Waiting for Nothing will be the third episode of Season 4. It features some of the events that occured while Riley was in the coma. It premiered on July 29th, 2013.


80 soldiers showed up at the hangar and saved Riley and John. They planned to get a cement mixer and start making walls around to start a small community, but Riley was hit in the eye with an arrow while carrying it back. Soldiers fired into the forest, killing the supposed shooter. They got Riley inside, but he went into a coma for six and a half months...


Cpl. Riley

Pvt. John

General Jackson

Teagan Carlson

Pvt. Katie


John set down his coffee cup on Riley's bedside mantle. There were machines running next to it, pumping nutrients into his body. He was comatose, and John was in a deep pain.

John: Well bud, we've got a construction team working on the wall right now. I know you're comatose, but hey! Comatose people are aware of what's going on around them, right? Yeah. Well, we're just starting today, and we went to get the body of that guy that gotcha. He- he... It doesn't matter. What matters is that he's dead. We burned his body. And, man.... The arrow came in at just the right angle. It gave you a chance to live, but... It got you're eye, too. Which means you'll only have one eye from now on. We still don't know if you're gonna make it, but all we can do is hope. Jackson's taken over now. He's not running things the way you would've. Let's just hope you'll wake up soon and wait for it. But there's something else bugging me. I've been searching through Hall's old books at the hangar. According the those books, General Jackson is now in charge of the United States of America. So, we're kind of in a hole here. He's a cheat, and a liar. I'm pretty sure Hall would've kicked his ass by now, but if only he was here. Sit tight bud. 

John takes a drink of his coffee, then gets up slowly and leaves the infirmary room. He looks around the hangar, seeing Jackson walking around the armory, investigating the weapons. Jackson stares at a Repeater Rifle, then picks it up, examening the weapon.

John: What are you doing? That's Hall's rifle. You can't take that.

Jackson: Who the hell is "Hall"?

John: The colonial who ran this base. 

Jackson: Well where is he?

John: He's in Eastern Oregon with his little group, along with three other soldiers. Pvt. Mason, Grimes, and Miller I think. 

Jackson: I'm in charge of this base now, so this is mine. 

John: Are you freakin-

Jackson: Now go outside and help with the wall.

John grumbles, then walks outside. Outside the hangar, a cement mixer was being unloaded from a Blackhawk, and the twelve other helicopters were unloading cement bags. Running paralell and beside the runway, several soldiers were digging a trench. 

Soldier: Pvt. Emanuel John, correct?

John: Yeah...why?

Sgt. Hawthorne: Name's Sgt. Hawthorne. The "labor" Saregeant, according to that psycho, A.K.A General Jackson.

John: You don't like him either?

Sgt. Hawthorne: Nobody does. Now I'm sorry to say, here's a shovel. Go help dig the trench. He's making the two Civil Air Patrol kids work, and one of 'em is twelve, the other nineteen, and they're both Girls...

John: Katie and Teagan...seriously?

Sgt. Hawthorne: Yeah...those poor bastards look exhausted. You should help them out.

Sgt. Hawthorne hands John a shovel, and John starts to walk towards the trench. Katie and Teagen smile when they see John. He jumps into the trench and begins to dig further down the runway.

John: How deep, how long?

Katie: Three feet, by...

Teagen: Two-hundred and fifty yards...

John: Well, just great.....What's the purpose of this fort anyways?

Katie: A refugee camp for people, an FOB for strike missions, search-and rescue missions, and shit like that all across the Pacific Northwest. I'm not sure what we'll do about housing, food, and armament though. And what's gonna happen when we run out of jet fuel? 

John: Oh god...I know where he'll get it.

Katie: Where?

John:  At the very end of the runway, there are two hundred thousand gallon tanks of jet fuel...and they're all full.

Teagen: Oh great...that means more missions to blow-shit-up, according to Jackson.

Soldier: I heard Jackson killed his dad so he could get his General rank.

John: I'll bet he did it, too.

Katie: Looks like this world is screwed then.

John: Like it wasn't already?

Katie: I know... It's been screwed for awhile now.All we can do is keep fighting and hope Jackson goes down soon.

John stakes his shovel into the dirt, then wipes the sweat from his brow. He picks up his shovel and walks with Katie towards the end of the trench.

Katie: God are we going to sleep?

John: We'll probably put up tents, and Jackson'll sleep in Hall's room. That bastard.

Katie: The day I met him, I knew he had bad intentions.

