This is Episode 5 of Death Among Us, Season 1. In this Episode, Asher, Willis, Nathan, and Jair will try to deal with the oncoming walkers and protect Brooklynn and Brealynn.


The group mostly decided to leave and Jair, Nathan, Willis, and Asher choose to stay. Brooklynn and Brealynn also stay. The group leaves the house except for those listed. The remainder sits for about 7 hours until a whole horde of walkers arrive, and Episode 4 ends with Will saying, "It's time."


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Nathan Jackson

Jair Paz

Brooklynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus


Asher nods at Will as he turns to the walkers and gets ready to fight them. He runs to the front as Asher and Nathan follow. Jair stays by the door and waits.

Asher: When do you think they'll get in?

Will: Not sure, maybe in the next five minutes!

Nathan: Jesus!

An arm reaches from under the cars and grabs Nathan's ankle and attempts to pull him back.

Nathan: Help!

Asher: Oh, hell no!

Asher runs to Nathan and slams his boot down on its arm. It lets go and Nathan gets up and runs away from the oncoming walkers. Asher attacks repeatedly with his hammer as Will yells for Jair to come help.

Will: Crap, we gotta get Brooklynn and Brealynn to make sure they're safe!

Asher: I'm on it!

He runs into the house and to the closet. He shouts to Will as he opens it and sees they aren't there.

Asher: What the hell? They aren't here!

Will: The hell do you mean?

Asher: They aren't here!

Gunshots are heard from the roof.

Will: God damn it, stay with Jair and Nathan!

Asher runs outside and Will runs upstairs. Will bursts onto the roof and sees Brealynn huddled against the chimney and Brooklynn standing with Asher's gun, aiming down and pulling the trigger.

Will: Brooklynn!

Brooklynn: There's so many, we have to go find Ashlynn and them to get help!

Will: Brooklynn, you need to get down here with us and stay safe, let's go! We'll find Ashlynn later!

Brooklynn starts to run downstairs and Will lifts up Brealynn, running after her sister and back outside to the group.

Jair: Get your shotgun and start takin' 'em out, we need help!

Will grabs Hannah and begins to pull the trigger on several walkers that are breaching the wall of cars and Asher strikes with his hammer. Brooklynn follows in Will's steps, shooting all the walkers climbing over. Jair raises his Glock and also shoots over the cars. After awhile, walkers start leaking in.

Will: Shit, we gotta run!

Asher: Alright all, stay behind me, keep your eyes open, and be careful!

Will: What the hell are you talking about?

Asher: We're leaving now.

Will: Are you crazy? After all we've been through? We can't give this place up!

Asher slams his hammer into the closest walker as he talks, killing more and more.

Asher: Will, I'm sorry man, but now's the time to go! Look at them, we can't do this! We take the supplies we can carry and we run, we have to go!

Will shoots a walker down, and looks around at the house he worked so hard on, the house he never gave up on, but then looked at the two little girls, and how many walkers there were. Asher was right, they couldn't grow up here.

Will: Yeah... Okay, you're right.

Asher nods.

Asher: Let's go.

Asher leads the way around to the backyard and opens the side gate to it, running out back. Asher runs in front, Jair behind him with the Glock, Will with Hannah, and Nathan holds a hammer as well as Asher, holding the girls with him to keep them safe. The group runs inside and grabs all the supplies they can, getting a good 97%. Nathan carries the most of all, with four bulging backpacks on him. They run past the front window, and they see hundreds of walkers pouring into the front yard. They yell and keep formation, running back into the backyard. They run past the gravesites of Elijah, Maddie, Analee, Bryson, and Delayne. Remembering all the people they lost, it pushes them further. They leave through the side gate on the left of the house. Opening it, they see the pack of walkers climbing over the cars like a swarm of bees. Asher yells for them to hurry and keep their formation as they run along the side of the herd.

Asher: Just hold steady, we'll be okay! Look for an opening and follow my lead!

Will: Wait, stop!

Asher: What is it?

Will: I was an Army pilot, so of course I was in the war!

Will unzips his pack and reaches his hand in.

Will: And somehow I got ahold of these.

He holds up a pair of C4s and looks at the house, grinning.

Will: I also have got some gas and matches, we gotta get rid of the walkers, but to do that much the house needs to go!

