Here it begins. Things are getting crazy, guys!


Will and his group made their return, saving the group from Alexander and burying Luan. They let the animals in to graze and watched them, although it is getting much colder.


Willis Hall

Beth Wring

Summer Field

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Ellis Hall

Asher Lucero

Dean Chang

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Miller

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Kameron Carter

Unnamed Father

Sasha Carter

Margaret Carter


Will, up on the roof, stared nervously at the pitch-black clouds hanging in the sky. A cold wind blew in Will's face. He turned around to see Asher standing beside him. 

Asher: So what happened out there?

Will: Lots of bad things. I- I kind of lost it after Ramona died. You know how it goes.

Asher: I don't blame you man. Shit happens. 

Will: What happened with you guys?

Asher: Well, you know Luan died. And, well, nothing really. A few guys from the school died. 

Will: I'm sorry to hear that. How'd you guys get here?

Asher: Hell, I don't remember. It's a long and tiring story. Hey- Wait a minute! Where's Kattner!?

Will: We never found him after Lauren went on her little- rampage. I'm sure he's dead though.

Asher looks down in regret. Will turns away sadly. He feels a drop on his cheek. Will looks up to the sky to see the clouds snowing softly. 

Asher: Oh hell. 

Will: Great. The last thing we need is a god-damned snowstorm.

Asher: Who knows, it could be soft, or it could dump and we get smothered in six feet of snow.

Will: Well, we should get inside.

Asher: Yeah.

Will opens the hatch and Asher jumps in first, then Will jumps down. 

Brealynn: Hey Ellis, what's your favorite color?

Ellis: Uhhh, Blue, I guess.

Brealynn: Hey Ellis, what's your favorite pancake?

Ellis: Blue! I told you before.


Ellis: What?!?

Brealynn: Do you wanna have a tea party!?

Ellis: I only drink tea when I'm two!

Brealynn: I'm 5!

Ellis: I KNOW!

Brealynn: Yes I am!

Ellis: Brealynn, you're getting on my goddamn nerves!

Brealynn: HEHEHE! You said a bad word!

Ellis: Ok, knock it off!

Brealynn: Hehehehehe! You're TWO!

Ellis: I'm 15! DO I LOOK TWO!?

Brealynn: I know you are but what am I!?

Ellis: I'm going to punch you in the face if you don't shut your trap!

Brealynn: What's a trap?

Ellis: Let me put it this way.... SHUT.....UP!

Brealynn: What way?


Brealynn: But my face isn't full....

Ellis slams her fist down on the table, knocking the tea set over. Brealynn gasps, then starts to get mad.

Brealynn: That's my tea set you son of a-

Ashlynn walks in with an angry look on her face.


Brealynn: Ellis is a meanie!

Ellis rolls her eyes, then Asher and Will walk in.

Asher: Snowstorm.

Will: We need to get everyone safe and get food before it gets too thick out there. Where is everyone?

Ashlynn: Lady's in the bathroom. Beth and Summer are in the math building and Jasper and Joshua are getting food for everyone. I think Dean, Miller, and Mason are in the gym again, just like they always are.

Will: I'll head to the math room, it's further. Asher, you head to the kitchen building and grab them. Ellis, you head over to the gym. Asher, you need to do something for us: Get as much food as you can, and meet back here. C'mon.

Asher makes sure his Baretta is still strapped to his waist and they start walking to the lobby, where they take their weapons and head outside. When the door is opened, they are met with dazzling wind. Will tightens his jacket and steps outside. Asher and Ellis follow and they start to walk against the wind to their destinations. Snow pelts them in their faces. The freezing snow turns into ice in mid-air and pokes little holes in their faces, making little dots of blood. They struggle through the storm as the wind's pace quickens and they drop to the ground and start to crawl. Ellis is the first to get there because the gym is closest. She opens the door and the wind tears its way through the basketball court, where Mason is doing push-ups and Miller is lifting weights while Dean is shooting hoops. The wind and ice strike them and they yell in pain. Ellis slams the door shut and pulls off her hood, then pulls down the warm bandana that was covering her face.

Ellis: God-damned snowstorm out there. We need to all head back to the main building. It's freezing like hell, with ice and shit cutting you open. It got me all around the eyes 'cause I didn't get on my goggles. I hope y'all got jackets.

Miller: Yeah. We did.

Dean: Wait a sec', a snowstorm? As in... Like, a blizzard or an ice storm?

Ellis: Both. It's hell out there.

Mason: Shit...  Well, let's get it over with. We don't have a hell of a lot of time before that door gets snowed over.

Dean: Let's go.

