I once dreamed of starting this story. Now, I dream of future Seasons. Thank you everyone. Here we are: The Season 2 Finale.


Asher finally found Ashlynn out in the wild and Will went back to Boise to put down all the people they lost. He brought along Ellis and learned she and Mason are in a relationship. Will found Brooklynn out in the woods eating a deer and put her dow, leaving Ellis and him in tears.


Asher Lucero

Willis Hall

Ashlynn Taurus

Beth Wring

Luan Stephens

Brealynn Taurus

Ellis Hall

Brad Cott

Joshua Bishop

Jasper Lionell

Summer Field

Alexander DeLarge

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason


Jasper panted and wheezed as he led Asher through the forest, who was carrying Ashlynn. After half an hour of walking, Jasper finally led them out of the woods, into the sight of a large high school. The grass was muddy and wet from last night's thunderstorm. Asher smiled.

Asher: Hey! Over here! Help us!

Jasper: Ugh... They... Inside...

Asher: Alright, come on. Don't push yourself, go ahead and take as long as you need.

Jasper nods and limps towards the schol. Asher keeps a sharp eye out, looking for nearby walkers. He walks forward with Jasper and then realizes how tired he is. He hasn't slept for a good three days and is still suffering from his open wound. It stopped bleeding, but it's most likely infected, especially after his little adventure. When they finally reach the school, Asher sees the lock on the gate. He looks at Jasper, who points to one of the buildings by the gate.

Jasper: There... Throw a... Pebble...

Asher: Alright. Let's go.

He heaves up Ashlynn, who was about to fall out of his arms, and starts to walk with Jasper to the window. When they reach it, Asher sets her down gently and heaves a pebble he found next to the gleaming river and softly tosses it to the window. It bounces off and after about fifteen seconds a man opens the door.

Man: Oh, shit, Jasper! Get to the front gate, I'll open it, hurry!

He slams the window shut and Asher picks up Ashlynn.

Asher: Come on. We could both use rest.

Jasper nods and they start to walk. With every step, Asher begins to feel more drowsy. Jasper can stay conscious, but even a guy like Asher couls barely pull it off, what with his wounds and all. So he stumbles a bit when they get closer. He coughs for a few seconds and keeps pulling forward. When they get to the gate, Asher loses all memory of walking from the window to the chain-link fence. His eyelids weigh a ton and he drops to his knees, only seeing a man pull Jasper in and a familiar voice yelling as he feels his arms getting pulled up, then his legs dragging, and that was it.

Asher gasps and sits up. He analyzes the room around him, only seeing a dresser across the small room and the bed he is lying on. The shiny white covers go over his legs and three pillows lay where his head was resting. He looks down at the dark brown shirt he is wearing and peeks in the headhole, seeing bandages and medical tape over his chest. He feels immensely better and pulls the covers off, then starts walking slowly to the dark oakwood door. He looks down at the tattered jeans he was wearing when he was out in the woods. Grass stains cover all over and they are ripped at the knees. He turns the gold handle and pulls the door open, then starts walking down the hallway after closing it. When he steps into another room, which appears to be a lobby, he hears voices.

Voice 1: ...Ashlynn... Aaron?... yeah, he...

The voices are distant and therefore mostly unable to hear. So he goes towards the sound and gets to another oakwood door with a gold handle. He is hesitant to open it at first, but not after hearing Beth's voice inside. He walks in and sees Beth, Jasper (who's face is now clean and has a small bandage on his left cheek), the man who opened the window, Luan, a woman, and a man with a familiar face.

Beth: Asher, you're awake! You feeling okay?

Asher: Yeah, I am... Where are we?

Luan: We're at a school. Remember Jasper? He led you here. I fixed you up yesterday when we pulled you in and then told Brad the story.

Asher: Is Ashlynn okay?

Beth: Yeah, she's fine. She and Brealynn are in their room.

Asher nods and looks at the man who looks familiar. Then he remembers: When he and Bath were in the forest, that was the man they found and left behind. Asher pretends not to remember.

Beth: You were really beat up. This guy here is Brad. Her name is Summer and that guy's... Joshua.

Asher: Joshua... I remember you. We met you in the forest before.

Joshua nods.

Joshua: I don't want any haard feelings or awkwardness. Got it?

