Wow. After the batshitness, Asher wants to go on a run and make friends, but how's that gonna turn out? Read to find out!


After Phillip shot Jason in the stomach and Will hung himself, Joshua bishop found a school outside the forest. Miller cut down Will and performed CPR on him for hours until he finally woke up, but couldn't see Ramona after they passed out. Asher decided that Beth would kill Phillip and she tortured him with his own torture kit, 'The Kit'. He was just a pile of mush, duct tape, and barbed wire. They left their spot on the side of the highway and left Jason's dead body, where he was eaten to death by the walkers.


Asher Lucero

Beth Wring

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Luan Stephens

Aaron Madison

Willis Hall

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Joshua Bishop

Jasper Lionell

Brad Cott

Summer Field

Alexander DeLarge


Asher angrily zips the backpack shut. He kicks it across the loose gravel and shouts.

Asher: Damn it! That one doesn't have it either. Anybody found the instructions yet?

Ashlynn: No, but we're close, I can tell. We've gone through half the backpacks and there're only about five left. We'll find them, trust me.

Asher remembers his promise from the day before.

Asher: I'm going on a run, you guys keep looking through the backpacks.

Luan: What?

Asher: You heard me. I'll be back in a few hours, don't worry.

Aaron: Whatever.

Beth: You don't want someone to go with you?

Asher: No, I can handle it. I'll be back soon.

Asher grabs an empty bag and hugs Ashlynn.

Ashlynn: Be careful.

Asher nods and as soon as he leaves, Ashlynn just stands and looks at the spot where he went away.

Beth: Hey, you okay, Ashlynn?

Ashlynn: Yeah, it's just-... I can't shake the feeling that I've just seen Asher for the last time.

Beth: Don't worry, it'll be o\kay.

Ashlynn: Yeah, it always \….\\

UnIcOrNz On StErOiDz

He gives up when he realizes he is too weak to even shout. He starts to walk towards the school when he realizes the walkers are merely ten feet behind him. He starts to waddle out when the people see him. They start to shout and pull guns a baseball bat and katana. Asher dives before the bullets hit him and tries to \

Beth: Goddamn it, get your shit packed!

Ashlynn: We’re not going!

Beth: Ashlynn, get ready. He said he’d be back an hour ago, and we’ve waited long enough. Either he’s ditched us, or he’s dead. I’m sorry this happened to you, but it’s the truth! Now come on! We have to go!

Ashlynn glares at Beth, then the forest. She looks back at Brealynn and takes her pack. She starts to walk off, and Beth motions for the group to follow her.

Asher jogs, panting heavily; weak, bleeding out, and near death. It is morning again, and he is close to the camp. He can smell the fire pit. He bursts into the camp, only to find an empty space. He drops down to his knees and inserts his head into his hands. He sits there for ten minutes and smacks himself.

Asher: Ohh noo… Noooo….. No, please!... Please…

He looks up and sees small footprints. They are Brealynn’s. He gets a look of determination on his face and starts to follow the footprints into the forest.


Will sits in his room. He glares at his hands and looks out the window. He sees Miller and Mason pull up a fence post. They high five each other; they have finally fiished putting the fence back up. They start walking back to the cabin. Will walks to his door and locks it. He walks into the bathroom and pulls on the shower knob. Hot water begins to spray out and he shuts the bathroom door, locking it. Steam flows through the small room and he pulls off his shirt. He loses balance and puts his hands on the warm tile, shaking. He looks up into the mirror and sees Ramona standing behind him. She wraps her arms around him and rests her heads on his shoulder. He is so far gone, he can feel her cold sensitive hands on his six-pack. He leans his head back and inhales the hot steam. He looks back at the mirror to see she is gone. He smacks himself and looks at the mirror, seeing her again.

Will: NO!

He grabs his razor and throws it at the mirror, leaving a crack in it. She disappears, and he rubs his face, then looks at the mirror.

Will: Ramona, I-… I’m done with you.

He pulls off his belt and drops his jeans to the ground, then steps in the shower and pulls the curtains shut.

Asher walks down the path, following the small footprints. His face shows that he will do what it takes- ANYTHING- to find his group. He continues to walk into the mist.


That one gay dude

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