Riley, Parker, and John were all trapped in the hangar, and they planned a daring escape, which worked, then a fleet of about 50 helicopters were spotted. 30 minutes later a man named Jackson asked," Ya'll need a leader?" Parker was killed in the ensuing chaos.


Cpl. Riley


Pvt. Katie

Pvt. John

Teagan Carlson

Unnamed troops


Riley: No, we don't need a leader, why are you here?

Jackson: These militarary "navigator" guys said we need to come here and look for survivors, so thats why I'm here.

Riley: Well we dont need any help, so go back.

Jackson: We can't go back! We came all the way out here to help and you're just gonna reject us?

Riley: Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing.

Jackson: Well, we're not going back, I don't care what you say.

Riley: Yes you are, I'm in charge of this hangar right now, I'm the highest rank here.

Jackson: Oh really? You're the highest rank? I think not.

Jackson shows Riley his general patches.

Riley: No, how do you have these?

Jackson: My father had them, he got bit so he gave me these patches.

Riley: Well you didn't earn them, they were your fathers, so they don't count as a real rank.

Jackson: Yeah they do! I'm the highest rank! I'm on control here now!

Riley: No, I am, deal with it, I've been here longer.

Jackson: That doesn't matter, I'm a general.

Riley: Your dad was a general, you are not.

Jackson: I don't care, these patches count.

Riley: How dumb are you? Those patches don't count for crap, how old are you?

Jackson: I'm 15

Riley: Exactly, you are the only 15 year old who is a general, I doubt you are fit to be a general.

Jackson: I'm totally fit to be a general! I'm in charge here and that's final.

Riley: Ok, you can be in charge for now, but this arguement isn't over!


Riley: For now.


Teagan: Jackson, there's a few walkers in the surrounding forest, should I go clear them out?

Jackson: Sure, good idea, take someone with you to help.

Teagan: Ok, let's see, I'll take Katie with me.

Pvt. Katie: Ok, let's go kill stuff.

Jackson: And from now on, adress me as General Jackson, hey thats got a nice ring to it!

Riley facepalms and John sighs.

John: Well, I'm going to go bury parker.

Riley: Ok, I wasn't really friends with him but he still deserves a ceremony.

John: I'll get to it then.

John carries Parker's body to an open dirt patch about 50 meters away from the hangar, and there he puts down Parker's body and goes back to the hangar to get a shovel. While getting a shovel he runs into Riley, who is inserting bullets into the clip for his Berretta.

John: Are you really going to let that 15 year old redneck take this place over?

Riley: No. I have a plan.

John: Tell me it later, I have to go bury Parker.

Riley: I'm still working on it, not done yet.

John goes back to the place where he set Parker down, and starts digging.

In the Surrounding ForestEdit

Katie fires a round from her silenced MK14 into a walkers head, as it crumples to the ground.

Katie: We took out around 10 by now, time to go back?

Teagan: No, we still need to search the other side of the forest.

Katie: Ugh...

Teagan looks over at Katie who is carving a line into the side of her MK14 with her bowie knife.

Teagan: What are you doing?

Katie: Oh nothing, I just carve a little tally mark onto my guns whenever I get a kill.

Teagan steps closer to Katie and sees hundreds upon hundreds of tally marks on her gun.

Katie: I like to kill stuff.

Teagan: Ok then, we still need to finish this perimeter che-

Teagan gets a sudden feeling that she is being watched.

Teagan: Ok, be quiet, I think somone is watching us.

Katie: Got it, run to the hangar on 3?

Teagan: Yeah.

Katie: 1.

Teagan: 2.

Katie+Teagan: 3!

They start running towards the hangar, and when the emerge from the forest, they keep running until Jackson yells at them and asks what happened.

Jackson: Hey! What's going on.

Teagan: We think we're being watched!

Katie: I wasn't done killing yet...

Jackson: Uh, you can kill more stuff later, how many deadies did you take out?

Katie: I only took out like 6...

Teagan: We got around 10 or 12.

Jackson: Ok, thats good for now.

