Here we are. The darkest episode of the series. It will make you cry, and it will make you remember how horrible this really is. At the end of this episode, all of the fans reading will be horrified. Your mouth will be open, and you will feel more depressed than ever.


Will learned that you don't have to be bitten to turn and that no damage to the head would make you turn into a walker after death. He went to his brother's farm and is now back at the cabin along with Miller, Mason, and Ellis, his niece. Mason killed Aaron after he tried to steal the helicopter. Also, along with all the barn animals Will found, one of them was a dog.


Will: Now, you said Aaron broke the depth sounder? And you killed him?

Mason: Yeah. I told him it's nothing you can't fix, so I think it's okay. Can you fix that?

Will: Yeah. Easy as hell. I'll do it in a minute.

Miller: Yeah, that's easy.

Will: After that, I gotta do something though.

Miller: What's that? I'll back you up.

Will: No, just me and Ellis. We gotta head somewhere with the helicopter, maybe be back tomorrow.

Mason: You sure?

Will: Yeah. It's important, I can't ignore it. I'll explain when I get back.

Just then, Ellis walks outside.

Ellis: Hey, Uncle Willis.

Will: Hi. You ready to head out this afternoon?

Ellis: Where we goin'?

Will: Somewhere in the helicopter. I'll show you as we're going, we'll probably be back later tonight, but most likely late tomorrow evening. You packed yet?

Ellis: Naw, f'rgot my stuuf from Paw's place. He taught me how to shoot one a dem guns, though. Can I bring one of dem?

Will chuckles at her vocabulary.

Will: Yeah, I'll let you grab one. Get ready, we're leaving at noon.

Ellis runs back inside and Will grabs Hannah.

Will: I'm taking a little bit of food, it might be a couple of days.

Mason: I don't like this, Will. Where exactly are you going with the helicopter?

Will: I will tell you when we get back. 

Miller: You promise you'll make it back?

Will: Yeah, I do. I'll make it, don't worry.

Will walks to the helicopter and sets Hannah down into it, seeing the broken depth sounder. He starts to fix it while Ellis sits in the living room, watching TV. She flicks it off and walks into Will's bedroom, exploring the cabin. She walks into the bathroom and sees the cracked mirror. She sighs and leaves, then opens one of Will's drawers. She sees clothes and shuts it, opening another one. In the third drawer she opens, she sees a sawed-off shotgun lying down.

Ellis: Aw, here we go!

She reaches in and pulls it out, then runs into the living room. She runs to the couch, hearing footsteps, and stuffs it in between the couch cushions. When she turns around casually, she sees Miller walk in.

Miller: They're ready to take you, Ellis.

Ellis: Pfft. Take me where exactly?

Miller: You're gonna go back to your dad's house to pack up your things and say goodbye to him.

Ellis: Aw hell no. I ain't gon' die, why the hell i gotta say goodbye?

Miller: It's just in case. We don't know how this trip will turn out, so we want you to be happy with your dad.

Ellis: Well, alright. Time to go to Paw's house.

They walk out and see Mason and Will chatting with rifles slung onto their backs. When Ellis walks to them, they stop their conversation.

Mason: Ready?

Ellis: Yep. Let's go see Paw.

They start to walk and Miller waves to them. He is staying to hold down the cabin while they're gone. Before they get too far into the forest, Ellis stops them.

Ellis: Wait! Where's meh weapon?

Will: You don't need one.

Ellis: Naw, seriously, you'll be glad later. Just a knife or something?

Will sighs and hands her his pocketknife.

Will: There you go. Be careful.

Ellis rolls her eyes and they continue to walk. When they are almost to the cabin, Ellis stops them.

Ellis: Get back.

Will: Why?

Ellis: Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

They take a few steps back and let her work. She bends down and carefully studies the nearby grass. She gets low and feels around, slowly and carefully. Eventually she gasps in relief and smiles, then pulls a white string, laying down and covering her head. Suddenly arrow shafts are sticking out of the old oak tree, oozing out sap. One of the arrows pierces another string going up the trunk of the tree and an axe swings from the lower branch, barely missing Ellis' back. Will and Mason stand back, mouths agape, and look at her as she stands up.

Will: What?... The?... Hell?...

Ellis: Yeah... Paw and I set a whole buncha dem traps. How the hell did you people miss that last time you came? Damn, people, it's wonder you dumbasses made it so long.

