This is the fourth episode of Season 5, titled We Can't Win. It is written by Xraymoon102 and premiered February 11, 2014.


In California, PFC Tandy struck again and killed Dakota Dessaray, after killing an unnamed soldier and PFC James. Juwan was killed outside while rescuing Katie, and the group returned to the warehouse, but a mysterious man was seen on top of the large building, thought to be the last California soldier alive. He saved WIll's life, and after they got back to the warehouse, Will reveals he is determined to rescue him, otherwise all these people would've died for nothing. Everyone in the warehouse is now gearing up, prepared for battle.


The mysterious man is seen on top of the building, firing down at the walkers. Will holds a knife and stabs a limper, sweating very heavily. Tyler screams, "NOOOOO!!!" Will yells "Up there!" Reese and Daniel are seen sniping limpers from the warehouse, yelling for everyone to go. Tandy is seen coming up on Reese with a knife, chuckling. Riley stares out his window, Kameron standing next to him doing the same. Echo and Asher stand, back to back, wielding baseball bats. The warehouse is seen burning, a bright orange fire blazing and Jasper is seen running from it, obviously very scared. Reese is seen screaming, Asher is seen yelling for someone to run, and Will is seen aiming his pistol down at someone, saying "I'm sorry." and firing.


Riley stands at his window, staring down at his community. He thinks about his men down in California, then sighs. As he thinks, he lightly taps his fingers together. They drum against each other, his skin pads making slight tapping noises.

Tap tap tap.

A knock is heard at the door and it creaks open, the hinges very badly needing to be oiled. He turns his head, seeing Kameron walking to him. He turns back to the window and continues to dwell on his past experiences.

Kameron: Do you think they'll be back soon?

Riley: I don't know... I sure hope so.

Kameron: I'm sure Will's gonna be okay.

Riley: Will's gonna be fine... It's everyone else I'm worried about. I never should've allowed citizens to leave...

Kameron bows her head in silence and stands next to him, staring out the window as well. Slowly, over the course of a minute, their fingers weave together and they stand, staring out the slightly frosty glass at the vast community lying before them.

Will loads a fresh magazine into his M4 and looks over at Asher, who nods at him. Will does the same, then sees Echo standing towards the edge of the warehouse, a backpack on and a baseball bat in his hand. Miller straps on a small backpack and inserts armor under his clothing, then starts strapping his pistol to his waist and loading his M4. Reese, Daniel, Tyler, and Hannah are setting up long-ranged sniper rifles on the outside catwalk. Everyone else is packing up their food and weapons into light packs and getting ready to fight.

Will: Everyone ready?

Tyler: Just about.

Miller: So what exactly is the plan here?

Will: That guy on top of the building... We need him. He's the whole reason we came here. The plan is Reese, Hannah, Tyler, and Daniel start sniping some limpers to draw as many of them as they can over to them. Miller, you're gonna run over to the C-130 and get it started as soon as all the limpers are distracted. They shouldn't come after you as long as we all make enough noise. Everyone else is gonna come with me. Use your guns, we have enough bullets to make it to the building and back. Once we get back outside of the building, our snipers are gonna stop shooting and lay low. We'll try to get as many of them as we can away from it and start taking them down. That's when you guys set the warehouse ablaze, and I mean light this shit up. All of it. We've got fuel over on the left side and plenty of things to make a torch. When you light it up, you fire off enough shots to bring over all the limpers, and sneak around to the forest. As long as you make them turn around, they should get distracted by the fire and head right in, it might even collapse on them if we're lucky. That's when we takeoff, and we're gone by then. 

Asher: Sounds dangerous.

Will: It will be. But I know we can do it. It'll be hard, but we can. Before we head out, I want the torch to be made and the fuel to be set. You don't light the torch until you see us come out of that building, got it? As soon as we go in, you stop shooting and lay low until we get back. 

Jasper: I don't know if we can pull this off...

Will: We can. I know it.

Miller: Eh, what the hell. We're all gonna die anyway, what better time than now?

Nathan: Let's do it.

As Will, Jasper, Asher, Nathan, and Reese pour the gas all throughout the wraehouse and even on some limpers, Tandy sits in the crate Peter almost broke, being as quiet as possible, waiting for his chance. He peers out the peephole, seeing Asher dumping the gas. He hears footsteps above him, then the low, drumming sound of some oil washing down ontpo his crate.

Tandy: Oh, shit.

