizes what he needs to do to get in. He reaches to his side and draws his pistol, and presses the muzzle against the lock. Suddenly, he feels something cold and hard on the back of his head.

???: Don't even think about it. Put the gun away and turn around. Slowly.

Joshua puts his gun back into the holster and starts to turn around. When he does, he sees a young black man holding a katana to Joshua's face.

Man: Who the hell are you? Why'd you bring the dead over here?

Joshua: I'm sorry, I had no idea you lived here. I had a run-in with some people in the forest, left me to die! I came running and found this place. Man, please, help me. Let me stay, I've got nowhere else to go.

The man stared Joshua in the eye, but lowered his sword eventually. He nodded to Joshua, then looked at the walkers stumbling towards them, about 100 yards away now.

Man: Come on, follow me. Your name?

Joshua: Joshua. Thank you.

Man: No problem, Josh. I'm Jasper. Let's go, hurry!

Jasper starts running towards the side gate of the school and gets close to the building. He runs to the fence and looks at the window.

Jasper: Brad! Let us in, we got another man!

He waits for a few seconds then calls again.

Jasper: BRAD, HURRY!

There is still no response.

Jasper: God damn it, Brad! Brad, open the gate!

Jasper turns around and sees the walkers getting closer and closer. He picks up a small pebble and throws it up at the window.

Jasper: Brad! Oh, shit! Josh, help me! Keep them off of us!

Joshua nods and pulls up his M16. He aims at the oncoming walkers' heads and starts pulling the trigger, taking them down one by one. As they get closer, Jasper panics.

Jasper: Oh shit, try and keep them back!

Jasper draws the katana and runs to the crowd. He starts to kill them along with Joshua, until finally a woman opens the window.

Woman: Shit, Jasper? What the hell are you doing?

Jasper: Summer, thank god! Where the hell is Brad?

Summer: He's in the cafeteria, said he needed a drink! I'll go get him, just get to the gate, we'll be there!

Jasper: Alright! Go, Josh!

They start running back to the front gate. As they sprint, they see a young muscly man running to the gate from the inside and the woman behind him. She is holding a baseball bat, and the man running is holding a ring of keys. A strap is slung over his shoulder, hooked onto a Skorpion. A Python revolver rests in a holster at his waist and a small hunting knife sits at his left side. The woman, Summer, runs behind him. Jasper and Joshua get to the gate first, and the man and Summer get to the gate a few seconds later.

Jasper: Brad, open the gate! Hurry!

Brad: I got it!

Jasper cuts off a walker's head and Brad shoves a key from the ring into the Master Lock. He unlatches it and slides open the gate.

Brad: Get in, hurry!

Jasper and Joshua run inside and Brad starts to shut the gate, but a walker slips in. He kicks it down as he slams it shut, and closes the lock around the gate and the fence, latching it shut. Summer slams the baseball bat into the walkers skull. On the second hit, brains and blood explodes all over.

Summer: Let's get inside, we'll deal with this later!

Jasper leads Josh inside, followed by Brad and Summer. They get into the large building in the center.

Brad: Okay, who the hell is this?

Jasper: I was coming back from Walmart and found him outside, fiddling with the lock. He was about to shoot it out, but I stopped him.

Summer: What the hell is wrong with him, he brought about four dozen walkers on top of us!

Joshua: I didn't know, okay? I'm sorry, I had no idea this place was here. I was just running for help and found this place on accident. All I want is to stay here. I've been out on the road this whole time, it gets rough, y'know? I lost my wife a few weeks back. We were running for our lives, and I told her to go. I led them away, never saw her again.

Brad: Where was this?

Joshua: Back in Idaho, over by Boise. I came here because I heard it was safer in Oregon. Well, read it. I saw a sign on a highway back on the border of Oregon and Idaho, it said "Jake, we left to Oregon. Radio said it's safer there, meet us in Baker City." So I followed the sign and came here. Just to let you know, it's NOT safer here. It's exactly the same.

Summer: You part of another group?

Joshua: No. Last people I saw told me to stay and left me with the walkers you see out there. That;s why I was running. This was just yesterday.

Jasper: No shit?

Joshua: None at all. How many people you guys got here, you letting people stay?

The three people in the school looked at each other. Jasper and Brad nodded, but Summer shook her head.

Summer: Damn it.

Brad: We got four people. We're not letting people stay unless we know we can trust them. You killed anyone, before or after?

Joshua: Well no, unless you count walkers. I've killed too many to count, but I'm guessing so have you.

Summer: He doesn't mean the dead, dumbass.

Brad: Knock it off, Summer. No, we mean actual living people. You killed any?

Joshua: No, none at all.

Jasper: Brad.

Brad looks at Jasper.

Jasper: He's good.

Brad nods and looks at Joshua.

Brad: You can stay. So now we have five people. This girl's Summer, I'm Brad, and that guy's Jasper. We got one more, but we don't know about him.

Joshua: What do you mean?

Brad: He's been real shady, never told us where he came from, never told us about his past, and barely ever talks to us. His name's Alexander DeLarge. Sounds like a gangster name to me, but who knows?

Joshua: You let him stay here?

Jasper: No. He let us stay here, man, he was the first one here. After Alexander came Brad, then Summer, then me.

Summer: Where is he, anyway?

Brad: Probably in the gym. Let's go, Josh, I'll show you your room.

Miller: SON OF A BITCH!!

Mason: Oh damn, this can't be good.

