Well, This could be said- the end of the series, is going to be badass. We'll finally reveal who died, who survived, and who was a general dick. We'll also reveal maps and other documents containing the series' fate and stuffs.


Within 20 minutes, the tank had created an interesting scheme. They took a small flatbed trailer and used a long steel cable from the rubble to hook it on to the tank's rear bars. They grabbed crates of food, extra armor, and ammunition that would probably only last them a week or so, before they would starve off, even while rationing like crazy. The three spare infantrymen, and Riley climbed onto the trailer and would sit there for a long time. Hall was in the top hatch, and he ordered the tank forward, by beckoning his sword forward. Their mission was to find the train and regroup. But then what? Hall fixes his cowboy hat, takes it off, brushes the dust off, and puts it back on. The infantrymen just stand on the back, unsure of what to do.

Hall: Wait a minute- I never learned any of your names.

Infantryman 1: I'm Farnsworth.

Infantryman 2: Thompson.

Infantryman 3: Haden.

Grunt: McCormack.

Tank Driver: Sherwood.

Tank Engineer: Whalen.

Tank Gunner: Clubb.

Hall: So this is all we got? 10 of us? Well, how many were on the train?

Riley: Abbbbout 20?

Hall: Just- peachy.

Suddenly, they look back at the fort, with the sun coming over the mountain, and see the large American flag still flying high, except with a bullet through Idaho's star. Will stands up and salutes, then sits back down. This would be the last time they saw the modern-day Alamo.

Hall: They haven't taken off yet-

McCormack: They're probably gonna take the repaired one.

Haden: Maybe they just walked off.

Suddenly, from the tops of the canyon, they see the C130 fly over, then continue northward. They look behind them to see a gentle orange flame.

Riley: Damn that's funny. If they can't have our technology, no one can.

The tank is now leaving the small valley of the fort and heading into the canyon, following the railroad tracks at a slow 20 Mph. Inside the canyon, they can see large gaping holes where the A10s fired on the canyon. Most of the rock is totally black from fire and gunpowder residue. But the only thing the soldiers can do is roll on, and not look back. Riley pulls a cigarette from his pocket, lights it, and begins to calmly smoke, as they just go on, without a care in the world. After a good twenty-five minutes of following the tracks through the canyon, they finally leave the mountains and hit empty desert. The engineer stops the tank, cuts the engine, and orders everyone out, to stand and look. The soldiers climb out, and just- stare, in wonder, and awe. The endless desert goes on forever, with puffy white clouds casting dark blots on the horizon, looking as it hadn't been touched in aeons.

Whalen: God Damn. It's beautiful.

Thompson: It look so untouched.

Riley: I'm kind of excited to explore all this.

Hall: ....yeah. This, this is a new ray of hope.

Clubb: I guess the world isnt so screwed after all. Anyhow, we gotta keep moving. Since the road's a bit better here, we could probably go a bit faster.

Riley sticks his finger on the tracks to feel the blood is still warm and damp.

Riley: They aren't far. Let's go.

The soldiers climb back to thier posistions, fire the tank back up, and continue to drive along the dirt roa, this time going around 30 Mph, crossing the desert, leaving a trail of dust as they go.

About an hour later, the soldiers notice something unusual on the horizon. A black smoke plume. Hopefully, Thompson points it out, and Sherwood slams the tank forward to its full speed (55 Mph.) and they begin to drive forward along the railroad tracks extremely fast toward the smoke plume. When they get closer, they notice something. It's a metal structure giving off the smoke. Hall opens the top hatch and pulls out his spectacles to look at realize- ITS THE TRAIN! He pulls off his cowboy hat and begins to wave it frantically, and point with his sabre.

Hall: It's the train! It's the train!

After about a minute longer of driving, the tank slows down, then they slam the brakes and screech to a halt right next to the train. Where they see around twenty or so soldiers stick thier heads up from the passenger car, to shout in shock, jump out the train and come up to meet thier brethren who escaped the madness and insanity of Fort Cessna. Hall jumps off the tank, and climbs to the cab, to see none other then Pvt. Miller commanding it himself. Hall quietly tiptoes up behind him, grabs him by the shoulders and screams- "PENIS". Miller jumps, and falls to the metal floor, laughing.

Miller: Will, old friend! You made it! I knew you would!

Hall reaches down and grabs Miller's hand, pulling him up.

Hall: Why are we stopped? How many you got?

Miller: Well, we've got about 16 soldiers, and an extremely meagre amount of supplies. How about you?

Hall: 10, and about the same amount of supplies as you.

Miller: Well, here's our problem.

Miller points forward of the locomotive, to show a black, smouldering crater, where an explosion must've happened. The rails are warped and bent, and don't even complete the gap.

Hall: Damn, so, I guess we're stuck?