He clicks on a flashlight and digs into a large cooler, then pulls out some frozen turkey in a plastic Ziploc bag. He starts tearing turkey away with his teeth, the slimy wet oil drizzling down his chin. When he finishes, he throws the bag into an overflowing trashcan, then reaches down for his knife, sheathing it. He opens a small vanity box, seeing a velvet cloth inside. When he lifts the cloth, a beautiful 9mm pistol lies inside, a silencer next to it. He picks the gun up and starts screwing on the silencer, then slides it under his coat and stands up, chuckling again.

Will and Asher stand at the edge of the catwalk, eyeing the limpers growling at them and reaching up. Will looks over at Daniel.

Will: Ready?

Daniel: Whenever you are, brother.

Will nods, then waits a few seconds, and takes a deep breath, then stands all the way up.

Will: Now!

Bullets fly through the air, tearing into the limpers. Everyone else starts shooting random bullets into the air. Soon enough, the limpers are drawn to the catwalk and they are sniping even more. Will looks over at Miller, who seems slightly scared. He rests his hand on Miller's shoulder, nods to him, and salutes as he hops down. Miller quietly runs out the back door, then sprints out of sight. Outside, Daniel and Hannah aim for the few limpers following Miller. They snipe them, even though it is only two or three, then keep shooting. As soon as Miller gets to the plane and slides the door shut, Will leaps down.

Will: NOW! As much noise as possible, go!! Up there! That's where he is!

Asher and Jasper hop down after him, followed by Nathan and Peter. Echo, Katie, Erika, John Harris, Leah, Joe, and Corey come next. After that is Brittany and Jeremy. Finally, Mark Woods and McKayla Case come after them. The group reaches out, wielding guns this time around, and sprints out the front. Will fires the first shots, taking down three limpers and making the herd turn to them. Everyone starts firing shots, carving a pathway through the limpers. They hear the plane's engine roar, but thankfully the limpers are already distracted and ignore it. Bullets tear through, letting all of them step through safely. Eventually they are surrounded by the limpers and only shoot the ones that are close. A minute later, when they are almost to the warehouse, Corey is grabbed, then bitten in the arm.

Corey: Ah, shit!

Will: Corey!

Before Will can go for him, Corey is pulled back into the herd and devoured. There is no way to shoot him in the head, so they reluctantly keep going, now more cautious. Asher shoots a limper going for Echo, then fires two more bullets before his pistol runs out of ammo. He pulls his baseball bat up and slams it into a limper's head, then sprints to Echo. The two stand in the center of the herd, back to back, with baseball bats, slamming them into any limper that comes close. 

Asher: Shit, get back to the group!

They run back to everyone else, then look over at Joe, who is being grabbed by a walker, and McKayla, who is also being grabbed. 

Asher: God damn it.

He looks back and forth, then runs over to McKayla and slams the bat into the limper, killing it. She thanks him, then looks over at Joe, but it is too late; he has been torn apart.

Will: We're almost there, hurry!

Asher pulls his assault rifle, an M4, from his back and starts shooting down limpers in his way to the door. When they get to the entrance, Nathan sees a limper about to bite Jeremy and runs over, shoots it, and pulls him back, but another limper lunges at him, knocking him onto the ground. It sinks its teeth into his shoulder. He creams, thick black blood spraying from his shoulder, and kicks it off. Gripping his bleeding shoulder, he runs inside with the rest of the group, but a crawler grabs onto his ankle and yanks back, tripping him, and chomps on his ankle. Will shoots it, making it let go, and pulls him into the building. Jasper slams the door and they all look at Nathan, using the light seeping in from the windows.

Jasper: Oh my God...

McKayla: No... Shit.

Jeremy: God damn...

Asher: Nathan, listen, man, you're gonna be okay. Just hold still, we can cut off the ankle. Someone tie it off! Here, bite this rag, I'm cutting it off!

Asher crams the rag into his mouth and pulls out his machete while Leah ties off his leg. He raises the machete, about to hack into his leg, but Nathan spits the rag out and gazes into Asher's eyes.

Nathan: Don't... Bother... It got me... In the shoulder...

Asher, in shock, pulls him forward and looks. Sure enough, he sees a gaping hole oozing out black fluid on his shoulder. Asher sighs, then pulls off the rope used to tie off his leg, and looks into his eyes.

Asher: What do we do?

Jasper: Only one thing to do...

