The Golden State is the first episode of Season 5. It is written by Googlespark, and will premiere on February 1st, 2014.


Several soldiers were reported to be trapped in a building in southern California. A group waas chosen to go out and rescue them from Fort Cessna, including Asher and Will. Ashlynn was completely devastated, as well as many other characters. Riley and Jackson's relationship is seriously in danger as well. Just as the group arrived in California, the limper horde turned around, and most of them had the patch of the trapped soldiers in California, revealing all of the soldiers down south are dead and the expedition was for nothing.


Will and Asher are seen together shooting several limpers, then yelling for everyone to get to the plane. Mark Skix is seen getting devoured, screaming for someone to run. Echo slams a baseball bat into a limper going for Asher and pulls him out of the way. Asher yells "What the hell do we do?" Tyler Boone is up in a window, sniping limpers. Will yells "The warehouse!" Everyone is seen running into the warehouse, but the limpers are very close behind. The following images flash: A crowd of limpers reaching up, snarling, Leah leaning against a wall with a pistol, her eyes wide, Dakota Dessaray aiming a pistol at an oncoming limper, the vast horde of undead, and a large warehouse building with a small light source inside. Trailer ends with the final image slowly zooming out, and a woman's voice is heard saying "We're not getting out of here."


Before Will can react to what he saw, he finds himself slamming his knife into the skull of the closest US Marine. He takes a gasp, rips the knife out, and is about to yell for everyone to fall back, but it is too late; the battle has already begun. Together, seemingly as one, they plow through the group of limpers. Less than a minute later, Asher is by his side, and they are fighting through together.

Asher: What the hell do we do?

Will: You saw it too?

Asher: Yeah, I did! All the soldiers we came to save are dead!

Will: I know, I'll figure it out! Just keep fighting!

Everyone continues to hack away at the herd. Just then, Peter, Juwan, and Corey run to the main group.

Peter: We have to go! A herd maybe half the size of this one is coming from behind!

Will turns to look at the herd coming from behind, his eyes widen, and he groans in fear.

Will: Oh my dear God...

Will freezes in fear, his eyes wide at the oncoming mass of the undead.

Will: Get back to the plane! Doubletime it!

Will shifts his movement slighty towards the plane, but his eyes are no longer focused on the horde, instead darting around violently when he sees it.

Will: No! We have to keep pushing through to the warehouse! Reese and Katie are still there!

Mark: Screw that! This is a suicide mis-

A walker has been slowly creeping up to the group as they spoke, and grabs Mark by the shoulders, pulling him over towards him, opening his mouth to reveal rotten, bloodstained teeth about to sink into his flesh.

Will: Mark! behi-

The undead mass of flesh draw closer as the walker behind Mark sinks his teeth into the side of his neck, spraying blood and exposing his windpipe as he made a weak attempt to scream, instead making a small whistling noise out the new hole in his neck.

Peter: Mark's down! We have to get back to the plane!

Will: Shut up and help us kill our way to the warehouse!

Peter reluctantly whipped out his trusty M1911, then proceeding to put a round into the walker's head, creating a spray of red mist over Mark. After the body of the walker crumples to the ground, he puts another round into Mark, to end his intensive pain and suffering. '''''The group worked their way over to the warehouse, everyone covered in blood spatters from the walkers surrounding them, more appearing than they can kill. 

Asher: Keep moving, we need to get to the warehouse!

Asher slams the newly found Bayonet given to him by a soldier before they left under a walker's chin, protruding from his upper lip spraying his with a spatter of black liquid that was blood at one point. Miller drops two more quickly with his M9, Jasper next to him kicking a walker away from him and curbstomping it. A walker behind Asher pushes him over, Asher's reflexes were quick enough to twist and land on his back while pulling his Glock from it's holster, puttign it into the walker's mouth as it lands on him, pulling the trigger getting more black liquid in his eyes.

Asher: Get this thing off me Will!

With no hesitation, will slams his boot into the walker's ribcage, smiling as he feels the crack from the walker, sending the walker flying off Asher, lending a hand to Asher to help him up.

Will: I've got you, man.

Asher: Good, let's get to this warehouse.

Will reaches for his back, his smile vanishing as he realizes he left Hannah on the plane with his extra gear and ammo.

Will: I guess you're going to have to make due for now...

Will brings the stock of his M4 up to his shoulder, unloading and entire clip into walkers in front of him, taking down about 10, and ripping off body parts or sending organs flying into the air from others. Almost by instinct, Will pulls a clip from his bandolier and ejects the empty clip, putting it in upside down into his bandolier to remind him it's empty. Switching it to Semi-Auto, Will controls his fire into the next walkers.

After nearly five more minutes of complete bloodshed and violence mixed with gunfire and screams, they begin to boost eachother up onto the catwalk, because the stairs seem to be broken.