The whole morning they had been searching for Will. They never saw him leave or come back. After searching the cabin and not finding him, they decided to split up. Miller went to the barn and Mason searched the whole perimeter to see if he was fixing the fence. After about ten minutes, Mason hears Miller screaming. Mason sighs in exhaustion and starts to sprint towards the barn. Mason runs across the entire property and gets to the other side. He gets to the barn and starts to climb the ladder. When he gets to the top, he sees Will lying on the hardwood floor and Miller pressing down on his chest over and over again. A knife lies three feet away from them.

Mason: Christ, what the hell happened here?

Miller: I found him in here, hanging from a rope. We gotta save him, help me! 

Mason: Ah, shit!

Mason sprints to them and they start to perform CPR on Will.

Mason: C'mon c'mon c'mon!

Beth: What about Phillip, what are we gonna do with him?

Asher: We either kill him or we keep him.

Luan: Why can't we just let him go?

Asher: We all saw how well that turns out, didn't we? No, we need to kill him.

Beth: If we keep him, what are the odds that he escapes and kills one of us in our sleep?

Asher: What are he odds that he won't? We can't keep him.

Ashlynn: So we just shoot him in the head? Think, which one of us would do it?

Beth: I'll do it. That son of a bitch almost killed me and Asher.

Aaron: Damn it people, Jason is dying. He's not gonna make it.

Luan: He still might-.

Aaron: Luan! I know you're lying to me. He won't make it, he's dead! So just shut up! Stop lying and give someone the truth for once, damn it! Christ, just-... God, just give me a god damn minute!

The group stares at Jason then looks away.

Asher: Do you want to do it?

Aaron: No. I want to watch him die, but I ain't a killer. Someone else needs to do it.

Ashlynn: I can't, I'm sorry.

Luan: Who can, then? It's just me, Asher, and Beth.

Beth: I'll do it, I told you that! Give me a god damn gun and let me put a bullet in his head!

Asher: You sure? Trust me, it takes a piece from you.

Beth: Just let me do it. Be right back.

Beth starts to walk away. She jogs over to the tree where Phillip is tied up and finds him fiddling with a small metal box, labeled 'The Kit'. His hands are free and he opens it.

Beth: Hello there.

Phillip: Oh shit!

He shoves the box behind his back, but Beth walks over to him.

Beth: That looks fun.

She reaches behind his back and pulls the box out.

Beth: The Kit, huh? What toys do we have in here?

Phillip grimaces and Beth opens the lid. It takes her breath away and she slams it shut.

Beth: You sick bastard. How many people suffered from this? How many people had the most grusome deaths because of you?

Phillip stares her in the eye and she punches him in the face.


Phillip: Gah!... God, uh.... Four! Four people, god. Bitch!

Beth: Okay then. Which one of us were you planning to use it on?

Phillip: I was thinking something along the lines of you.

Beth: Really? I'm flattered. Okay, dick, this is for all those people you hurt. Any last words?

Phillip: Yeah, actually. Tell the dumbass black guy and the Asian that they were never meant to be alive for two seconds after I met them.

Beth stares at him.

Beth: Racist.

Beth opens the box and looks at Phillip. She pulls out the duct tape and barbed wire and walks to him.

Miller pushes down on Will's chest, sweating all over the place.

Miller: One.... More..... Just..... Just one more....

Mason: I can't... I can't... I can't do it...

Miller stops pushing on him. They have been trying for hours to get Will to wake up, but nothing has happened. Miller stops and Mason looks down in shame. Thinking they failed, Will opens his eyes, and takes a deep breath.

Will: Oh shit, what happened?

His voice is short and raspy from the rope.

Miller: Dude... Your voice is shit...

Mason chuckles. The two soldiers fall asleep and slump back. Will remembers what he did and looks at the cut rope. He sees the knife and looks down.

Will: What have I done?

He is asking Ramona, hoping to see her, but no one is there. He looks at the floor in shame and starts to sob.

Asher and the group sits at the campfire. They are out in the open, but keeping two people on watch. Luan and Ashlynn are on watch right now, and Asher and Aaron are staying with Brealynn. Suddenly, Beth walks back, covered in blood.

Asher: What happened?

Beth: Just... Don't talk about it. I'm not proud.

Aaron: Did he suffer?

Beth nods.

Aaron: Good, thank you. Show me.

Beth: You know where the tree is, just brace yourself.

Aaron gets up without a word and walks away in the direction of the tree. Asher looks back at Beth.

Beth: You're doing a good job. Thanks, I think you're doing better than Will did.

Asher: Thank you. Tomorrow we'll search the backpacks for the instructions we need to fly that thing.

He looks at where Jason lies, lifeless.

Asher: Alright. We're so small now, we need more people. Tomorrow I'm going on a run. I'll look for people we can trust. I know there's people out there. That guy in the forest, he didn't seem bad. I could tell, he was good. I'll go looking for him too.

Beth: I'll hold up cam-.

Aaron, Luan, and Ashlynn walk back to camp.

Luan: Walkers. Dozens, we gotta go.

Ashlynn: Come on, Brealynn.

The group calmly gets up and gathers all the supplies, plus the backpacks. Everyone carries at least two packs, and Brealynn gets to hold one. Ashlynn picks her up and they leave the fire to keep them there. They calmly walk down the highway.

Back by the camp, the walkers see Jason's body and start to feast on him.

Over at the tree, Phillip is gone. It's not Phillip anymore, just a great pile of mush, tangled in barbed wire. Rain starts to fall, and 'The Kit' lies in the mud, next to the pile of much, duct tape, and barbed wire. Nothing is left of him.


Jason Madison

Phillip Jackson

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