John and Riley are standing next to Parkers grave, they both say a few words, and Riley leaves saying he has to go formulate a plan. John stays for a few more minutes then just walks away.

3 Hours Later

Riley sneaks out the back of the hangar and starts walking towards the area of the steel mill. By nightfall Riley takes shelter in a ruined building.

Riley: This looks like a nice place to stay at for the night.

Riley sets up a wood fire in the building and goes to sleep, with one eye open.

About halfway through the night, Riley awakens from a nightmare. He is breathing heavily and then just gets up and walks around the building more. He hears a walker growling so he turns around to see Greene, Lucas, John, Medic, Parker, Harris, and all the other C.A.P. troops as walkers shuffle towards him.

Riley: Oh god, no.

Zombie Medic grabs his arm and bites into it, making a large bite mark in his arm, then John bites his leg, Parker bites his side, Harris bites his other side, Lucas bites his neck, and Greene bites his shoulder, then all the other troops swarmed him and ate him alive.

Riley is suddenly back at his sleeping spot.


Riley: What, what just happened...

What Riley didn't immedietly get, is that he woke from a nightmare, into another nightmare, into reality.

Riley: I'm leaving, now.

Riley walked another mile or so, until he came across a humvee.

Riley: What do we have here?

He pulls out his berretta and runs around the side to see the door open, and the key still in the ignition.

Riley: Why would someone leave such a good vehi-

A walker in full camoflauge, with military markings crawls out from under the humvee.

Riley: Oh, Thats why.

Riley lets the walker crawl out from under the humvee, and then saluted to him, then shot him in the head. He hops into the humvee to see it is nearly full on gas.

Riley: I have an idea...

He approached the steel mill's location and drove over to the mine entrance. It was a very loud door, so when he opened it, he didn't realize that there were hundreds of walkers at the bottom.

Riley: Ok, lets get this stuff and get out of here.

Riley loads up the humvee with 6 steel panels and turns on the ignition, and as he drives off, he forgets to close the door of the mine.

Jackson: Where do you think Riley went?

John: Maybe he left for good.

Jackson: That means I'm general for good now?

John: No. He's going to come back, just watch.

Around 30 minutes after Jackson and John's conversation, Riley drives up in the humvee with the steel panels.

John: Told you so.

Jackson: Dangit.

Riley drives up in front of the hangar with his humvee, and gets out.

John: Where were you?

Riley: I went back to the steel mill.

John: You mean the big crater that used to be the steel mill?

Riley: Yes.

John: Ok then, why did you go to the steel mill?

Riley: I went down the steel mill mine to get some panels.

John: What are we going to do with some steel panels?

Riley: Make a little barrier in front of the hangar, give it some protection.

Teagan and Jackson walk over to Riley and John, wondering what they are talking about.

Teagan: What's going on?

Jackson: We should know whatever it is.

John: Riley went to a steel mill's mine and got some steel panels to make a little barrier in front of the hangar.

Teagan: That's a smart idea.

Jackson: I agree.

Riley: Good, then it's settled, we can make a barrier in front of the hangar.

Katie: Maybe if we loot a local Home Depot, there might still be a cement mixer, then we could really build a huge wall.

Riley: Since when were you standing over here with us?

Katie: I was here the whole time.

John: Ok... That's kind of creepy...

Katie walks off to explore the hangar more.

Teagan: Katie's idea is good.

Jackson: Yeah! If we can find a cement mixer, we can make a huge wall!

John: That just might work.

Riley: Ok, next morning, we head to Home Depot.

The Following Morning

Riley: Rise and shine guys, we're leaving.

John: Ugh, ok, I'm, tired.

Jackson is still sleeping so Riley goes over to him and kneels down.

Riley: Get up!

Jackson: Ugh, fine I'm gettin' up.

Outside The Home Depot

Riley: Ok let's get this thing and leave.

John: Got it.

Jackson: Let's move up.

Riley: Alright, I don't thing anyone is here, this place looks like it was abandoned a week after this broke out.

