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Asher Lucero

Willis Hall

Ashlynn Taurus

Luan Stephens

Brealynn Taurus

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Brad Cott

Summer Field

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Alexander DeLarge

Beth Wring

RJ Johnson


Asher sits on the roof of the school in a folding chair, with a rifle across his lap and a pair of binoculars in his hand. It was nearing full winter now, as 6 Months had gone by since they had made it to the school. The clouds were pitch-black, as the it began to snow. There was already three inches on the ground, so the group wasn't looking forward to the new snowfall. Behind Asher, a hatch opens up as RJ climbs on the roof.

RJ: Yo, my shift, bro! Feelin' okay?

Asher: Yeah, fine. Why do you ask?

RJ: It's below freezing right now. 

Asher: No it's not.

RJ: It is! Look at your cup of water!

Asher's cup of water he brought up with him had frozen completely, with the straw still in it.

Asher: Whoa. I thought it was like, fifty!

RJ: Yeah, I wish!

Asher: I never got to ask, what's your story? It's been about eight months now since the beginning, so... where'd you start?

RJ: I started around Salmon, In Idaho. When the outbreak started, I heard we were supposed to head to Missoula. I got in my car and drove to the city, but when I got there, the whole city was ablaze, with those things running around, so I just drove right back to Salmon. Of course when I got there, the same thing happened. So, I gathered my gear, along with my girlfriend, and we headed for Boise. I still hadn't directly seen one of those thing up close yet, so the whole thing confused me. When I got to Arco, I ran out of gas, so I searched around, but Arco was different. The whole town was deserted, not a single person. Not a dog, a bird, or anything. My girlfriend went searching for gas. When she came back, she had a wound on her arm. A bite! I didn't know about the bites then, so I simply wrapped it up and kept going. We eventually found some gas, but we were around Parma by then. She looked awful. I tried to get help in Parma, but the same thing happened to every town along the way. No one there! I thought I saw someone on the other side of the building, so I followed around. When I got there, it turned out to be one of those-those things! It started to walk towards me, so I threw my knife at it! It hit him in the chest, so it didn't stop him! I ran back to my car, only to fnd my girlfriend as one of those things! I was so terrified, I ran from the town! When I got to La Grande, I reached a little group of people who I spent the months with. They kicked me out eventually, and a few weeks after, you guys found me.

Asher: Oh my god. That's an amazing story. 

RJ: Yeah, lucky to be alive.

Asher: Agreed. Well, see you around.

Asher climbed down the hatch into the school. As he walked down the hallways, a thought popped in his head. What did RJ do with his group for all those months? Was he a bandit? Could he trust RJ?

Will steps onto the porch of the cabin, with rifle in hand. His boots hit the snow with a hard crunch as he walks toward the gasoline well. He sticks two gas cans under it and turns the knob. Within two minutes, the gas cans were filled. He grabbed them and walked down to the side of the cabin, where he opens a shed and places the cans with the others on the shelf. He walks back to the cabin. On the table, Miller, Mason, and Ellis are placing all of the guns on the table.

Miller: Lets see here, 1 Mauser, 2 Colt Navy Revolvers, 4 BARs, 6 Winchester Repeaters, 1 Trap Door Rifle, a German anti-tank rifle, explosive shots, 12 M1911s, 4 Barettas, 1 Sawed-Off, Hannah, 1 Carcano sniper, 17 Cattleman revolvers, 4 Volcanic Pistols, 1 Precussion loader rifle, 7 Henry Repeaters, 9 M1A1 Tommy Guns, 5 .38 Revolvers, 1 Colt Python, 4 PPSH41s, 5 MP-44s, 3 BAR Safaris, 4 M1897 Trench Guns, and- Ho shit. 1 Blunderbuss-

Ellis: Mine!

Ellis quickly reaches down to the table and snatches the blunderbuss from Miller. 

Will: Hmm.......We have enough for everybody to get three guns, with a crapload left over, so, about five each!