Asher looks up at a reluctant Jasper, who nods, then looks at the shuddering door. Suddenly, the gunshots outside stop. The snipers are laying low, waiting for them to exit the building. Will looks down at Nathan, then at the splintered door, and pulls out his pistol.

Will: I have to put him down...

Nathan: Do it... Please... I can... See my wife... Again...

Will squeezes his eyes shut, then gets on one knee, aiming his pistol down at Nathan. Nathan slowly and painfully lifts his forehead up, then shakily pressing it against the cold barrel of the Glock. Will grimaces, then looks a desperate Nathan in the eye.

Will: I'm sorry.

He squeezes the trigger. Nathan's head whips back and slams against the wooden floor, sending blood out the exit wound in the back of his head. Small, wet pink pieces shake out and chunky black fluid oozes out with it.

Will: Let's go. Before they break the door down and we're trapped.

Inside the warehouse, the four sit on the outer catwalk of the warehouse.

Hannah: Did anyone see anybody get bit?

Reese: I only saw Corey and Joe, I think McKayla and Jeremy might've gotten bit, but I don't know.

Daniel: I think I saw Nathan get bit twice as they were heading in, I don't think Jeremy was bit.

Tyler: Neither was McKayla. She's fine.

Daniel: That's good.

Reese: You guys stay here, I'm gonna go get the torch ready.

Reese stands up and walks inside the warehouse, then on the rusted metal grating, trudging through, her combat boots making heavy clunking noises. She gets to where they left the gasoline-doused torch and picks it up, then pulls out her lighter and a pack of cigarettes. She sticks the butt of one into her mouth and clicks the lighter on, then lights the tip and inhales, pulling it out and blowing out the excess smoke. The tobacco fills her lungs, giving her the butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling. She leans her head back, then looks over her shoulder out the window. She sighs, then takes another puff from her cigarette, and keeps watching. Just as she gets ready to turn around, PFC Tandy emerges from behind a crate, knife in hand, and chuckles.

Inside the building, a very sweaty Will stabs a limper in the face, panting, and rips the knife out. They have all walked up 16 flights of stairs. When they finally get to the door to the roof, Will nods to them, then opens it and bursts out, seeing nobody. He frantically looks around the roof but still doesn't see a single person.


When Will is done, a man emerges from behind a vent, aiming his LMG at Will, clearly very surprised. WIll looks at him and aims his M4. The two point guns at each other until Asher jumps in the middle.

Asher: Man, we're sorry, we're all a little on edge. Awhile ago you and your men managed to contact our community, led by Corporal Riley and General Jackson for assistance. An expedition was sent out to rescue you guys, but apparently you're all that's left. So just know we're not here to kill you, we're here to save you and take you back to our community.

The man eyes Asher and lowers his gun, then questions him.

Man: Prove it. What's the name of your community? If it's the same name they told me, I'm in.

Asher: Cessna. Fort Cessna. We have about one-hundred ten soldiers now and even more people. Are you going to come back with us?

The man starts walking downstairs through the building.

Man: Sure, why the hell not? Let's go. I'm Tayson, by the way, Private First Class Tayson.

Will: Lieautenant Colonel Hall. Just call me Will.

Asher: I'm Asher.

Tayson: Alright, let's go. Thanks for coming, guys, I was getting pretty bored. 

Will chuckles, then starts walking down after Tayson, followed by Asher and the rest of the group. When they get to the bottom, Will rests his handle on the doorknob, then looks up at Tayson.

Will: Get ready, there's a lot out there.

Tayson: Yeah, no shit.

The door swings open and Tayson raises his LMG, then takes down probably twenty limpers, and they all dart through the door. Outside, several limpers are shot in the head, blood spraying everywhere.

Reese spins around on her heel, seeing Tandy with his knife.

Reese: Oh, shit.

She draws her pistol and aims it at him, but doesn't shoot.

Reese: Who the hell are you? How'd you get in here?

Tandy: Say hello to Tandy, bitch. 

She sees the blood all over his uniform and sees the crusted nametag on his breast, then groans.

Reese: You're the one who killed James.

Tandy: He wasn't the only one.

Before she can respond, he draws his silenced pistol and fires twice, then dives behind the crate. One of the bullets tears through her shoulder, sending a pain down her arm.

Reese: Agh, shit!

She purposely falls back behind the crate and holds still, waiting. Just then, Daniel and Hannah run in, seeing her behind the crate.

Daniel: What the hell just-?

She tries to warn them off, but it is too late. Two bullets hit the wall next to Daniel's head and he ducks down quickly, as well as Hannah. Tyler aims her pistol out but a bullet hits her in the arm.

