First episode of the backhalf of season 2. After the "Valentine's Day Special", Asher is put in leadership position and Will, Miller, and Mason are staying at the cabin. With the group split, we get to see how Will and the soldiers fend off while the rest of the group tries to survive without the leader they've had.


Lauren turned out to survive the walkers and made her way back to the cabin, where she murdered Kattner and Ramona. Will went into a rage and tried to kill her, which led to a brutal, murderous fight between him and Asher. After Asher's nose is broken and blood has shed all over, Will apologizes to Ramona and she passes away. He stabs Lauren in the shoulder, and then tangles her in the fence and shoots her repeatedly with Miller and Mason. Will goes to the cabin and tells the group that everybody has to go and Miller and Mason can stay. The group decides to follow Asher as the leader and gathers supplies. Will goes crazy again and starts "talking to Ramona".


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Beth Wring

Luan Stephens

Brealynn Taurus

Aaron Madison

Jason Madison

Joshua Bishop

Bryson Davidson

Nathan Jackson

Jazmine Guadycan

Pvt. Grimes


Asher trudges through the forest with the group following closely behind.

Beth: Any idea where to go?

Asher: No, I don't know this area very well at all. You live here?

Beth: Not this area, no, my asshole husband dragged me here.

Ashlynn: Was he the one that Miller killed?

Beth: Yeah, good riddance.

Luan: How's your nose?

Asher: Busted.

Ashlynn: How'd that start anyway?

Asher: Will was about to torture Lauren, but I tried to stop him. We're not the people we used to be anymore, but really? We're not down to that low. At least I hope not.

Jason: Ugh, damn, this hurts.

Luan: You alright?

Jason: Yep.

They walk for a few seconds.

Aaron: You know, the only problem we've had with people so far was this asshole in the city. We went in for supplies, and when we were leaving, this dumbass started shooting at us, bringing the dead down on top of us. He almost got Jason, but we made it out. Twenty minutes later, he gets mauled by a bear. We're lucky Will picked us up when he did.

Ashlynn: I feel so bad. He was with us from the beginning, but he changed. He's not himself anymore.

Asher: He's a good man, he just needs time to clear his head. Who could blame him, you know?

Jason: I seriously couldn't.

All of a sudden, walkers emerge from the forest. There are about twenty five of them, all over the place.

Asher: Oh, shit! Stay together.

Out of the blue, bullets tear themselves through the walkers. Asher is confused and the group finishes them off. A man walks from the dense trees as soon as the walkers are dead.

Man: Hey guys! The name's Joshua Bishop. You folks know where you're going, because I'm having trouble finding my way around. You think I could use a little help? I'd like the company.

Asher and Beth raise their guns.

Asher: Who the hell are you?

Joshua: Hey, I didn't mean any disrespect, follow? I'd just appreciate it if I could use some help!

Beth: Yeah, first put the damn shovel down!

Joshua: Okay, just calm down!

He plants the shovel into the loose dirt and walks to the group.

Asher: What else you got on you? You tell me, now, or when I find out you've got something else on you, we won't hesitate to put you down.

Joshua: No worries, pal, this is all I got.

Joshua reaches his hand behind his back. When he pulls his arm out, he is wielding an M16.

Joshua: Go ahead, take it. I also got a nine millimeter, but I'd be happy to let you take the M16 if you just let me stick with you guys.

Asher and Beth look at each other. She shakes her head and Asher looks back at him.

Asher: No, we're sorry. Listen, we've had our problems with people recently, and we just can't trust anyone.

Joshua: But, hey, man. Come on, I saved you guys, doesn't that count?

Ashlynn: Listen to him, we can't trust you! We've had problems recently and we aren't able to trust anyone yet!

Joshua: So you're just gonna let me die, huh? Send me out on the road, ALONE!? You really think I stand a chance against the dead, alone? There is absolutely nothing left, nowhere to go, so what the hell is the point?

Asher: You're alive now, aren't you?

Joshua: Only because I ran and lost my wife, damn it! She had to leave and I drew them away, so who the hell knows what happened to her? Please, just let me come with you!