Miller: Not exactly. Mason was climbing down around the crater and found a burnt up sign, labelled- "REEDS-12 Mi. Stamped UPRR Company, 03/21/14." What's unusual, is that would mean that Union Pacific made that sign after the infection. We checked the maps, and Reeds, well, it's a ghost town.

Hall: Should we send someone to check it out?

Miller: Yeah. You assemble a team, and you can go there. On foot, probably.

Hall: I know just who to pick. We're gonna go right now.

Hall steps down from the locomotive and out to the tank, where most the soldiers gathered- and climbed to the top.

Hall: McCormack, Riley, on me. Everyone else, just stay put with Miller and the rest. What I want done, is all the supplies loaded onto the train's flatbed.

He climbs down, where Riley and McCormack are waiting for him.

Riley: What are we doing?

Hall: Going to Reeds.

McCormack: Wait what?

Hall: Anyhow, there's a sign made in the apocalypse by the railraod that points to Reeds, Idaho, an old ghost town. We're gonna check it out.

He points to the railroad tracks, the two soldiers put thier rifles off safety, Hall pulls his sword out of its sheath, pulls out his barreta, and they begin to walk down the railroad tracks.

After walking for about four hours, the group sees a group of wooden structures. It must be the town. Riley and Will look at each other cautiously, then continue down the rails. Will pulls out his binoculars, to notice where the railroad meets the town, a little station- With people on it. Excitedly, Will, Riley, and McCormack begin to run. Will, being the fastest person of the group, turned back around while running, and beckoned his sword forward.

Hall: Come on! COME ON!

The guys continue to run, but when they get within 200 yards of the town, they jump behind a sagebrush plant, looking at the town.

Hall: Weird- It isn't walled off.

McCormack: Do you think we could just- walk in?

Riley: Only one way to find out.

Riley, Hall, and McCormack get up from the sagebrush, and resume formation. They walk down the side to the small dirt road running parallel to the station. The station was just a large wooden platform with a water tower and a loading pulley. Next to it- was a booth labelled "TICKETS".  When they walked down the little road, the guy inside the station closed his booth, and the women standing on the station platform stepped back a little, and lowered her head. Where Main street met the little T road, there was a saloon. Of course, people were inside. Hall could hear a little saloon piano on the inside playing "The Parting Glass". Down main street, people were staring at the three soldiers, and the horses hitched to the post sta'''''red them down as if they were people from another world. As they stepped onto the saloon's front porch, a preacher stepped back, and said- "By god, they're alive." Hall swung open the saloon's door, to where the piano stops, and all the western-dressed figures, mostly men, turn to look at them. The bartender stops pouring, and stares at the soldiers.

Hall: So, who owns the railroad around here?

Total silence. One of the men stands up, and walks outside, beckoning them to follow. McCormack, Riley, and Hall all walk out of the bar, in total silence. The man begins to walk down main street with the men, towards the sheriff's office.

Man: Wow, we're suprised you guys are alive. After the humungous horde passed through here we figured you were all dead, but we've seen about six guys come through here. They're all dead though, from bites and injuries. We're gonna bury them soon, but I'm going to take you to the sheriff, he needs some help around here anyways, and could answer your questions.

Hall: Did that humungous horde pass throught?

Man: Yeah- We just hid and they went right through as nothing happened.

Riley: So you guys settled a ghost town?

Man: Pretty much, it's got water, and no undead come through here.

McCormack: What about the railroad?

Man: The CEO of Union Pacific gathered all the steam locomotives in the west and opened a railroad around the towns in the area. The last bastion of society.

Hall: There are more towns?

Man: Yeah, you're in Reeds, the railroad hub. East is Agate, which is the main producer of food for all of us. North is McChord, where a group of miners are mining all the iron, gold, copper, and other things in the area for the railroad. West in Oregon is Jericho. Over there, well, there's a gunsmith who took the name "Springfield Armory".

Riley: So why do you need to build more track if it's already built?

Man: We're going to build a railroad to Winnemucca, and McDermitt- so we can expand our society a bit more. Right now, the limpers are the least of our worries. There's a drought in Agate, and we can barely keep the bandits and rustlers under control.

Hall: I see where this is going.

At the sheriff's office's porch, the man waves farewell, then opens the door to the office. Inside, a sheriff in jeans, a leather jacket, straw cowboy hat and cowboy boots. On his little wooden desk in the simple brick building, he sets his feet. The poor old man is asleep. The man walks up and knocks his hat off, then leaves. A second later, he's scared awake, and turns to face the soldiers, with a cocked look on his face.

Sheriff: It's more of you bastards.

Hall: Who runs the railroad company?

Sheriff: Why?

Hall: We need to get our train out.

Sheriff: For what reason?

Hall: We've abandoned our fort.

Sheriff: The deadlimpers got you?

Hall: There's only about 30 of us left. But someone blew the tracks up before the junction, so we can't get through.

Sheriff: Alright, if you wan't the tracks put back, I'm gonna need your help.

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