Daniel: Reese, where the hell is he? Who is it?

Reese: One of the California soldiers we came to save! He shot me, I have no clue where he is!

Just then, his signiature chuckle is heard and his gun is seen sailing through the air, landing in the pit of limpers.

Reese: Come now, he isn't armed!

Daniel, Hannah, and Tyler run out and get to Reese. They all have their pistols out.

Hannah: Tyler, you come with me, we'll head this way. Daniel, you and Reese head that way. We'll cirlce around and meet in the middle, holler if you need help.

Daniel: Got it.

They split up and search the warehouse, their pistols handy. Tandy seems to be invisible. Daniel and Reese come to a maze of crates.

Reese: Shit. I guess I go in here and you go in over there, we meet up on the other side and we see if we find this asshole.

Daniel: Yeah.

They go in seperate ways. After a minute or so of searching, Reese hears the low chuckle of Tandy and spins around, only to meet a fist slamming into her jaw. She falls to the ground and tries to get up, but a steel-toed boot slams into her ribcage. She coughs up blood and looks up, seeing Tandy getting on top of her. Before she can retaliate, his fists come one by one, slamming into her face. His punches are weak, though, so it doesn't do much damage, and barely breaks skin in some parts. He lifts her up and brandishes his gleaming knife, then holds her against him and presses the shiny blade against her throat. As he makes her step forward, he starts whistling "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Just then, Daniel comes around a corner, hearing the commotion, and sees Tandy holding the knife against her throat. He aims up his pistol.

Daniel: Put it down or I swear to God I will kill you.

Tandy: Yeah, you'd do that anyway. This bitch is my ticket out of here. Now you drop your gun and get the other two hoes out there to do the same and I take this skank right here and leave. Ghetto outta here.

Daniel: You're insane. Psycho.

Tandy: I get that a lot. Now drop the gun.

Daniel sees Reese's pleading eyes, and contemplates shooting Tandy right there, but then hears Hannah and Tyler's cries for help.

Tyler: Daniel, Reese, come on! They're out of the building, we need to draw the limpers over to us!

Daniel sees Tandy and looks back, then reluctantly turns around and runs back. He gets to Hannah and Tyler, then looks at all the limpers.

Daniel: He's taking Reese. Tyler, you hide somewhere back there and as soon as they get out, you shoot him. Got it? Hannah and I'll draw the limpers.

Tyler: Shit. Yeah.

She runs off and Daniel strides over to the edge of the catwalk, then starts shooting at all the limpers with Hannah. They see everyone else running towards the plane. After a minute or two of shooting, the large group has gotten back far enough with no casualties. Daniel and Hannah run to the back, seeing Tyler about to shoot at Tandy, who is just getting to the pit with Reese.

Daniel: Shit, no, get the torch and light it! Hurry!

He jumps down at Tandy and then gets up and tackles him to the ground, then pulls him into the warehouse. He punches him several times, shattering his nose and sending blood pouring into his eye and down the side of his face. Hannah gets Reese up and they start running from the warehouse. When Tyler arrives with the torch, she hands it to him and he lights it with the lighter, then drags Tandy further inside. When he is in far enough, he sees the limpers coming for Tandy and drops him. He raises the torch and looks down, then chuckles.

Daniel: Light 'em up, mother f-cker.

He throws the torch down and the entire warehouse lights up in flames. He runs back to Hannah, Tyler, and Reese, and they all start running back towards the plane. Daniel raises his gun and fires twelve quick shots, and they start sprinting away. 

Will and Asher cut down a group of limpers.

Will: Shit, I see the fire and I heard the shots, but I don't see them!

Jasper: I'm going for them!

Tayson: I'll go too, why the hell not?

Will is about to object, but the two are already running for it. He turns to Asher. 

Will: Let's get the hell out of California.

Will, Asher, Katie, Echo, Mark, McKayla, John, Peter, Jeremy, Brittany, Leah, and Erika start shooting their way through walkers in order to get to the plane. Will and Echo look over, seeing John and Brittany get lost into the herd, devoured. 

Echo: Shit, run! Hurry!

They all start sprinting towards the plane, but then see Jasper and Tayson getting stuck.

Will: Damn it... Everyone get back to the plane, Asher, you and Echo come with me! Jasper and Tayson need help over there! Katie, get everyone to the plane! GO!

Will, Asher, and Echo sprint over towards Jasper and Tayson.