Joshua grabs his shovel and Asher and Beth point their guns at Joshua.

Asher: Luan, get them out of here. Beth and I will take care of this, just get away from here. Head over to the meadow where we landed.

Luan: Got it, let's go.

The group runs off towards the meadow and Asher and Beth stay.

Joshua: I'm not gonna hurt you people, I just want to be alive. I'm not a monster, I'm a good man. Please, take me in.

Asher: We can't, we're sorry. Just... No.

Beth: We're gonna have to go, sorry.

Joshua: God.... Please.... I can't take this anymore, please! Please! Please, PLEASE!

Asher: No.

Joshua: Now just why the hell n-!

As Joshua yelled this, walkers came from the forest.

Beth: Oh shit!

Asher: God, DAMN!

Joshua: Shit, creepos!

Beth shoots a walker coming behind Asher. He runs to the closest one and grabs the barrel of his Baretta, and slams the handle into the walker's brain. Black goo gushes out and Beth shoots walkers all over the place. At least 50 have come from the forest now.

Asher: Damn, we have to go! We're sorry!

Joshua: No, please! Don't leave me!

Beth: Damn, we have to go!

Beth shoots a walker and they turn around to go to the meadow. As soon as they get to the wall of trees, a dozen more walkers emerge.

Beth: Shit!

Two of the walkers latch themselves onto Beth and pull her to the ground. She screams, and just as the walker stretches its teeth to her neck, Asher shoots one and the other is shot by Joshua.

Joshua: That earn my keep?

Asher: No! We told you, just leave us! GO!

Asher shoots a walker behind Joshua and helps Beth up. They shoot their way through the thin crowd of ten and run off, leaving Joshua.

Joshua: No! Don't leave me! Please, HELP!

Asher and Beth ignore his cries and run through the forest. As they run through, they see exactly how many walkers there are. Hundreds of them are roaming through the forest, hunting for meat.

Asher: Jesus Christ, where did they all come from?

Beth: I don't know, they must've heard the shots! That and that asshole back there couldn't keep his hole shut!

Asher: Let's just go back, there's no time to dwell on it.

Back at the clearing, Joshua fights his way through the walkers, using his M16 and his shovel. He gets away, but drags an army of dead with him.

Luan sits on a log back at the meadow. Ashlynn sits with Brealynn, watching the cows, and Jason is lying down. Aaron is keeping watch.

Jason: What do you think those shots were?

Luan: Don't know, most likely walkers. If that dipshit fired on our people, he's gonna be sorry when he finds out who we are.

Jason: Damn. What exactly have you guys been through?

Luan sighs and looks at Jason.

Luan: Started out with a really big group, back in Boise. About twenty, something like that. We were getting overrun by walkers, more every day. I led a group out, which was most of us. I wanted to get away from that house, man, just be safe. The next day, we came back and the house was blown apart, flames and all. Nobody was there, and Ashlynn freaked out. Her sisters stayed so she could find a better place. Ashlynn freaked out. Asher comes running out of the forest a minute later, carrying Brealynn and Ashlynn's other sister with him. We killed walkers, man, lots of them.

Jason: Wait, you were all the way back in Boise? How bad is it there, just like here?

Luan: Worse.

Jason looks at the ground, depressed.

Jason: Aaron and I had family in Eagle. Didn't know it was so bad there, just wish it wasn't.

Luan: I'm sorry for your loss.

Jason: It's fine, man.

Asher and Beth come running into the meadow.

Asher: Oh, shit, you're okay.

Ashlynn: What happened?

She runs to Asher. He and Beth are panting, but they keep running, yelling.

Asher: Hundreds of 'em, they're everywhere. We were wrong, guys, Oregon isn't better. We need to go, now! They're following us, no way we can hold them all off.

Asher hugs Ashlynn and picks up Brealynn.

Brealynn: What's going on, why can't we stay here again?

Asher: Don't worry, Brealynn, it'll be okay. We have to go, but we'll come back sometime, I promise.

Ashlynn: Wait! Asher, what the hell happened back there?

Asher: I'll explain later, right now we need to get out of here. Come on, we're done here. I have a plan, but we'll need to find somewhere safe to go first.

