Episode 11. Get ready, Season 1 is nearing an end!


Will found a helicopter hangar full of 20 soldiers and six helicopters. The group suffered as Maddie Stratten and Emma were killed by a group from a steel mill. Ashlynn was secured and Asher revealed to have feelings for her. Will was shot in the face, but the bullet only grazed him. The soldiers patched him up and showed him a beautiful helicopter and a humvee. The soldiers agreed to help the group fight the steel mill. Will is planning with the soldiers.


Asher Lucero

Willis Hall

Ashlynn Taurus

Brooklynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Luan Stephens

Jordan Gropp

Jazmine Guadycan

Lauren Faunre

Hudson Mayer

Ben Gawea

Sgt. Harris

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Grimes

Pvt. Mason


Asher sat there, Ashlynn cradled in his arms. They just sat there for half an hour.

Brooklynn: Is everything okay? What happened? Where did Ashlynn go?

Luan: She's with us, over here!

The sisters looked at each other and ran out to where Ashlynn was.

Ashlynn: Oh my god!

She got up and ran to her sisters, hugging them. Brooklynn started to cry.

Brooklynn: I thought you were dead! Are you okay?

Ashlynn: Yes...I-... I'm okay.

Ashlynn quickly hid her hands behind her back. She didn't want her sisters to see thumbtacks crammed under her fingernails.

Asher: Here, come on. We gotta get you inside, patched up.

Brealynn: I love you, Ashlynn. Are you okay?

Ashlynn: I'm okay, honey. I have to go now, but I'll be right back. I promise.

Ashlynn walked to the tent with Jordan. Luan had been teaching him some things, like how to patch people up and medical stuff. Luan looked at Asher.

Luan: What now?

Asher: I don't know. They won't be back for awhile, we just killed a bunch of them. I'm thinking we scout around for supplies?

Luan: Yeah, now would be the time, huh? What are you thinking?

Asher: I don't know. We just got Ashlynn back, and Will just left, but I need to do this. You should stay to protect the camp.

Luan: Who's going with you?

Brooklynn: I will.

Luan: No, it's not safe. You're too little.

Brooklynn: Please! I need to get things for my sister! She's hurt, I saw that guy do stuff to her! She needs things!

Asher: Luan, she's tough as nails. We could at least take her to talk to Ashlynn, see what she thinks.

Luan nodded. They walked back to the tent and went in only to see Jordan pulling the tacks out from under Ashlynn's fingernails.

Luan: Damn, this tent was getting crowded! It looks so big without Jazmine and Lauren in here. Anyway, Ashlynn, Brooklynn wanted to go out scouting for supplies with Asher. It looks dangerous, but now would be the best time. Is that okay?

Ashlynn: Well.... Yeah I guess she could go. Promise to keep her safe?

Asher: Always.

Ashlynn: Alright, bye Brooklynn!

Brooklynn: Bye.

Asher, Brooklynn, and Luan walked out of the tent and started towards the forest.

Luan: Be careful out there.

Asher: We will.

Asher picked up a rifle and started walking with Brooklynn into the forest.

Harris: Well, what do you think?

Grimes: I think we should get ready.

Will: It's gonna take a lot of us to do this.

Harris: Already told you, we were commanded to eliminate anyone hostile.

Miller: Hell yeah, let's do this!

Mason: What did you say, about thirty people there? How many in your group?

Will: We got only nine of us now, and two of them are little girls. They got over thirty, from what I hear.

Harris: I'll inform the crew, get them ready. We'll have to train up, we've been in here for a month and a half. That banging never stopped, it's a relieve to finally be able to see sunlight!

Will: There were only four when I got here. you guys could have done it.

Harris: Well there was no way to tell how many there were. Hell, some of our men haven't killed a single deadlimper in this whole thing.

Will: Deadlimper?

Harris: Yeah, that's what we call 'em. Anyway, we better start. We've got work to do.

Will: Hell yeah.

Asher and Brooklynn are walking through the forest.

Asher: You okay?

Brooklynn: Yeah, I'm fine.

They continue to walk for three hours, barely talking.

Asher: So... What'd you do before all this?

Brooklynn: I was in kindergarten. I lived with my Mommy and Daddy. Ashlynn was always gone, she said it was college. I always played with Jessica and Brealynn.

Asher: Who's Jessica?

Brooklynn: She was my best friend. We became sisters the day after we met.

Asher smiled. He never thought he would hear any of this ever again.