Asher: Hurry up!

Will: Go on ahead, get Brooklynn and Brealynn safe and meet up with me at the school down there!

Asher: We can't do that!

Will: Just go, I'll meet you there!

Asher: Will, we can't-!

Walkers notice them more and get very close, cutting them off from Will.

Asher: No!

Asher runs back and starts hacking them down, one-by-one. He would not let his friend die like this.

On the other side of the herd, Will unscrews the lid to the gasoline and starts dumping it all over the house, the cars, the grass- everywhere. Once the gas can is empty, he throws it to the ground and plants one of the C4s to the wall. He does the same to the next, quickly losing time.

Will: Come on, come on, come on...

Nathan: Asher, stop!

Asher continued to hack down multiple zombies to save Will, but he was getting overwhelmed.

Nathan: Asher! Asher! Damn it Asher, GET THE HELL BACK HERE!

Asher: No! I can't just-!

A walker nearly bit him on the arm. He shouts in fear and kills it.

Asher: I can't let him die! He did all that stuff for-!

He nearly gets bit again, but kills it.

Nathan: Come on, it's too dangerous! He'll make it, he always does! But you have to trust it, and think about these little girls! Just come on!

Asher finally gets overwhelmed and runs back to his group, nearly getting bitten again.

Asher: Look, an opening! Just run!

Jair slightly falls behind and the group runs through the small gap. After Nathan and the girls pass, Jair is grabbed by a walker.


The walker bites him on the arm and begins to chew on him.

Nathan: Jair!

Asher: Just go, he's done! We have to leave him!

The group runs away from the dying man as he begins to be devoured. The other walkers start to chase them, making them run.

Asher: Shit!

They're cut off again and trapped by the few in front of them.

Asher: Oh no, we're done for! Try to get through!

But there are too many. Asher and Nathan start to kill them but they are overwhelmed. Asher stops.

Asher: You guys, just run. I'll tackle them and let them eat me so you guys can get away and they'll leave you alone.

Brealynn: No, please! Asher don't, you're like my brother!

Asher: You'll be okay, just follow Nathan and stay safe.

Brealynn: No, please!

Asher gets on his knees and hugs Brealynn. She starts to cry.

Asher: You'll be okay, I promise. Nathan will take you to Ashlynn and you'll see her soon.

Brealynn: N... N... No! P-Please, don't go!

Nathan: God damn, they're too close! Just go!

Nathan starts dashing towards the herd.

Asher + Brooklynn: No!

Nathan screams as he tackles them down, getting bit several times.

Nathan: Just go, I'm dead! GO!

Asher: Come on!

Asher picks up Brealynn who is still crying and Brooklynn follows, still carrying Asher's gun.

Asher: An opening, Brooklynn, let's go!

Asher runs through the small opening but Brooklynn is cut off from them.

Asher: Oh shit, NO!!

Brealynn: Brooklynn!

A gunshot is heard from the other side, Brooklynn had fired a shot. Several more were heard, but Asher had to go on. He carried Brealynn, who was crying harder than ever now, and ran for hours in the dark. He ran and ran and ran until he got to the top of the hill.

Asher: Okay, we're far enough now. We can take a break.

He was panting, coughing, and wheezing as he put her down. He reached into his pack and pulled out canned beans. He popped the lid open and bent it into a spoon, handing it to Brealynn.

Asher: You need to eat.

Brealynn takes it and starts to eat the raw beans. Asher sighs and looks down the hill, having a great view. He sees movement and looks closely, seeing a small figure running into the woods, followed by several walkers. Brooklynn.

Asher: Yes! Brealynn, she's-

He was cut off by the loud bang as the house ignited in flames and exploded, blowing it apart into a million pieces.

Asher: Oh... Shit...

Brealynn: What was that, is Brooklynn okay?

Asher: Yeah... Yeah, she's fine! She's okay!

Brealynn: Let's go get her!

Asher: Alright, come on!

She finished the beans and they got up, picking up the packs. Then Asher realized that Nathan had been carrying almost all the supplies. That was really bad. He helped her up and started to carry her a few feet, but then she asked another question.

Brealynn: Is Will okay?

Asher thought about the explosion, how Will was probably dead. He turned around.

Asher: I don't know.


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