Mason: I get the Anti-tank rifle, and the Mauser! And... the... hmmm.... THE TOMMY GUN! Then, the Volcanic pistol, and a trench gun!

Ellis: Colt Navy, BAR, M1911, and the Cattleman revolver.

Miller: Precussion loader, Henry Repeater, Carcano, Python, and a BAR Safari.

Will: Alright, I'll go with, Hannah, A Baretta, A Cattleman, A Tommy Gun, and a Henry Repeater.

The soldiers stand there, strapping holsters to themselves, adding about 20 Pounds to each of them. Ellis steps up onto the porch with the others, to reveal a walker straggling towards her.

Ellis: Hey guys! Wanna have some fun?

The three men step out onto the porch. When they see the walker, they pull out thier guns, not aiming for the head. Ellis waves her arm as the men unload thier weapons on the poor walker. Mason sprays the Mauser all over the walker's body, as Miller fans the Python as fast as he could. The bullet holes in the walker's body spray blood throughout the air, leaving a red mist around the walker.  Will holds the Tommy Gun in one hand, and a Baretta in the other. He unloads the weapons all at once, in one spot. The walker lost both of his legs, his arms and most of his torso, all that remained was a mangled ribcage, one upper arm, and his head. Ellis gently pushed the blunderbuss into the walker's mouth, then fired. As nails and rocks flew out of the barrel and into the walkers's brain, it's head ripped apart, leaving nothing left of it. Ellis wiped the blood from her cheek.

Ellis: This is gonna be fun.

Asher continued to walk down the hallway, with his mind still racing about RJ. What if he couldn't be trusted? As Asher turned the corner, he ran straight into Brad.

Brad: Oww!

Asher: Sorry, I was out of it.

Brad: Heh. Aren't we all?

Asher continued to walk down the hallway. He turned into a classroom to see Summer writing on a chalkboard.

Asher: Whatcha-

Summer: AHH! Oh, it's you, Asher.

Asher: Yeah. It's me. What are you doing?

Summer: Math. 

Asher: What?

Summer: You heard me. Got a problem with that?

Asher: No, but-... Out of all things, math?

Summer: If you got a problem with it, get out.

Asher: Fine, fine.

Asher backs out of the classroom, and continues down the hallway. He reaches his room and steps inside. Asher kicks off his shoes and flings them across the room, then flops onto his bed and closed his eyes. He remembered all of the places they'd been to. The House, the Hangar, the Cabin, and now this place. Was the school destined to be their home? Was this the place? Asher turned his head to look out the window, seeing the pink Oregon sunset cast through the window. He looked to see his Baretta 92FS on his nightstand. His noble steed in this apocalypse. He sat up from his bed and picked up the weapon. On the bottom of the Barrel it said "Bar-tt- Fi--arms", as it had been scratched before. He smiled faintly, when on grip, written faintly in crayon, it said, "Brooklynn."

Ellis and Mason both sat on the couch together, with Ellis cradled in Mason's arms, watching TV. Miller got up and put in a VHS tape of the 1960s classic "Cat Ballou." It was paused on the moment where the man shot Cat Ballou's noose where it hung on the pillar, cutting the rope. 


Mason: I'm serious! It works!

Ellis: What, you wanna try it?

Mason: Five bucks says it works!

Ellis stuck out her hand and spit on it.

Ellis: Looks like I'mma get some five bucks!

Mason shook Ellis' hand. Mason grabbed a pistol off the table as they walked outside towards the oil well.

Miller: Hey, where did you go a while back anyways Will?

Will: We're all infected. No matter what happens- You turn. I went back to put down all my friends, including-... Including Harris.

Miller drops his beer. It shatters on the ground into millions of pieces.


Will: Yeah.

In the pitch black night, at the school, everyone is fast asleep. The school was as dark as the sky was, because all the candles were out. In Brad's room, he's sound asleep. All seems perfect in his room, except for the silhouette in the doorway, stepping towards him, holding a knife.

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