Will frowns and they walk the rest of the way to the cabin. When they show up, Mason is knocked on the back of the head by the butt of a blunderbuss. Will flips around and aims his gun at the man, but sees it is just Graydon. Will sighs and Graydon laughs.

Will: Do you ever stop being a redneck?

Graydon: Heh... Hell's naw. What's life without fun? God, pussy.

Mason: Can I get up now?

Graydon: Yeah, go ahead.

Mason gets up and Graydon notices Ellis.

Graydon: Hey, Hon.

Ellis: Whassup Paw? Willis and I are goin' somewhere.

Graydon: Going somewhere?

Will looks down.

Will: I'll tell you while she's packing. It's gonna be a shocker to you, but it's gotta get done.

Graydon nods and Ellis walks into the house. Will watches Mason walk over to the nearest tree and examine it.

Mason: Hey, what’s this wire for?

Graydon: Don’t touch that! Sorry, but I don’t want you to get impaled.

Will shakes his head, smiling, and walks over to Mason.

Will: Whatcha lookin' at bro?

Mason: This wire is connected to a shotgun trigger up there. I'm wondering if I can dodge it just to piss off Graydon.

Ellis: Aw hell no!

They look up and each meet their face with one of Ellis' boots. She rides down on a silent zip line and knocks them to the ground.

Will: OW! DAMN IT!


Ellis: HA!

Ellis runs off to the cabin and gets inside. She turns into the cabin and runs into her room. She quickly rips out the drawer and gets about five guns.

Will: Agh... Damn it, that really hurt.

Mason: God, yeah. So... Think I can dodge it?

Will laughs.

Will: Heh... No, I don't think so. I'm gonna go check on Graydon.

Mason watches him walk over to the front porch where Graydon is playing 'Red Solo Cup' on his accordion. Will steps up to the porch and Graydon stops, looking up at him.

Graydon: Goin' somewhere?

Will: Yeah, think so. Got somethin' to take care of. It's VERY important. 

Graydon: Ellis goin'?

Will: Yeah, just-yeah. My mind is racing. It's-it's important.

Graydon: You okay?

Will: Yeah.

Mason: Alright, you guys better go. It's important.

Will: Yeah, later brother.

Will sticks out his hand. Graydon shakes it, then hugs him. 

Graydon: Whatever you have to do, get goin'.

Will nods and walks to the heicopter, waiting for Ellis. He looks up, seeing the fresh pine trees, the bright, glistening sun, the smell of the woods, the joyful chirping of the birds, and the grass and flowers, gently swaying in the wind. Will took a deep breath, then stepped inside his cabin. He looked around, at the oak furnishings, the homely appearance of the cabin, his cabin. Will wasnt sure he'd see it all again, but he knew,  this place was standing still in time. Ellis stood in the doorstep, motioning for Will to get in the helicopter. Will and Ellis nodded to Miller and Mason, and the two step into the helicopter.

In the helicopter.Edit

Will: I heard about you and Mason in a relationship.

Ellis: Well, you were gunna'  figure out eventually, You won't think any less of me or Mason will you?

Will: Of course not. Why would you think that?

Ellis: Oh, just cause' you're my uncle, and in all them fancy motion picture things, uncles and dads are really up-tight about their nieces datin' people 

Will: Well all that is nonsense, you can date who you want. This is America!

Ellis: You mean, WAS America, now it's a wasteland filled with dead.

Will: Fine, WAS America, now there's no rules on marriage and dating.

Ellis: Ok, It's just... I feel like somone is going to die soon.

Will: Ellis, we're safe up here, unless somone stored walkers in the back of the helicopter, we're safe.

Ellis: Whatever you say Uncle Willis. Whatever you say.

After a day and a half of flying to Boise, they know they are getting close, but they didn't know how close they were until will announced it to everyone.

Will: Alright everyone, welcome to Boise! Or I guess what's left of it.

As they start unloading their guns and ammo when will starts another conversation with Ellis.

Will: So, how's it been for the five months of the apacalypse so far?

Ellis: It's been fun killin' them dead thingies with Paw. Hey, I'll let you in on a secret... You have to destroy the brain to kill the dead things.

Will: Oh, really? You don't say?

Ellis: Yeah, really, and I do say.

