Will has a confession to make to Miller and Mason.


Will found a dead farmer on an abandoned farm who turned after dying of starvation and Will found several animals after putting him down. Asher left to find Ashlynn but found no one. Beth and Luan took Brealynn to the school and Jasper stayed behind with Aaron to wait for Asher and Ashlynn. Will brought all the barn animals back with him to the cabin.


Willis Hall

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Jasper Lionell

Aaron Madison

Graydon Hall

Ellis Hall


Will pulls up to the cabin in the humvee. Miller runs out and Will takes the rope off of the horses' necks and hands a rope to Miller.

Miller: Where the hell did you find these?

Will: An abandoned farm a few miles out. I had to spend the night there, thought I'd bring them back. There's something else you need to know.

Miller: What's that?

Will: I'll tell you and Mason later. It's important, it can't be ignored.

Miller: Ah. Well, anyways, how many animals is this?

Will: It's about-... Ah, shit, I forgot. Well, it's a lot. Four horses, that's all I know. I had to herd some here. Help me get them into the barn.

They take the animals and walk them to the barn. Soon Mason runs out and begins to help. They get all the horses into the barn stalls and herd the rest of the animals inside, closing the small wooden gate. They all sit on the porch and watch the animals roam freely. Mason holds a guitar and Miller has a banjo; they begin to play "Cumberland Gap." Will listens and laughs whenever they make a mistake.

Will: Hold on, I think I still got this girl- Oh, yeah! Here she is! Beautiful as ever!

Will reaches into his pack and withdraws a shotgun about two feet long.

Miller: Woah, careful there! You could really hurt someone with that!

Will: Hell yes I could. Her name is Hannah, best shotgun there is.

Mason: Well, that's enough for now.

He sets down his guitar and Miller sets down the banjo. He pulls up a piece of grass and inserts it into his mouth, looking like a farmer. Miller pulls up a rifle and aims it out into the forest, spotting a walker.

Will: No, stop. I don't think it's coming for us, just see where it goes.

They watch the walker and see it enter the forest, leaving the cabin area.

Will: Alright, we're good. Anyway, there's something really important I need to tell you. Something I learned at the farm.

Miller: Okay, whaddya got, bud?

Wills puts his face in his hands and exhaled slowly.

Will: It's in us...

Miller stopped whistling and looked at Will slowly. Mason's mouth opened in shock and the long piece of grass fell to the wooden porch.

Mason: What?

Will: At the farm, this guy... He was dead, supposedly of starvation. But fresh blood was written on the door to the bedroom. It said "Lord forgive me, for I was not granted the strength needed to survive." It said the death date was yesterday, and he died of starvation. But I woke up and he came back, almost got me. I checked him, he had no bites. So there's no way I'm wrong, it's in us. When we die, we become walkers, there's no way around it. Unless it's the head.

Miller: Oh... Shit...

Mason: Do me a favor. If I ever die, you put a gunshot in my brain. Promise?

Will: I promise.

Miller: Shit man, just... Damn, what do we do now?

Will: We carry on. Nothing's changed, we're just more aware now. Let's just do our thing, carry on.

Will went inside and Miller followed. Mason walked away and grabbed a machete. He strapped on his Kevlar armor and put on his helmet, and sat in the helicopter. He starts humming "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and leaned back against the seat, letting the breeze rustle against his face. He sits there for an hour. In that time, Will and Miller have gone outside the fence and are walking around the perimeter, looking for walkers. After an hour, they are walking through the forest, looking for anything they can use.

Will: Come on, I think there was another cabin out this way somewhere.

Will and Miller walk out through the forest until they come upon a cabin. They crouch outside in the woods and see a man leaning back in a rocking chair. He isn't moving, is completely clean, and has no damage to the head.

Will: No damage to the head. That means we gotta put him down. C'mon, let's search the place.

They slowly creep up as quiet as possible and Will pulls up his machete. He gets to the man in the rocking chair and silently swings his machte at him, but is knocked to the ground instantly. The man had quickly kicked him in the chest with alarming speed and knocked him flat on the ground. Will grunts as he hits the ground and in the next instant Miller and the man are aiming their rifles at each other.

Miller: Drop it.

Man: Howyadoin? Lookin' for trouble? 

Miller: We were going through the area looking for food. We don't want any trouble.

Man: Heh, Howya doin' brother?.

Will: Rednecky as usual huh?

Miller: Who's thiS?

Will pushes himself up and Miller lowers his rifle. The man sighs and slings his shotgun to his back.

Will: Well, what do you think?

Man: The name's Graydon Cletus Hall. I got my family inside, my daughter Ellis,and, that's it.  

Miller: That's it?

Graydon: Yeah, why?

Will: Edna left? What about Billy???

Graydon: The bitch left! Took Billy too!

Graydon leads them inside and they spend an hour talking about what's happened, food, stuff like that.

Will: Thanks bro. Grandpa's cabin is still standing, wanna come?

Graydon: No, I'm staying, but Ellis hasn't seen her uncle in a while, she should go with you for a while.

Will: You sure?

Graydon: Yeah, I'm sure. Ellis?

Ellis: Yeah Paw?

Graydon: Uncle Willis is here!

Will hears footsteps from the end of the hall. As the door flings open, a girl, barely over nine, with orange flowing hair, wearing overalls with plaid undershirts, wearing no shoes, steps inside.

Ellis: Hi Uncle!

Will: You ready to go with us?

Ellis: Yeah! When will I see paw again?

Will looks down.

Will: Several years.