They all get their jackets and everything on and step outside. When they meet the wind, they cover their faces. Dean and Ellis are the only ones without goggles. Everything seems white, so there is no hope of using landmarks, they have to go by their sense of direction to find the building. Through the thick fog and falling white snow she can barely see the other buildings. It looks like she and the other guys were lucky: The math building's door is blocked halfway up by snow and the kitchen building is almost fully snowed in.

Ellis: C'mon!

Over in the math building, Beth, Summer, and Will are sitting in the chairs. Summer is staring out the window.

Will: God damn it, we're gonna die here! Is there a way onto the roof?

Beth: No, we're stuck here. We were working on some math problems to help Brealynn and Lady learn, but then you came in here and told us about the snowstorm. We had some food, but not much. If we ration it, then it looks like each of us could have maybe four meals. So, four days I guess.

Summer: It's a God damn blizzard out there, I can't see the guys at the gym anymore. Wait, no! I can, just barely. It looks like they're crawling towards the main building. Did anyone go to get Jasper and Joshua?

Will: Asher did. I saw him go inside before me. What do you see about the kitchen building?

Summer: It's almost buried. Seriously, our door has more hope of opening than theirs.

Beth: Son of a bitch, what are we gonna do?

Will: We're gonna tunnel outta here. Only way.

Summer: No, no... No, IT CAN'T BE! I see people out there! They're coming towards the gate!

Will: Calm down, it's probably just walkers.

Summer: No, it isn't because they look like they're holding onto each other, and they're carrying some stuff wrapped in blankets. And one's got a backpack!

Will gets up from the chair and runs over to the window, peering out.

Will: Holy shit, you're right! There's two, and they're like... Hugging each other and walking towards the gate! What's that stuff they're carrying? It's all wrapped up and they're huddling around it. Is that... Holy shit, that is not what I think it is.

Summer: Oh, f-ck, it's a God-damn baby!

She shoves Will out of the way and grabs her winter coat, then zips it up and pulls on her hat and gloves, then grabs the spare goggles and straps them on, also tightening her boots.

Will: What the hell are you doing?

Summer: I'm letting them in. I can't let a baby die.

Will: There's nothing you can do! Sure, you guys have a set of keys in here, but how is that gonna help you get out that door?

Summer: I'm going out the window.

Will: You're never gonna make it there and back, you have to stay!

Summer: I don't care, the baby has to live a long life, I've had a good run. Now get out of my way.

Beth: Summer, he's right. Even if you get them in the gates, there's no way you can get them back here in time.

Summer: There is always hope, Beth, no matter how much strength it takes to muster it up. There is always hope, you just have to find it.

She walks to the window and opens it, then squeezes herself out. She starts to fight the wind and ice, but Will grabs her shoulder.

Will: Summer, you have to realize: You might not come back from this. Now, are you sure you want to do this?

Summer looks at Will and puts her hands on his cheeks.

Summer: This is something to die for.

She plants a kiss on his left cheek and turns around, walking through the relentless wind. Ice pieres her face, and WIll and Beth look on sadly. They shut the window to keep the math building warm, and stare out it, waiting for Summer to lead them back. There is always hope.

Beth: She might not come back.

Will: Like she said: There is always hope. All we can do is wait.

Over in the kitchen building, Joshua nad Jasper each carry a heavy pot of stew while Asher presses all his body weight against the door.

Asher: God damn it we are not snowed in!

Jasper: At least we have food.

Joshua: Food isn't gonna do us any good if we freeze to death in here. And yes we are snowed in. Look at the top window! It's halfway up with snow. We're not getting outta here anytime soon. Not unless the snow melts.

Asher: I refuse to sit here and let everyone else die.

Jasper: They'll be okay for awhile, they've got the cafeteria. That's almost an unlimited supply of water and about a month's worth of food. Three months if they ration it.

Joshua: Umm, guys?

Asher: What is it?

Joshua: Someone's out there. Someone is walking to the gate and there are two people holding onto each other walking to the outside of the gate. The two aren't ours. Someone's letting them in.

Asher: Can you tell who it is?

Joshua: Either Will or Summer, I can't tell. They're about the same height.

Jasper: They're letting them in?

Joshua: Yeah. It looks liek hell out there. Well, the opposite, really. But just as bad. It doesn't look like they're gonna make it back to the math building.

Asher: Shit...

Summer fights through the jarring cold wind and ice and snow. She gasps when a piece of ice slams into her eyelid and splits it open. A drop of blood rolls down her cheek. When she finally gets to the gate, she tries to find the right key. The wind blows harder then ever and the gate creaks and groans.

Summer: Shit shit shit shit SHIT!

She fumbles with the ring and drops it in the snow. When she picks it up, the wind pushes its hardest burst and the gate screeches. It swings open and the hard metal pole slams into Summer's right temple, knocking her unconscious onto the ground.

