Great'r then shit news! We got to season 3 midseason without anyone whining about something stupid! Too bad Luan died, but it had to be a death to shock the series. It didn't feel sad to me, but thats probably because I'm cold and heartless.

Non-Serious Corner

But that's how I grew up. Everyone in my redneck family's like that. My Great Grandpa Glenn (Dad's side) is where I got my sarcasm, and really slender appearance. I got my anger from Grandpa Graydon, and my awesomeness came from my Great Great Grandpa Charles. (also Dad's side) I got my appearance from my Dad and other Grandpa (Mom's side). Speaking of family, I finally found it!!!!!!! My Great Great Great Grandpa Spencer's FARM! 75 Acres of land outside of (Not telling you) where my cousins are holding the land! I talked to them about my family interests and about the family tree, my love for MURICA and all that, and they gave the land to me! YAHHH!H1h1h1h!H!HH!!!

Demotivational PiCs Of ThIs BlOg


LoLoL uNiCoRnZ oN sTeRoIdZ

Oh and to answer most of your questions, no, I dont need medication, nor do I take it. 



This Will be my future blog format. YOU'RE WELCOME

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