Ellis: It's ok, I'll see you in five years!

Graydon: How do you know it's five?

Ellis: Magic.

Miller: Thank you.

They make their goodbyes and start walking back. When they see the cabin, they hear panting not too far away and leaves and twigs crunching. They quickly aim their guns up and see Asher running. He bursts from the trees and sees them, and they raise their guns.

Will: What the hell are you doing out here?

Ellis: Wha- What the hell you want?

Asher: I don't want trouble! Please, Will, I'm looking for Ashlynn. Where is she?

Will: Not here.

Will keeps Hannah aimed at Asher but Miller lowers his gun.

Miller: Will, he's not gonna shoot at us.

He doesn't lower Hannah.

Miller: Will!

He just stares coldly at Asher and never lowers Hannah. Asher sighs and looks at the ground.

Asher: I just want her back. Please, Will, tell me. Luan said she's come here looking for me. I was on a run and didn't make it back in time and came to an empty camp. I'm still pretty ripped up, all bloody and shit. I found them and Ashlynn wasn't there. Apparently she'd been looking for me.

Will still has Hannah aimed at Asher.

Will: Anybody died since you left?

Asher looks down in shame.

Asher: Jason's dead. He got shot by some cazy guy we found in the city. Please, man, we're not doing well at all. Jason's dead and Aaron's going crazy by the minute. We need you back. Please.

Will still glares.

Will: No. We aren't going anywhere.

Miller: Will, come on. Let's just go back. If Ashlynn comes by we'll tell her. Please, Will.

Will shakes his head.

Asher: Please. We need someone like you to lead us again.

Will lowers the gun finally and looks at the dirt.

Will: No, I-... I'm sorry, just... No...

Will turns back and walks away. Miller sighs and looks at Asher, nodding at him. Asher nods back and Miller salutes, walking away. Asher looks at the ground and turns back into the forest.

Hours later, Asher walks back towards the camp. He goes forward, sad, and keeps walking. He feels sorrow for both himself and Ashlynn. He failed, he will never see her again, and Brealynn lost her sister. Asher sniffs and looks up, hearing growling. He gets a sense of hope and dashes through the trees, seeing the walker going for a kill. He tackles it and stabs it in the head, then looks towards its prey. He gasps in unbelief when he sees Ashlynn, unconcious, curled up against a tree. He dashes to her and picks her up. She is still unconcious, dirty, and blood stained, but she is alive at least. He carries her and keeps going, towards the camp. After another hour, he gets to the camp, but only sees a young black man coughing up blood. Asher stops and sets Ashlynn down slowly and walks towards him, gun in hand.

Asher: Hello?

The black man coughs up more blood and looks up at Asher, revealing a very badly bruised face.

Asher: Who are you? Are you alright?

Man: The... gah.... hakkk!!!!..... Ugh, the.... Aaron.... Went back... To get.... The- HAKK!!!... The helicopter... Beat me....

Asher: What the hell? Aaron beat you and went back?

Man: Yeah... guhugh... Went back.... Are you.... Asher?...

Asher: Yes, I am, who are you?

Man: Jasper... That's Ashlynn?...

Asher: Yeah, it is. Where's the rest of my group?

Jasper: Ugh... High school... Come, come..... I'll.... HGUH... Take you... What about.... Aaron...?

Asher stops and picks up Ashlynn.

Asher: To hell with Aaron. Come on, take us there. He doesn't deserve to be with us anymore. Let's go.

Jasper slowly walks back towards the school with Asher, who is carrying Ashlynn.

Back in the helicopter, Mason still sits. After a few minutes, he hears the click of the gun behind him. He turns to see Aaron pointing his Glock at him.

Mason: Hello, Aaron.

Aaron: This is gonna be nice and simple. You're gonna get out of the helicopter right now and you're gonna watch me take it, then you'll live. Deal?

Mason laughs. He's extremely calm and level.

Mason: Nice try. It probably would've worked too. Know how to fly?

Aaron smiles and holds up a paper with helicopter instructions on it.

Aaron: When we were searching backpacks for them, I found them but didn't tell Asher. I knew he wouldn't follow through with it. No get out and let me drive.

Mason: Can't let you do that, son. Sorry.

Aaron: God damn it, that's it.

He aims the gun at Mason but the bullet bounces off his Kevlar armor. Mason is quick on the draw and shoots Aaron in the kneecap. Aaron screams and drops to the ground, clutching his knee. He aims the gun back up at Mason's face but Mason kicks his arm as he pulls he trigger, then swings the machete down, slicing off his left ear.

Aaron: AGHAHGHA!!!

Mason: Shame, that was my favorite ear.

Aaron: Screw you!

Aaron grabs the gun again and shoots at Mason's face, but Mason ducks and the bullet flies into the helicopter, hitting the depth sounder in the helicopter. Air hisses and Mason calmly says:

Mason: Oh Well, nothing that Will can't fix.

Mason shoots him in the foot, and Aaron screams, then grabs the machete and pulls it from his hand. He swings down but Mason raises his gun so Aaron hits the sights on Mason's M4.

Mason: I'm sorry Aaron, I'm afraid I can't let you do that.

Aaron: Go to hell!

Aaron pulls out a 9mm and shoots, but hits the Kevlar helmet Mason is wearing. Mason kicks him back and shoots Aaron in the gut, killing him instantly. Mason sighs in exhaustion and walks up to Aaron, aiming the 9mm he was carrying at Aaron's head.

Mason: Subject Terminated.



Aaron Madison

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