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Will, Mason, and Ellis were captured by a group in the forest. During their escape, the only survivor with them was Dean Chang. They met Miller and got the herd of animals, then left the camp. Luan was the final victim. They stared at Luan and Asher went to get Alexander. When he walked in, he saw Alexander was wiping blood off a knife, revealing him as the killer.


Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Beth Wring

Joshua Bishop

Summer Field

Brealynn Taurus

Jasper Lionell

Alexander DeLarge

Willis Hall

Ellis Hall

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Miller


Asher stared him cold in the eye.

Asher: After all this time: It was you!

Alexander: You were a fool to not see it in the first place. It was obvious. If you had listened to your group, Luan would still be alive! 

Asher: I couldn't have known for sure! Even after you shot yourself in the foot, I was thinking it definitely wasn't you! You killed my friend, so now I'm gonna kill you.

Alexander: I know I'm gonna die today. I'm just not going down without a fight. I just have to take as many as your group down with me as I can.

Asher: You son of a bitch...

Asher stared him cold in the eye, then reached for his gun at his belt. To his horror he remembered: He left it on his mantelpiece. Suddenly a gunshot back where the group was went off, but no screams. Asher was now distracted. Alexander smiled and grabbed his gun with alarming speed. He started to fire at Asher, but he dove out of the way into the hall.

Asher: Shit!

Alexander: God damn it!

Asher got up and ran straight back to Luan's room where the group was. When he got there he shouted to the group:

Asher: It's Alexander! He killed them, we have to get guns!

Beth: I'm gonna kill that asshole!

Summer: What do we do?

Jasper: Joshua and I are the only ones with guns, and he's got a pistol!

Asher: Shit, we gotta get to the armory!

Just then the lights went out. Pitch black fell. They could not see a thing in the dark.

Asher: He shut off the generators, stay calm! Stick together!

The group stumbled over each other and toppled all over the place in the dark, no one really knowing what was going on. That's when a gunshot was heard, followed by the hard thud of a body hitting the floor and Alexander's laugh, then everyone screaming and Brealynn crying.

Asher: NOOOO!!!

Asher ran through the dark, looking for the body. He finally found a wet person lying down- well, felt them. He ran his hands down the arms until finally he got to the hands. There he found a gun.

Asher: Oh no, Joshua! He's hit! Everyone, keep calm!

Asher took the gun and realized the room wasn't as tight. People had run off in different directions. The group was shattered throughout the school. Asher panicked and ran through the remainder of the group.


He tried to find them until he finally heard Ashlynn.

Ashlynn: Over here!

He ran towards the sound until he ran into her. He grabbed her hand tight and started to lead her through the hallways. It was Ashlynn, Brealynn, and Asher. They wound around the maze of hallways and finally got to Asher's room. They didn't know it was his until they went inside. There it was still pitch black, although the room was VERY dimly lit from the window by the moonlight. Asher went to his mantelpiece and grabbed his gun. He handed Ashlynn Joshua's gun and put his finger to his lips. Then he opened one of his droors and pulled out a flashlight. He looked at Ashlynn and smiled. Brealynn started to moan and Ashlynn looked down at her.

Ashlynn: It's all going to be okay, Brealynn.

Brealynn: No, it's not... Where's Lady?

Ashlynn: She's somewhere in the school, with somebody else. I'm sure she's fine. But we have to stay quiet, okay?

Brealynn: Okay...

Asher: We need to go. Follow my lead. If I go down, you run. Don't hesitate, don't stop to mourn, just get her to safety. Got it?

Ashlynn: Yeah...

Ashlynn nodded in sadness and reluctance. Asher smiled at her and grabbed her hand.

Asher: Let's go.

He lets go of her hand and clicks the flashlight on. He holds the gun and the light, one in each hand, with the left hand holding the flashlight and the right hand holding the gun, with the forearms crossed. They step out into the hall and walk slowly.

On the other side of the school, Beth and Jasper grip each other's shoulders and wind through the tight hallways, weaponless. They are trying to head for the armory, but have no idea if they can get there in time.


Beth: We need to get to the armory.

Jasper: I have absolutely no clue where we are right now. I know we headed towards the west wing when Alexander showed up; we slipped right past him. So we're the opposite way from the roof. That means we're close to the stage. If we get in there we can turn on the generators and then get into the lobby. There we could rendezvous with the rest of the group. If anyone made it out, that's probably where they'll go.

Beth: Most people probably did make it out because I only heard one shot, and that was after I got away, then I waited and ran into you. So we're headed to the stage? Turning on the power?

Jasper: Yeah, let's go.

They walk down the halls with their hands on the wall. After awhile, they find a door.

Beth: This is it. The generators are in there. Ready?

Jasper nodded. They opened the door and stepped into the darkness. Once they felt the curtain, they started to walk along it until they finally reached the door on the far side. There they started walking to the right and finally reached another door. It was the generator room door. Jasper opened it and walked to the first generator, which would power the auditorium and the lobby. He found the large switch and pulled it up. The room lit up and they were almost blinded with light.

Jasper: Agh- Damn!