Will shakes his head and grabs Hannah from the back of the helicopter and Ellis pulls out his sawed-off shotgun.

Will: Where did you get that?

Ellis shrugs.

Ellis: Found it...

Will was about to cuss her out but stopped. Who cares? Will gestured for her to follow and started walking down the highway. Ellis followed and they start to walk quickly.

Ellis: So where we goin'?

Will: First we're heading to a steel mill. I gotta grab something from there.

So they walk and after an hour they reach the steel mill. When Will sees it he gasps. It is all ruins, crisps. Ash is piled everywhere and parts of the mill are lying all across the open field.

Ellis: Oh, shit.. Did you know this happened?

Will smiled.

Will: Hell yes I did. I actually did this.

As Will talks he hears growling. He stops talking and looks at Ellis, who shrugs. He stares her cold in the eye and puts his finger to his lips, then slowly creeps to a black overturned humvee. He steps to the side and peers in, seeing a charred crispy body. Will looks closer, recognizing the face. He starts to shake as he pulls out Hannah. A tear rolls down his cheek. He sighs in emotion and buries his head in his hands.

Ellis: Umm... Are you alright, Willis?

Will: Yeah, I... God... Hand me the sawed-off.

Ellis steps forward and he reaches out his palm, waiting. She gently sets it in his hand nd he looks at her, tears running down his face and his eyes burning. He smiles at her and looks at the removed windowspace. He looks down, then pulls up the gun and aims it at the walker's forehead.

Will: You were great... And you guys saved my-... Saved the group's lives. Thank you. Without you... None of us would be here. I'm sorry you didn't make it out of that.

Will looks away and waits a few seconds. When he is ready, he pulls the trigger. The charred walker stops growling and moving and slumps back. Will looks down, keeping himself from sobbing, and starts walking through the field with Ellis.

Ellis: Uncle?

Will: Yeah?

Ellis: Umm... Who was that?

Will stopped and looked at her.

Will: That was a great friend of mine. He saved me and the group I was with. His name was Sergeant Harris.

Will began to walk once again and Ellis followed. As they walk through the open area, observing the knocked down trees, he turns over to see a legless walker, trying to claw at his ankle. His black, crispy, flesh hung down from his black body. Another tear rolled down his cheek as he squeezed his eyes shut, before firing the trigger. He turned to Ellis, who had tears down her cheeks. She turned away when she saw Will.

Ellis: Okay, explain this to me?

Will: So, a couple of my soldiers and friends, we geared up to assault this mill. They had one of our friends captured.  We assaulted, but lost some of my good friends.

Ellis: So-so we're here to put them down. Right?

Will nods.

Will: Right.

They continue to walk through the field. Eventually Will hears snarling and sees a black charred walker stumbling towards them. He is going slow, slower than any walker they've ever seen before. Will knows exactly who this is, and it saddens him more than any other. He steps towards it as it trips and Will reloads the sawed-off, then aims it at him. Will squeezes his eyes shut and starts to sob out loud, although not loud. Ellis takes a step back. Will breaks down and falls onto his back slowly, sobbing. After a few moments he stops and sits up, seeing the "walker" crawling towards him, digging his fingers into the charred mud and pulling himself forward. He reaches towards Will, growling and snarling. Will looks at him, tears flowing majorly.

Will: I'm so sorry, I-... I never should have allowed them to bring you in. You were a good man. You helped out... You saved a good many of us... And overall, you protected the group. You were a firend, and I never wish you would've come into the battle. I'm so sorry, man... If you could see where we are now, you'd be glad... I'm sorry.

Will pulls the trigger and the walker stops moving, blood spraying out the back of his head. Will looks at the body and starts to walk away, after saying:

Will: Goodbye, Jordan.

They walk away and Ellis looks at the charred Jordan, a tear running down her cheek, and follows Will.

They are walking through the forest and WIll isn't talking at all. Ellis knows it is hard for him and gives him space. They trudge through the mud until they step into a large clearing. Will looks around, then finally talks.

Will: This is it. This is where it happened.

Will walks over next to a tent where two biblical crosses, made of wood, are plated in the ground. Grass has thinly grown over the rectangles of dug up dirt and Will kneels done.

Will: Hey Ellis? Could you please walk over into that tent next to this one? There should be a shovel in the back left corner.

Ellis: Ah no! This isn't right. We-

Willis: DO IT!