The couple holds the babies tight. They are in a cradle stuffed with blankets. There is a boy and a girl, twins.

Woman: The gate is open! We have to get them inside!

Man: Just go, I... I can't! 

Woman: No, honey, I'm getting you inside! We can't give up on our babies!

Man: Kameron... you have to, sweetie!

Woman: I'm never letting you go!

Man: It's the... Only... Way...

The woman, Kameron, gasps as he topples over onto the ground. She makes sure he doesn't bring the babies down with him and tries to pull him up, but it does not work. Suddenly a hand grasps her arm. She looks and sees a man with snowgear on.

Kameron: Who are you?

Man: I'm Will! Come on, we need to get you inside!

Kameron: But my husband-!

Will: Just go! I'll carry him!

Kameron holds the cradle tight and starts to walk towards the school. Will follows, carrying the man. When they get to the gate, Kameron sees Summer but keeps going. Will sees her and looks sadly, then bends down and shuts her eyes. He looks forward and keeps going.

Will: Get to that small building right there! The closest one! Go in through the window!

Kameron gets to the window and realizes she can't open it because she has the cradle. Suddenly a woman appears and slides it open.

Woman: Give it to me!

She gently hands her the cradle. She takes it and backs up to keep them from the cold. Kameron pulls herself in the window and gets up to help Will get her husband in. Will puts her through and she takes him, then pulls him in. Will then dives in and slams the window shut. He locks it and rips off his hat and bandana, then starts pulling off his jacket and snowpants.

Beth: Shit! I have no idea how to deal with any of this, we need Ashlynn! After Luan, she's the most medical trained! Will, do you know?

Will: No damn clue!

Kameron: I-I was a nurse, I think I can help! We have to keep him warm and try to get his blood flowing!

Beth and Kameron franticlly grab snow jackets off the ground and throw them on him, but Will just feels his pulse. They throw blankets on and Beth starts to perform chest-CPR, but Will grabs her arm.

Will: Stop, it's no use.

Kameron, frightened, looks at Will with a very depressed look on her face. Will awkwardly nods and looks at the ground, then manages to look at Kameron.

Will: He's gone.

Joshua stares out the window.

Jasper: What's going on? What just happened?

Joshua: They... Whoever went out there to get those two people is dead. It looks like the wind was too strong... It bent the latch and the gate swung open, slammed right into the person's head. They fell down and didn't get back up. Another person came from the math building and looked at them, then helped the people and got them back to the math room, but... They didn't take the person back. And one of the two people fell down out there. Our second guy had to carry them back. But they made it back okay...

Jasper: Someone died?

Joshua: I... Yeah... They did...

They all sit in silence and stare at their feet.

Ellis and Ashlynn stare out the window at Summer's dead body.

Ellis: Someone just died...

Beth unwraps the blankets when she hears a baby's cry. She picks it up and cradles it, then starts to rock it. She looks at the cradle at the other baby. It looks asleep, but its skin is purple in some places.

Beth: Oh, shit, Kameron!

Will: What is it?

Kameron: Oh, no no!

Will: Ah, F-CK!

Kameron picks up the ice-cold baby and holds it close to her chest, rocking it.

Kameron: No!

Will: Son of a BITCH!

The baby is dead. It froze to death out in the cold because the blanket wasn't covering her fully.

Beth: I'm sorry...

She rocks the alive baby and looks on sadly at Kameron holding the baby and crying. On the back of the passed away baby's overalls, it says "Margaret." Beth turns over the alive baby and reads the back: Sasha. She holds Sasha close and sobs as a tear rolls down her cheek. Will sits in a chair,  his hands on his cheeks. A tear slips off his face and hits the wooden floor. He looks out the window at the science building, where all the animals have been. The pregnant dog should be having the baby anyday now, so he is glad it is back at the main building. He looks at the baby and buries his face in his hands. Kameron sobs. But then WIll remembers something.

Will: NO!

Kameron: What... What is it?

Will: Wrap the baby up in a blanket, quick! This is going to be hard, but we have to penetrate the brain.

Beth's eyes widen and she sets Sasha down in the cradle, then picks up Summer's baseball bat and a 3-inch long nail. Kameron remembers and nods, sobbing harder than ever. She wraps up Margaret in a blanket and opens it up at the face, then kisses her on the forehead.

Kameron: Just do it...

She closes her eyes and walks away, sobbing, and picks up Sasha. She goes to the corner and sobs, cradling Sasha. Will looks at Beth and nods. He sadly turns away and pulls the blanket over the baby's face. Beth walks up to her and plants the tip of the nail on the spot where her forehead was. She squeezes her eyes tight and raises the bat, then swings down on the nail, driving it into the baby's brain.

Will: God...



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