John: How did you meet him, anyways?

Katie: It was in the begenning, Teagan, one other Civil Air Patrol cadet and I, were on a base in North Dakota, when we saw one. At first, we thought he was hurt. Until he tried to hurt Teagen. We ran for the nearest building, an Ammunition bunker. We stayed there for over a month, when we decided we would go. When we opened the blast door, there were hudreds. But we fought through them. We used handheld mortars and threw them at groups. I kept running...we ran along the runway until we saw a hangar, with a CAP Cessna 182 inside. We all climbed in, but that other Cadet wasn't fast enough. He was bitten on the ankle and dragged out. I started the plane, and we barely got out of there. Over Montana, we ran out fuel and made an emergency landing on a dragstrip. We turned on our emergency beacon, and later that night, Jackson and his army found us.

John: I'm sorry, it must've been hard. 

Katie: It haunts me every day.

Sgt. Hawthorne blows his drill whistle, and everyone falls silent.

Sgt. Hawthorne: Alright! Listen up! General requests more building supplies. We'll need a team of twelve to go with Lt. Powell!

Lt. Powell: If no one volunteers, then I'll start forcing people!

Sgt. Hawthorne, Katie, John, and Lt. Powell raise thier hand.

Lt. Powell: Well, I hate to say...Alpha Squad.You're going with us.

Several groans are head from the crowd, and eight soldiers emerge from the trench. Sgt. Hawthorne shrugs then directs the twelve towards a humvee near the the trench, with a trailer attached to the back. Six soldiers, including John and Katie, climb into the humvee, while Sgt. Hawthorne and Lt. Powell, along with the other four soldiers climb onto the hitch. Sgt. Hawthorne taps the back of the humvee twice, then they started the engine and drove away. The rest of the soldiers watched them drive off until they weren't visible, and then continued on thier work, setting up tents and digging the trenches. Jackson stepped out of the side door of the hangar, and sighed.

Katie stepped out of the humvee, sighed, then looked at the large hardware store. Several other soldiers climbed out of the humvee and trailer. 

Sgt. Hawthorne: Well...this is the place. Jackson wants us to get plywood, metal stakes, drilling equipment, and cement mix...jesus...

Soldier: God damnit! Why the hell does he make our job so hard!

Sgt. Hawthorne: Calm down!

Lt. Powell: An order is an order, so let's get this done. We'll split into two groups. I'll take half to go look for plywood and cement mix. You take the rest and go find the metal stakes and drilling equipment.

Katie: Well damnit...

John: This'll be just wonderful...

Back at Ft. Cessna, a soldier entered the hangar, walked down the hallway towards the bathroom, when he noticed a room labelled: "Radio Room." Instinctively, he walked inside, where broadcasting equipment, a record player, and a stack of records sat on a desk. 

Soldier: What the...

He towards the desk, where a large dashboard of equipment layed on the table. A large screen was on the wall, but was off. The soldier examined the dashboard, and saw a large switch labelled: "Master Power". He slowly reached over, then flipped the switch. Suddenly, the microphone crackled to life, then the screen powered up. The soldier cleared his throat, then spoke into the microphone.

Soldier: Testing...Testing...1...2...3...

Sgt. Hawthorne: God Damnit...

John: Just do it! Climb up that shelf, and toss the bags back down to me!

Sgt. Hawthorne: Alright, whatever.

The cement bags were on a shelf, thirty feet above the ground, on a storage rack. Sgt. Hawthorne was grumbling as he climbed the shelf. When he got to the top, he threw a cement bag down to the soldiers, and they began to pass bags down. One soldier took each bag to the truck. Sgt. Hawthorne passed the last bag down, then noticed more were behind a large crate. He shoved it over the side, and it shattered into wooden planks as it hit the ground. Behind the crate, a man wearing noting but rags was standing there, holding a gun. His hair was scraggly and long. He had a beard and was covered in scratches. Sgt. Hawthorne jumped back, then raised his rifle at him.

???: You took my family...and ate them! Now I won't go back! NO WAY! HAROLD AIN'T GOIN' BAAAACK!

Sgt. Hawthorne: What the hell are you-

The strange man fires his gun, hitting Sgt. Hawthorne in the chest. He stuttered, then felt his chest. 

Sgt. Hawthorne: You...son of a...

He leaned back, then tumbled off the shelf, falling thirty feet towards the ground. John gasped as his body hit the ground, making a thump.


Sgt. Hawthorne (Presumed)

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