At the blazing warehouse, a badly scorched and barely alive Tandy crawls out of the flames, a bite mark on his leg and the rest of his body burned.

Daniel, Reese, Tyler, and Hannah get to Jasper and Tayson, who barely got through the limpers.

Daniel: You the guy?

Tayson: Damn straight. What the hell happened?

Reese: Some asshole... One of your guys was alive, some psycho named Tandy. He tried to kill me. He burned back there.

Tayson: Seriously? Damn. I shit you not, that guy was bit. Like a long time ago. Jesus, I thought he was dead.

Just then, Will, Asher, and Echo arrive.

Will: I thought one of you might've been bit, thank God you weren't.

Reese: I found the asshole that was killing our people. It wasn't one of ours, it was some asshole who survived this named Tandy.

Asher: Where is he?

Tyler: In that blaze of glory back there, where he should be.

Echo: Shit, LOOK OUT!

They all turn to see a scorched, bit, barely alive Tandy lunge onto Reese and start choking her. Before Will or Asher can react, Tayson kicks him under the chin, knocking him back, almost making him do a backflip. Tayson aims his LMG down, then smiles.

Tayson: Hey, Tandy! Remember me?

He unloads four bullets into Tandy's chest.

Tayson: Better.

Reese: Holy shit... Thank you.

Tayson: Anytime. Let's get the hell outta here.

They all start sprinting for the plane. They are the last ones. The herd of limpers is chasing them down, right on their heels. Just when they are almost to the plane, three limpers leap at Will and Tyler, taking them both down in one jump. They both scream.

Tyler: OH GOD!!!


The limpers nearly bite them, but Asher comes to the rescue just in time, diving over them and grabbing all three of the limpers, taking them with him. They all roll off of Will and Tyler, but onto Asher. What happens next is horrifying. He screams as the limper on top of him sinks its dead, rotten teeth into his neck. Will's eyes go wide and he falls down out of shock. Asher punches all three of them off and starts shooting more and more. He tries to run through and get back to the plane in hopes of surviving, but there is no hope. He slams the baseball bat into several limpers' heads, screaming, and shouting.

Tyler: NOOOOO!!!!!!!


Tayson: Oh Shit...

The horrified screams of the survivors swam through the air as Tayson looked back over at Asher, something catching his eye more than the fearless man in front of him being eaten alive. Tayson froze in fear and shock as he looked back to where Tandy had tackled Reese, and Tayson put four bullets into his chest, there was no body. Simply a trail of bloody footprints heading into the woods.

Tayson: Oh god...

Asher being bit disguised his complete fear and shock, so nobody knew what he actually saw.

Asher screamed, taking down eight more limpers with the bat before one takes him down and the undead finally stop moaning, and now start feasting on Asher Lucero's lifeless body. Will is now on his knees. Tears trickle out of his eyes and he feels his body go into a limp rage. He doesn't move. Just then, a limper steps behind him. He sees it, but doesn't care anymore. He waits for it to come and take him too, just like it took his best friend. His wife. His brothers. At the last second, Miller runs behind him and kicks it down, then shoots it three times in the back of the head. He grabs Will by the shoulders.

Miller: C'mon, Will. C'mon. We gotta go.

Tayson: Very fast.

Will screams and starts writhing in fury, trying to get free of Miller's tight grip. He yells a battle cry.


Miller tugs him onto the plane, and the doors slide shut. Will lies on the ground, wanting to die. There is nothing left to live for. Asher is dead. He was torn apart right in front of Will. What else is there? Just as the undead reach the plane, it rolls forward, faster and faster, until it takes off at the edge of the highway, barely missing the trees, and leaving behind the blazing hell that is California. They zoom into the sky. Erika, who is sobbing, wraps her arms around Will and he does the same to her. They sob together, as well as Tyler. Reese and Jasper saw it too, and tears roll down their cheeks. The ones who didn't know Asher don't fully see what is  going on. But he was with them all that time. He saved countless lives. The gravity of this situation slams against the ones who knew him the best. As they fly back towards their home, Will, Erika, Jasper, and Reese all hold each other into the sky, devastated over the loss of their friend. Will stood up, his face red with tears running down his face as he choked out three words through his sobs of pain and rage.

Will: We... Can't... Win...


  • Corey Stevenson
  • Joe Rose
  • Nathan Treacy
  • Brittany Rose
  • John Harris
  • PFC Tandy
  • Asher Lucero

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