Back at camp, Jordan was in his own tent, staring off into space. He sat there and went into deep thought: What would he be doing if he weren't in this shithole? He zoned out and started to think about earlier. A month and a half earlier.

48 Days EarlierEdit

Jordan sat in his basement, relaxing.

Jordan's mom: Jordan! Whatcha doing down there?

Jordan: Relaxing, Mom!

Jordan's mom jogged down the stairs, excited.

JM: We just got a message on the answering machine! You've been accepted for the job at Celtech!

Jordan: Are you serious?

Jordan had been living in the old neighborhood for years now. His parents were visiting him and they hadn't been answering the phone because Jordan rarely ever saw his parents. He had been working as the mailman for his neighborhood ever since he moved there, and he hated it.

JM: Yes! You can finally stop being the mailman!

Jordan: Yes, finally!

Jordan and his mom hugged.

Jordan: Where's Dad?

JM: He's upstairs, on the computer. I'll go up and tell him the good news!

Jordan: Thanks, Mom.

Jordan sat back down and pulled his iPhone 4S from his pocket.

(Texting)Jordan: Luan, Bryson, I got the job at Caltech!!!

(Texting)Bryson: Sweet, man! When do you start?

(Texting)Jordan: Not sure yet, I have to call them back.

(Texting)Luan: Congratz, man. Good luck!

Jordan smiled. He leaned back in his chair and heard a knock on the door. He ignored it. He was too happy to answer the door. Eventually the knocking turned to banging.

Jordan: Jesus.

Jordan waited for it to stop until he heard the door topple over, followed by his parents' screams.

Jordan: Mom! Dad!

Jordan grabbed a hammer lying nearby and ran upstairs. All he saw was three people feasting on his mom and dad.

Jordan: NO!

The walkers looked at him and got up, starting to follow him. Jordan yelled and ran back downstairs, slamming the door shut. Tears were flowing down his face. He couldn't believe his parents were dead.

(Texting)Jordan: Shit guys my parents got eaten plz plz help me!!!!

(Texting)Bryson: I know shit hit the fan I'm omw with a knife Luan come too!!!

(Texting)Luan: OMW.

Jordan exhaled slowly as the door shook. After about fifteen minutes the banging stopped and Jordan opened it. Luan and Bryson were standing there.

Bryson: We have to go, now. Come on, I know where to go! Hurry!

Present DayEdit

Jordan remembered all this until Luan walked in.

Luan: You alright?

Jordan: Yeah, just thinking.

Luan: Come on, help set up tents. Everybody's on their feet now, it's great! Come join us while it lasts.

Luan and Jordan walked out of the tent.

Ashlynn: Finally we're all here. Where's Maddie Stratten?

Luan looked at the gravestone nearby.

Jordan: She didn't make it.

Ashlynn: Oh, I see.

Luan: We gotta bury Emma.

Jordan: Later. Right now we're happy. Keep it that way.

Luan: One sec, let me check on Ben, see what he's up to.

Luan walked back to the tent with Ben in it and stepped in.

Luan: Just checking-...

The tent was empty. The chair sat there with the ropes that were binding Ben untied and lying on the ground.

Luan: No. No, No No NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

Luan ran out angrily and grabbed his shotgun.

Jordan: What happened?

Luan: He's gone, he escaped! That god damn son of a bitch escaped!! WHEN I FIND HIM, I'M GONNA RIP HIS THROAT OUT!!

Jordan: What do you mean? He's gone!??!

Luan: Go check, he ain't in there! He got away, and he knows where Will went! He could hear us from in there! He's gonna tell them where Will went!

Jordan: Oh, shit, and Asher and Brooklnn are still out there!

Luan: I'm going. Jordan, stay here and keep this place secure. Ashlynn, I'm bringing her back. Her and Asher.

Jordan: Go, go! Get them back!

Luan ran out into the forest with his shotgun.

Asher and Brooklynn were still walking.

Asher: So, was Jessica nice to you?

Brooklynn: Yeah, she was nice. I wish she was with us.

Asher: How about this? When all this is over, I'll help you find her myself. Sound good?

Brooklynn: Yeah, sounds great!

The bushes rustled.

Asher: Quiet. Get my gun out.

They got down low and waited. Two walkers burst from it.

Asher: Get back!

Brooklynn back up against another bush and Asher hit a walker with the hammer. The other one pounced on top him.

Asher: AHHGHGGHGH! Shoot it, Brooklynn!

Brooklynn aimed the gun but a walker grabbed her from behind.

Brooklynn: AAHH! HELP, ASHER!

Asher: NO!

