Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Her mom was an only parent. Her father died when Summer Field was 4 by a car crash. She had a really bad relationship with her mom and stepfather. She went to college to get away and was a fan of the Oregon Ducks. One night, when she was watching an Oregon Ducks game with her college friends, a walker showed up to the party and bit almost all of them. Summer grabbed her roommate's nearby baseball bat and left, wandering aimlessly. She has a

Summer Field at her 16th birthday.

very bad attitude. She only really talks to people she knows she can trust and is socially awkward.


When Summer left the house and made it to the nearby school after about three weeks, she wouldn't talk because she is socially awkward. Once she knew she could trust Brad Cott, she was open and also talked to Jasper Lionell after about a week. One day, after Jasper went on a run to the nearby Walmart, she went into Brad's room and saw a pebble hit the window, and opened it only to see Jasper with the new man, Joshua Bishop.


She will screw up all sorts of stuff eventually and may be the cause of where this story is going. -Xraymoon102 (talk) 23:42, March 7, 2013 (UTC)