When their eyes finally adjusted to the light he walked to the second generator. As soon as he put his hand on it, a gunshot was heard and a bullet slammed into his hand.

Jasper: AHH!!

Beth: Jasper!

She pulls him to the side and they wait. It was only one shot, and it hit him directly in the hand. They wait for awhile until finally they hear the door to the hallway to the lobby shut. Then he starts to pant and breathe heavily.

Jasper: God damn... How many times am I gonan get shot? Ugh... Christ!

Beth: It's alright. Let's get outta here before Alexander gets to us again. I think it'd be safest to leave the rest of the lights off. When people get blinded, Alexander's gonna hit them. Agreed?

Jasper nodded. They ran out the door and ran through the audience seats. Then they got to the door Alexander went out.

Beth: Let's go.

They opened the door.

Summer bursts into the random room. She had run away from the group as soon as the lights went out. She ran all throughout the school and finally stumbled into the door. She quickly turned the handle and ran inside, then closed it quietly. She looked around the room. When she saw it was Joshua's, she sighed. Then she started to walk around it, looking for a weapon. She remembered Joshua had his pistol, so she knew that was gone. The room was dimly lit by the moonlight from the window, but still almost impossible to see. She went to his nightstand and grabbed his knife. Then she walks over to the other side of his bed and looks for a gun. When she reaches under the bed, her fingers grasp the cold metal barrel of Joshua's M16. She pulls it out and sees there is a flashlight duct taped to the side of the gun. She clicks it on and takes a deep breath, then steps out the door. She then starts to walk through the hallways, following her light, not really looking for anything except for Alexander. She is thirsty for revenge.

Asher, Ashlynn, and Brealynn creep through the hallways. Asher notices movement and signals for them to stop. He steps forward and looks closely. Then he sees it again. Someone is bliking their flashlight against the wall.

Asher: Hello?!

There is no response. Asher turns to Ashlynn and mouths, "I'm going around to see who it is." She nods and he turns off the flashlight. He creeps slowly around the corner and aims his gun out, then clicks the flashlight on.

Asher: GET BACK!

As soon as the light turns on, he sees Alexander aiming a pistol at his face from down the hall. Asher ducks down, dodging the bullet, and runs back around the corner. He looks at Ashlynn and motions his hand to the nearest door.

Asher: Get in there!

They run into the room and slam the door shut. Asher aims his pistol around the corner and flicks the light on. Alexander also fires at him and a gunfight ensues. After awhile of shooting, Alexander runs off. Asher aims his gun, waiting for him to come back, but he never does.

Asher: Son of a bitch...

He opens the door to Ashlynn and Brealynn's room.

Asher: We're okay. Come on.

Ashlynn: You killed him? It's over?

Asher: No, he ran off. It's not over yet. But we need to end this. Right now. We just follow the path he took, and eventually we'll catch up to him. Do you want to stay or come along?

Ashlynn: We're coming. I just don't know what's best for Brealynn.

Asher: In her case, it would be best to stay.

Ashlynn: I don't know... There's no promise of you making it back.

Asher: All we can do is hope.

Ashlynn: I don't think there is any hope...

Asher takes her hand and stares her in the eyes.

Asher: There is always hope.

Summer ran around, weilding the M16. After running around for awhile, she realized she wouldn't get anywhere by running around randomly. So she looked at her surroundings. She was really close to where Alexander first showed up, by Luan's room. So she walked over to the scene and studied. All she saw was bllod. So she used the flashlight and looked around, seeing no bodies except for Luan. She looked down in sadness as a tear went down her cheek. Then she remembered: Someone got shot, but there were no bodies. So she looks at the small pool of blood and sees it trailing every ten feet or so. She starts to follow, trying to find survivors.

Beth and Jasper walk into the lobby.

Beth: Nobody's here.

Jasper: They'll come. Stay ready and watch that entrance.

Beth: Got it.

Beth watches the door from where they came and Jasper watches the door to the dormitory rooms. After awhile Beth looks at Jasper.

Beth: What's your story?

Jasper: Huh?

Beth: We never knew how you got here. How'd it happen?

Jasper: Oh... So, I was really young and my dad died in a car accident. I played piano, I'm a great shot, and I was just... Really social in high school. When this shit all started I lived just outside Portland. I took my mom out when we realized the world was going to shit and we tried to fight through about fifty of them, but... She.... She-... She didn't make it... I kept on going without here, and... I got here...

Beth: I'm so sorry.

Jasper: Don't be. Everything happens for a reason.

Beth: Not everything was meant to happen, though.

Jasper: I know, just... Don't be sorry. She wouldn't want sorrow.

Asher, Ashlynn, and Brealynn reach the door to the lobby. Asher looks at her and they both nod, and she clutches Brealynn tighter. When they open the door, they are blinded by light, and they hear voices.

Asher + Ashlynn + Brealynn: Agh! God... Ugh... Oww...

Beth: Oh, thank God!

Jasper: You made it!

Asher: Ugh... Damn it... What the hell? Why'd you do that, man? Jesus Christ...

Jasper: Heh, sorry. We got to the generators.