Aaron: Come on, Jason!

Luan and Aaron each throw one of their arms around Jason's shoulders and help him. He can walk better, but still has a bad limp. Asher ho,d Brealynn and goes to the front, still carrying her. Ashlynn is right next to him, holding his gun. Beth goes behind them and Luan, Aaron, and Jason follow behind them. As they start to leave, walkers begin pouring out of the forest.

Asher: Go, go, GO!

The struggling group heads into the forest, no idea of what's ahead.

Nighttime, at the cabin. Rain pours down on the property, and lightining flashes, revealing the fallen fence. Will is outside, trying to fix his mess. The mud is covering him, soaking wet, and he is struggling with the fence. Barbed wire catches on his hand, splitting it open.

Will: DAMN IT!

He clutches his hand and swears to himself under his breath. He gets on his knees and puts his hands under the wooden post. He takes a deep breath and heaves with all his might, and tries to shove it back up into place. He wheezes and shoves as hard as he can, but slips on the mud halfway through and falls flat on his back.

Will: Agghh, god DAMN!

The fence falls on top of him and the barbed wire catches on his clothes and rips into his gut a little bit.

Will: Gaah.... Damn!

He squeezes the wire, cutting it into his hand, and rips it off of him.

Will: Damn it, I give up!

Bryson: Excuse me?

Will turns around and sees Bryson watching him.

Bryson: You get the hell up, damn it! I didn't come all the way down here just to watch you give up! Get up right now, and fix this god damn fence!

Will: What in the hell-.

Bryson: Here, take some help. Nathan, get over here!

Will sees Nathan walk over to him and shoves his hand under another post. Will gets up and shoves his hands in, and they both heave the section of the fence up.

Bryson: Was that so hard?

Will: I-... No, it wasn't.

Bryson: Good. Oh, I got a surprise for you! Guys, come over here!

Will looks over his shoulder and sees Jazmine and Grimes walking to him.

Will: Jazmine? Grimes!

Grimes smiles and nods at Will. Jazmine hugs him, and and Will looks at the four visions.

Will: How is it?

Grimes: Better, man. Where we're staying at, ain't a single walker in the fields. It's safe, we could take you there.

Nathan: No, we can't. No room.

Will: What the hell are you talking about, where are you staying? Who's there?

Jazmine looks at Will.

Jazmine: Everyone you lost, Will. Everyone you let die.

Will: I didn't-...

Jazmine: You let them die, Will, and they got to come here. It's depressing, but peaceful. You should come here, with us.

Will: How do we get there?

The four visions look down.

Nathan: You die.

Asher: There.

Raining, thundering, and storming, the group sees another cabin close to them.

Beth: We get in there, and then what?

Ashlynn: Lay low. As long as they don't know we're in there, they won't bother trying to get in.

Aaron: Hurry, this isn't easy on Jason.

Ashlynn: How's Brealynn?

Asher: Out like a light, she's okay. Let's go.

They run to the new cabin and open the door. A walker stands before them.

Asher: GUH!

He slams the handle of his pistol into its face, killing it. They run into the living room, shut the door, light a candle, and sit down.

Asher: We're good, just stay quiet. Now, I have a plan.

Luan: What're we gonna do?

Asher: This might sound crazy, but I'm thinking, if we raid the place where that guy Kattner was staying, we could be able to find instructions on how to fly a helicopter. I know it's a long shot, but if we do, we could sneak back to the cabin and steal the helicopter, and head back to Idaho. Will told me that Riley and the guys at the hangar made a little community, we could join them.

Aaron: But it's worse in Idaho.

Asher: I know, it's a long shot, and it would take a hell of a lot of work, but it would be worth it. Who's with me?

Beth: Sounds like a good idea to me.

Luan: I'm with you to the end.

Ashlynn: I'll follow you straight through the gates of hell.

Aaron: Well... Yeah, we sure as hell ain't going back out there alone, so I'm with you.

Jason: I'm staying with Aaron.

Asher: So it's settled then. We find instructions, sneak in, and get that helicopter.



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