Riley, John, and Jackson all move up to the entrance of the Home Depot, and kick down the rusted doors.

Riley: It's really dark, turn on your lights, there going to be at least a walker or two.

John: Ok, lights on.

The three split up to cover more ground, which is always a bad idea, but people never learn.

Riley: Hmm, no, no, no, no, and no.

Jackson: Yeah, we gotta split up, It's the best idea.

John: Jackson's right for once.

Riley: Fine, but if you guys get bitten, not my fault. 

John: We all need walkie talkies to contact eachother if things get bad.

Riley: I have an extra, here Jackson.

John: Ok, i still have mine, let's go then.

Jackson: See ya'll on the other side.

Riley takes the right of the Home Depot, Jackson takes the middle, and John takes the left.

Jackson: Guys! I found a cement mixer! Well, cement mixers.

Riley: Sweet, how many?

Jackson: Two, but the second one is too big.

John: I'm running into some trouble over here...

A few gunshots get fired off and John starts talking again.

John: Whew, that was hard, the Home Depot workers were wearing hard hats.

Riley: Ha, that must have been fun.

John and Riley head to the middle were Jackson is, and carry the cement mixer out of the Home Depot.

Back At The Hangar

Teagan: I think I see them coming out of the forest, with a cement mixer.

Katie: Now we can get to work on some epic walls.

As John, Jackson, and Riley all emerge from the forest with the cement mixer, they walk about 25 more yards until, out of the blue, an arrow flies from the forest and Riley is on the ground with a hole in his head.

John: Ahhhh! Get to cover, drag the cement mixer! Someone get Riley!

About 30 troops come out to the spot, and one of the troops gets hit by another arrow in the leg, then they start firing into the forest, hoping to hit the shooter.

After firing about 250 rounds, they hear a loud shriek of pain, then silence.

John: Oh my god.

John and Jackson look down at Riley, and John notices that the bullet passed through his eye.

Jackson: Does this mean I'm in charge now?

John: No!

John slugs Jackson in the face and carries Riley to the hangar in a hurry. He throws Riley down on a gourney and checks his pulse.

John: It's a miracle...

Riley has a pulse, but a very weak one, and if he didn't get his eye to stop bleeding, he would die.

John: He's not dead but he needs medical attention now!

John: Is anyone here a medic?

Misc soldier: I am, I can treat bullet wounds!

John: Then get to work!

Misc soldier: Okay!

The soldier got to work on stopping the bleeding, and he did, but what they didn't expect, was that Riley went into a coma for about half a year.

6.5 Months LaterEdit

Riley: Ughhh..........

Riley tried to stand up out of the medical bed he was in, but just fell over.

Misc soldier: Oh my god! You're awake!

Riley: How, How, l-l-long, was, I, ou,out?

Misc soldier: you are in no condition to move or talk! I need to get you on the bed!

Riley: O-o-k.

Later That Day

John: He's still sleeping I think.

Teagan: Yeah, fast asleep.

Jackson: Or not...

Riley wakes up and looks around the room to see everyone.

Riley: Hi.

John: Oh hi there.

Riley: Who are you people? Where am I?

Everyone stares open mouthed at Riley, thinking that he lost his memory.

John: Oh crap.

Jackson: He doesn't remember nothin'!

Riley: Hahahahaha...

Riley: You should have seen the looks on your faces!

John: You little...

Riley: How long was I out?

Jackson: Six and a half months.

Riley: What happened while I was gone?

John: Get your uniform on and go see yourself.

Everyone besides Riley leaves the room, then Riley gets up, puts his uniform on, then looks into the mirror. When he looked, he saw that he had a black eyepatch on.

Riley: So thats why my vision was messed up...

He turned around to see Lucas.

Lucas: Surprise!

Riley: What the...

Riley rubbed his eye and Lucas was gone. Freaked out, he walked out the door. When he walked out, all he saw was a massive wall.

Riley: Woah...

When he walked up the steps of the wall and saw about 100 people emerge from the forest, all he did was smile.

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