Tyler: Come on guys! Hurry up!

Almost everyone is up, except two people. Jayden Marco and Leah Ashford are the only ones left, Jayden begins to lift up Leah, and when she's up, her hand reaches down to help up Jayden, when about 7 walkers, 3 of which being the dead marines, come around the corner next to him and reach out for him.

Leah: Jayden! Hurry up!

Jayden is only about half way up to the catwalk when one of the dead marines bite into his ankle as others begin to pull him down.

Jayden: OH GOD! N-

Leah is also pulled down by the walkers pulling on Jayden, but as she begins to fall over, she lets go of Jayden and Tyler pulls on the back of her BDU's, and the two women land back on the catwalk as Jayden screams in terror and pain from the walkers surrounding him, now about 20 walkers as they piled up around him.

Leah: Oh god... This is all my fault!

Leah begins to cry as Tyler pulls her face towards her and looks her in the eyes. 

Tyler: Listen honey, there was nothing you could have done, now stop crying, we have to go.

Tyler stands up, pulling out her P250 9mm, and looks over the edge of the catwalk until she spots what is left of Jayden, sending a bullet right below his forehead. 

Tyler: Come on Leah, let's go.

Several minutes later, all of the group minus Will and Asher are gathered in one spot near the back of the warehouse.

Will: We lost two men, Mark Skix and Jayden Marco. Also, most of our ammo and gear is still in the plane. Why didn't we have everyone with Assault rifles? We still have about 20 assualt rifles on the plane... Just M16's and M4A1's... Except for the 2 SCAR-H EBR's.

Asher: This is really bad... There's still thousands and thousands of walkers out there.

Will: I swear... If we get back, and Riley hasn't already killed Jackson... He'll die slowly. That dumbass didn't even let us bring M240's or M60's... There should have been M203 under barrel grenade launchers on the plane... The "General" forgot to put them in with the gear, Miller found that out about halfway here.

Throughout the entire warehouse, there's still, blood soaked air. There is definately something very wrong about the warehouse. Everyone has the feeling they're being watched, but nobody wants to admit it. The group remains in the warehouse until night, when people begin to drift off to sleep. Everyone except Will and Asher are asleep.

Asher: I've got a bad feeling that none of us are going to get out of California alive.

Will: Don't talk like that, we can work this out when we get some sleep.

Asher and Will stare down at the thousands and thousands of walkers below them, completely silent minus the moans of the dead.

Will: Actually, go wake up James and get him to keep watch for a couple hours. After that he can just find a replacement when he can't keep his eyes open any more.

Asher: Alright, I'm going to get some sleep after that, you?

Will: I'll just sit here for a bit. There's something odd about this place.

Asher walks around until he finds PFC James, shaking him awake and yelling his name.

Asher: James!

James: Ugh... What is it?

Asher: You're on watch for a couple hours. Find a replacement after that.

James got up and moved over to a point where he could watch over the entire area, and sat down on a box. It was silent for the first hour or so, but still extremely creepy to be alone. He dozed off after 2 hours, which made it so he couldn't notice the man behind him, in mud encrusted BDU's doused in blood. Holding a rusty knife covered in frozen blood, with a nametag on his chest that read: Pvt. Tandy. James awoke to a low, liquid sounding chuckle from behind him. He spun in place with his regulation M1911A1 in his hands, to see nothing but darkness and boxes.

James: What the hell?

James didn't hesitate to leave the area and grab his replacement. Except he didn't make it back to the others before he felt the knife slide across his neck, seeing blood spray out in front of him. Tandy drug James away into the darkness, never to be see the light of day again.

The Following MorningEdit

Will: Tyler, have you seen James at all this morning?

Tyler: No, why?

Will: He was keeping watch last night, and apparently he never got his replacement and we can't find him anywhere.

Tyler: Well that's odd. I'll ask some of the others.

Will: Thanks Tyler, I'm going to keep looking around.

Will scouted the warehouse until he found the blood stains where James had been killed the previous night.

Will: Oh god...

Asher: Oh god what?

Asher surprised Will by coming around the side of a crate.

Will: Jesus, don't do that. James has been missing since last night and this blood is pretty fresh.

Asher: James? Missing? I saw him last night when I told him to go on watch.

Will: Well James is gone and there's fresh blood. We need to leave this place as soon as possible. If we can get to the plane, than we can either get out of here, or kill all the limpers.

Asher: IF we can get to the plane, we're not getting out of here on that thing.

Will: We just brought 40 people to their deaths didn't we?

Asher: Yes, we did.

For the next akward moments, the two men stare down into the hordes of limpers.

Will: What now?


Mark Skix

Jayden Marco

PFC James

Next and BeforeEdit

Previous Episode: Countdown, Next Episode: Fight Or Die

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