Beth: Did you see anyone else? Who else made it out?

Ashlynn: We didn't see anyone else. Alexander was our only company.

Jasper: Yeah, he shot me in my God damned hand.

Asher: Really? Where?

Beth: Generator room. We turned on Generator 1. Then Alexander showed up, and he did that to Jasper.

Ashlynn: Also... Joshua was the one that got hit back there. Alexander shot him. As far as we can tell... He didn't make it.

Beth: We'll mourn later. For now, we take this son of a bitch down!

Asher: Amen to that.

Suddenly the door opens. Asher and Ashlynn aim their guns at the door but only see Summer drop to her knees, covering her eyes.

Summer: Oh, son of a bitch!

Asher: It's just Summer! She made it!

Ashlynn: Whew, she scared me.

Ashlynn and Asher help her up. She looks down at her feet and then looks at Jasper's bloody hand.

Summer: Were you the one hit back there? By Luan's room?

Jasper: No, I got shot in the generator rooms.

Summer: Well then who the hell-?

Asher: Joshua. He got killed by Alexander back there.

Summer: What? There's no body back there...

Ashlynn + Beth: What?

Summer: I went back there and there were no bodies. I followed a blood trail and got here. I expected to see whoever got shot in here, but Joshua isn't here. What the hell is going on?

Brealynn: Where's Lady?

The group looks at Brealynn in shock. They remember: Lady hasn't been seen since the lights went out.

Asher: Wherever this son of a bitch is, he's got Lady and Joshua with him. We need to stick together and find him.

Beth: Outside would be our best bet. There we could see movement from the outside.

Jasper: Let's go.

They all step up to the doors and open them but then are met with gunfire.

Asher: BACK!!!

They all yell and scream and run back into the school. Asher aims out and starts firing at Alexander. Summer and Ashlynn do the same. When they are all on their last ten bullets, they stop.

Asher: Alexander! Stop this and no one gets hurt!

Alexander: Hell no! I'll stop when I'm dead! I do this shit for a living!

Asher: You don't have to die! We can work this out!

Alexander: Here's what we're gonna work out: Put down your weapons and come out here or I put a bullet in this little girl's head! You have ten seconds to decide! Ten!

Jasper: Shit! What do we do?

Alexander: Nine!

Asher: I don't know!

Alexander: Eight!

Beth: We can't let her die!

Alexander: Seven!

Summer: Guys, let's go.

Alexander: Six!

Summer: I've got a knife, I'll hide it.

Alexander: Five!

Asher: No, he'll find it.

Alexander: Four!

Asher: Oh, shit!!

Alexander: Three!

Ashlynn: Asher, he's gonna kill her!

Alexander: Two!

Jasper: Asher, let's go!

Alexander: One!... You asked for this.

Asher's eyes widen and he comes to his senses.

Asher: NOOO!!! We're coming out! Nice and easy! Let's talk about this!

They all follow Asher outside slowly. There they see Alexander leaning against the gate and Joshua and Lady tied up next to him. Asher and Ashlynn set down the pistol and Summer sets down the M16, then pulls the knife out and sets it down.

Alexander: Good. Now come forward.

They all walk forward and stand in front of him. He points his rifle at them and stares at them.

Brealynn: Please don't hurt us...

Alexander: Aww, you don't want me to hurt you? Well boo-f-cking-hoo, you little bitch.

Brealynn starts to cry and Asher and Ashlynn fume with rage.

Asher: You say that one more time, I'll kill you.

Ashlynn: You son of a bitch.

Alexander: Let's cool it with the threats, dickwads. Now it's just a matter of who I kill first.

Asher: You're not gonna kill anyone first, Alexander. You're gonna set the gun down and hit the God damn road.

Alexander: I don't think so. Right now the primary candidate for first-serve is you.

Asher: How could you do this? After all this time, I trusted you! You were in the inner circle! What went through your head to trick us, to- to- TO MANIPULATE US LIKE THAT!

Alexander: It's simple: a God damn brain.

Asher: We're all gonna kill you. Each and every one of us- We'll all get our share. In three... Two... One.

Alexander looks confused and on one he raises his pistol and aims it at Asher's head. Before he can pull the trigger, suddenly nails and rocks and other miscellaneous crap flies out of mid-air and blows Alexander's hand off, destroying the gun and all.

Alexander: AGHGH!!! SON OF A BITCH!!!!

Asher smiles and the group looks in shock towards the gate. There stands Ellis, though they didn't know her name. She sighs and sets down her blunderbuss, pulling out a bag of nails.

Ellis: God dammit, Hold on, gimme a second, and this movie-esque killing should be fixed.

She starts to drop the entire bag of nails into the blunderbuss.

Ashlynn: Who's that?

Ellis: Okay, there we go! 

She aims at the screaming Alexander and pulls the trigger. Just before he dives towards Jasper, nails and rocks and particles of the leather bag fly out, completely decimating Alexander's torso and ripping him apart. The group stares in shock at the bloody mess and then looks at Ellis, who has the blunderbuss slung on her shoulder and is grinning.

Ellis: So... Ya'll got any food?



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