Asher threw the walker off of him and ran over to the one on Brooklynn. He kicked it off and stomped on its head. The one on top of Asher grabbed him from behind.

Asher: AAHHH!

Asher wrestled with the walker on top of him. He couldn't get it off. After a minute of struggling with it, the hammer slammed on its skull.

Brooklynn: Ungh! Die!

Asher grabbed its head and held it up high. Brooklynn struck it with the hammer, over and over again. Eventually it stopped moving.

Brooklynn: It stopped!

Asher: One more time, just to make sure!

Brooklynn hit it again.

Asher: Thanks.

He pushed it off and got up.

Asher: Where's the gun?

Brooklynn: Ummm... I kind of went back there when that thing grabbed me. I let go, I'm so sorry!

Asher: It's okay, it wasn't your fault. I'll get it.

The forest where Brooklynn was by started to shake.

Asher: Get ready.

Asher took the hammer. They waited for a moment, until finally a person sprung from the dense trees.

Asher: What the hell, how did you get out here?!!? Put the damn gun down!

Ben: No, I've got it! Now go back and you won't get hurt, dick!

Asher: How did you escape?!


Asher: How the hell did you escape?!!

Ben pointed the gun up.

Asher: Get down!

Asher ducked and Ben pulled the trigger. He jumped at Ben and tackled him. Ben let go of the gun and Asher punched him.

Brooklynn: I...

Asher: You son of a bitch.

Asher looked behind him. Brooklynn's stomach was bleeding, and blood was pouring from her mouth.

Asher: No..

Brooklynn crumpled down and Asher looked down at Ben.

Asher: Son of a bitch... You damn momster! You just KILLED A POOR, DEFENSELESS GIRL!! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?!??!?

Asher punched him, a hundred times. He kept going until Ben's face was mush. Ben gargled. He was in pain, but he would live. At least he would survive the beating.

Asher: Screw you. You're no good. I'm not even gonna take you back, just let you get eaten by the walkers. You're worse than them.

Asher picked up his gun and fired three shots into the air to attract walkers. He walked back and picked up Brooklynn's tiny, lifeless body.

Luan ran through the forest, hearing the three shots. He kept going until he came across a body. It was moving, and its face was mashed up. it was Ben. Luan could barely recognize him.

Luan: Ben. Bastard.

Ben moved slightly quicker and was trying to get away. Luan stepped on his arm.

Luan: You're coming with me.

Ashlynn: When are they getting back?

Jordan: I don't know, be patient.

Ashlynn: It's getting dark soon! My little sister can't-.

Asher slowly walked into camp, carrying a body. Ashlynn was shocked. A lump in her throat, she walked to Asher.

Ashlynn: Is she-? What-? What-?

Ashlynn was nearly crying. Tears started to flow from both of their eyes.

Lauren: Brealynn, go inside.

Asher: I'm so sorry. Ben came at us, with the gun. I-.

Ashlynn: Give her to me, please!

Full on sobbing now, Ashlynn took Brooklynn and set her on the ground.

Ashlynn: Pl-....Please....

The group looked on in silence. The whole group was sad, depressed. Brooklynn was gone, tears were flowing from everyone's eyes. Ashlynn sobbed and sang to her at the same time.

Ashlynn: Baby don't worry....... About a thing........ 'Cause every little thing..... Is gonna be alright...... Three..... Three little birds.....

Ashlynn stopped. She was sobbing too hard now, she couldn't continue.

Asher: I think it's time I go.

Jordan: What? Where?

Asher: The steel mill. I'm going tonight, I have to.

Jazmine: Don't go, Asher. It's too dangerous.

Asher: You don't get it. What they want is me! They don't give a living shit about the rest of you. I'm the one that led us in there in the first place. I took their man. I knocked him out. I killed so many of them! They want me, not any of you! I stayed behind and took them out. They want me, so I'm going. You guys leave while you can, before they take me to you. Just go, save yourselves.

Jordan: We can't let you. You have to stay.

Asher: You don't get it. I have to go.

Ashlynn: Where's Ben?

Asher: What?

Ashlynn: Where the hell is Ben?

Asher: He... I punched him, screwed up his face. I just left him there, for the walkers. He's worse than them.

Ashlynn: Luan had better bring that son of a bitch back, because I want him. He's mine. He did this to my sister, so it has to be me. I'm the one who has to kill him.

While Ashlynn is talking, the group doesn't notice the men outside the camp, hidden in the forest. There are ten of them, waiting for the right moment.


Brooklynn Taurus

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