Ellis walks into the tent. A few seconds later, she returned with a shovel. Will nodded, looked at the left grave and began to dig. A few minutes later, Will and Ellis were lifting a squirming body, wrapped in a blanket, out of the ground. Will slashed open the blanket, to reveal a red-haired walker.

Will: Sorry girl, you would've made it all the way, but- yeah. you know what happens. I'm sorry-

A lump formed in Will's throat, and he choked up.

Will: Emma.

Will looked away sadly, then fired the trigger. He lifted her down to the grave, and kicked the dirt over. Will looked over at the next grave, and began to dig.

Will: Hey, howya doing? I'm really sorry what happened to you, I really am. Hudson was one sick bastard, I'll give you that much, but- you didn't deserve it.  I felt bad for you, the group, and everyone good in this world who had to suffer as one of them. You were so lonely, but secretly, I liked y- What the hell am I saying? I like you still! But- Goodbye. I-I just can't. 

Will fired the gun, and softly set Maddie Stratten's body down into the grave. He dug the dirt over the grave. He turned to Ellis, who was too choked up to talk. Will let her be and they started to walk deeper into the woods, before Will remembered. They had to search. It wouldn't be easy, but he had to. It was the most important one out of all of them. But first, he had a highway to get to. He remembered how Jazmine "got nabbed by a walker on the highway. Okay, a couple of walkers." Will led Ellis through the forest, until he could see the highway. They stepped through and walked to the highway, where a trail of blood led down the highway and behind a car. Will slowly followed it, and when he got behind the car, he saw a torn apart body. It turned its head, revealing it was in fact Jazmine. Will looked down in regret and then back up to her, observing her. Her legs were gone and organs about six feet long were trailing out. Bites were all over her body and most of her upper right half was gone. She reached her remaining arm out, which was missing the hand, and tried to grab Will, but to no avail. Will aimed the sawed-off at her and waited, making his speech.

Will: I'm so sorry Jazmine, I never wanted you to die. You were so great to everyone and you lost your arm, but it saved your life. I'm sorry you didn't live to see where we got to today, Jazmine. I'm sorry.

He pulled the trigger, making her head snap back and stop moving. Will picked her up and walked to the dirt on the side of the highway, then started digging. Half an hour later he was packing down the dirt and walking away from her.

Ellis: Are we almost done, Uncle?

Will shook his head.

Will: Not yet, just two more.

So they walked through the forest until they reached a small old neighborhood. They walked through the rows of houses until they stepped up to a long cul-de-sac. They walked down about fifty yards and over a hill, seeing the blown apart house.

Will: This is it. We're almost home.

He sprints down the hill, followed by Ellis, and runs into the open backyard. He sees the five gravestones and digs the first one up. The person he digs up is an old lady, he ties her down, then he moves to the next one, a woman, then the next one, a man, then last, a woman, Will looks at the end to see another grave. He digs the person up, thought to be Bryson. He stares at the five undead, then looks down at his gun. 

Will: I'm sorry ya'll. 

He shoots them, one by one, having to reload between some. After he is done, he looks down.

Will: I'm sorry I didn't have the time to know ya'll better.

They walk away.

In the forest, Will heard munching.

Will: C'mon. Last stop.

They walk to the sound and see a little girl eating a deer.

Will: Oh, shit.

She looks up and starts slowly walking towards him. Will picks up the sawed-off, but doesn't aim it yet.

Will: I'm sorry. You were a good girl, Brooklynn, and you saved a good many of us. I'm sorry you didn't make it this far. I'm sorry I never got to get to know you very well. I'm sorry... Just... God, I'm so sorry...

Tears flow down and Will starts to sob.

Will: I could've been with you, could've protected you. That teenager... Ben... He wasn't right. I'm so sorry, I didn't expect him to show up. I should've been with you, maybe a soldier or two. We could've survived, Brooklynn. I'm so sorry.

Will pulled the trigger and Brooklynn fell to the ground, leaving Will and Ellis crying.


Willis Hall

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Ellis Hall

Graydon Hall

Sgt. Harris

Jordan Gropp

Emma Walton

Maddie Stratten

Bryson Davidson

Analee Elsenbeck

Maddie Smith

Elijah Monroe

Delayne Parra

Jazmine Guadycan

Brooklynn Taurus

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