Asher nods and looks at Brad and Summer.

Asher: This it? You, Summer, Joshua, and Jasper?

Brad: No, we got one more. He's... Strange, in some ways. Not right in the head.

Asher looks at Jasper.

Asher: Thank you for bringing me here.

Jasper smiles.

Jasper: No problem.

Later that day, Ashlynn steps outside. She looks around and sees Alexander on top of the gym, watching her. As soon as she looks he walks away. She frowns and starts going to the math building, just walking around. When she enters, she sees Summer writing equations on the chalkboard.

Summer: Oh... Hi!

Ashlynn laughs.

Ashlynn: What're you doing?

Summer: Y'know, just... Passing the time.

Ashlynn: With math?

Summer: Well, yeah. I kinda like it. Y'know... The one thign I was good at before all... This...

Ashlynn: Understandable.

Back at the main building, Asher steps outside. He is in his black leather jacket, with two pistols strapped at his sides. He shivers at the breeze. Summer is passing and fall is coming. The humid air is getting colder. Thank God the school is stocked up with food. Finally he won't have to go on runs. He sees a walker clawing at the gate and walks up to it. He pulls out both guns, then studies its face. It has the left cheek ripped off. He scoffs and puts the guns back, then pulls his pocketknife from his back pocket and stabs the walker through the gate. It crumples down and he walks away. As he walks towards the main building, he sees Ashlynn step outside the math building. When she sees him, she starts running towards him. He does the same. When they rach each other, they embrace. No words, just embrace.

In the school, Brad walks to Jasper.

Brad: So what did Aaron do?

Jasper: Beat the shit outta me, left. Apparently Asher's group was looking for instructions to fly a helicopter, but they gave up on it. He found some but never told anyone and he damn near knocked me unconcious when he left to go there. God knows what happened to him.

Brad: They were soldiers, weren't they?

Jasper: Yeah.

Brad: Then he's probably dead. No way he made it out.

Hours pass at the school as Asher and Ashlynn get accustomed to their new home, finally safe. But one thing still bothers Ashlynn, something she plans to discuss.

The helicopter landed softly on the ground. The crossed rotor blades whirred for a minute after the engine stopped, but then were still. Ellis hopped out first and then Will. They walk out to see Miller and Mason walking towards them, clapping and smiling.

Miller: You made it!

Will: Said I would, didn't I?

Mason: We were worried, that was all, man.

Ellis: We weren't gon' die, dipshit. Now let's go inside 'n' unpack meh stuffs.

Mason and Ellis step inside the cabin and Miller looks at Will.

Miller: Are they?...

Will nods.

Will: Yeah. They are.

Miller: But isn't Mason like... Forty?

Will looked at Miller in shock.

Will: He's seventeen!

Miller: Oh. Oh! OH!

Will laughs and Miller cracks up.

Beth and Luan walk outside. Ashlynn and Asher follow, and Brealynn runs around in the fields. They came because Ashlynn wanted to talk.

Ashlynn: We're all safe now. No more fighting or struggling to survive. No nothing. We just... Actually live. I can't believe this.

They all looks down at the ground.

Ashlynn: But not all of us made it here. We lost a lot of good people- Jason, Aaron, Kattner, Ramona, Will- Hell, even Lauren. But we did. Unless something better comes along, we never leave this place. I want us to stay here for winter and even just... We need to stay here. What we have- most people don't get this. But we do. Consider ourselves lucky. We don't ever let anyone or anything take this away from us, and we never go willingly unless we absolutely need to.

Alexander looks down upon them from the gym.

Ashlynn: But we need to stick together. And I don't mean just in general. On runs. For food? We all go. We stick together. No leadership, nobody's call, we stick together. Because, after all, this is it.

Alexander scoffs and hides his rifle, ammo, and a picture of someone in the air vent on the roof, but removes a piece of notebook paper. He shuts it and goes back outside, walking to the main building. He reaches his room and walks in, taking off his jacket and throwing it onto his bed. He sits at his desk and pulls out the paper.

Back outside:

Ashlynn: This is the best place out here. We're home.

Alexander reads the paper over and grunts, crumpling it up and throwing it into the trash in immense anger.

Alexander: Damn new people change everything.

He pulls out another sheet of paper and starts to write.


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