Here we are. The last episode before we hit mid-season finale!


Lauren went crazy and tried to kill Ramona and Luan because she thought she loved Will so much. They tied her up and decided on exile for her. They all thought there were better choices they could have made, but they accepted the fact that it changed all of them and none of them were human after that. They knew it had to be done. Jason Madison woke up and Aaron told him how they were at the cabin. When they were repairing fences, Will noticed Brealynn talking to herself. He went to see what it was, and it turns out she was talking to "Bryson and Nathan". Will realizes how insane the new world is making Brealynn, until he himself looks up and sees Bryson. The vision tells Will to help the group that is still alive and not go crazy. Will is stunned at how it's happened to him to, how Will is becoming insane. Will's mind makes Bryson laugh and say that it's Will's choice which way he takes it, and leans back and says, "So what's up?"


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Kattner

Aaron Madison

Jason Madison

Beth Wring

Ramona Merril

Bryson Davidson

Lauren Faunre


Will: I...

Bryson: Oh, come on. You can't answer a simple question? What's up?

Will: I... What the... Nothin', I guess. How're you?

Bryson: Just great. The place I'm staying at... Wow. Didn't know you'd lose so many. Analee, Eli, Delayne, Jair, Nathan, both the Maddies, Emma, Brooklynn, Jordan-

Will: Okay, just stop.

Bryson: Sorry man, I'm just sayin', you sure you're really cut out for leadership?

Will: I-... I don't know...

Bryson: You made it here, got your girlie-friend! Yeah, man, I don't think you're so great at this job. You got a girl to live for now, give the job to Asher.

Will: He's with Ashlynn.

Brealynn: What's Ashlynn doing?

Bryson: Shit. Little girl, man. Talk to you later.

Will: But-...

Bryson vanished out of thin air.

Will: I... Ugh...

Brealynn: Willie!

Will: Uhhh.... What's going on?

Brealynn: You said something about Ashlynn. Were you talking to Nathan or Bryson? Because I was talking to Bryson and he said Beth is really really nice. What did he say to you?

Will: I... Come on, let's get back to the cabin. Get your bear, let's go.

Brealynn: Okay. Bye Bryson! Bye Nathan!

Will and Brealynn walked back towards the fence. Will had a look in his eye; nobody could know about this. He knew what he'd really become, but the way he thought of it, this was him. He worried for the little girl and her future, but the only thing he could do about it now was try and keep the group safe until the effects wore off.

Will: Ugh.... Shit....

Brealynn: Why did they die?

Will: Ugh....Shit, Just- Don't-

Brealynn: When was the cabin built?

Will: 1974.

Brealynn: Who built it?

Will: My grandpa-

Brealynn: What happen-

Will: Please, I don-

Brealynn: Willie, you-

Will: Brealynn? No.

Brealynn: Ok...

Bryson appears out of the air.

Bryson: One more thing-

Will: What?

Nathan appears from the air to.

Nathan: I'm here to.

Brealynn: Natha-

Will covers her mouth with his hand.

Will: They-Cannot-Know.

Brealynn: Nmgh-Nmgh.

Will: Ok then. So, why aren't you guys in, heaven, or hell?

Nathan: Ever heard of Limbo?

Bryson: We wanted to stay back, and watch of you guys.

Brealynn: Ok.

Will: We'll we gotta get back, see you.

Will and Brealynn step inside the cabin. Will first, then Brealynn.

AsRahlynn: Oh, hey guys.

Will: ....What? Oh-

Asher: You ok?

Will: Yeah...yeah- fine.

Miller: You don't look "Fine".

Mason: Yeah man, what's up?

Will: Well, see you guys. I- I- gotta go get on the HAM radio. See what the government's up.

Will slowly walks down the hallway and steps into the HAM room. He sits down near the desk and puts on the headset slowly. Will was scarred for life. He wasn't like Miller, who could retain his sanity, no matter what. Mason just shrugged it off. Grimes wasn't vulnerable at all. Many of his soldiers stayed completely sane, encluding Riley and Lucas. He missed them, his soldiers, and his army. He wanted to go back, but he couldn't. The group woudn't. 

Will: I can't take this anymo-

Ramona: Can't take what? Me? 


Ramona: Will, I heard everything you said. All of that. was out loud. 

Will: Ugh....

Ramona: Wait, have you even noticed that you've been wearing your flight suit-gas mask, helmet and everything FOR MONTHS?!??

Will: Wha-

Ramona: Will, GET IT TOGETHER!


Kattner: Somewhere....over....the rainbow......

Kattner closed his eyes. He was remebering his past, his family, his combat, his old life. He remebered his eleven Afghanistahn tours, his first man dead. The death of his parents and everything bad that happened. A tear rolled down from his cheek. He couldn't beleive it. The world was infected, gone, dead. 

Kattner: I'm not afraid...I'm not take a st-

Kattner was interrupted when a piece of glass was driven though his chest. He looked down as a shot of blood gargled out of his chest. As he fell, it revealed a crazy Lauren behind him. She took his rifle and began to chew on his arm. 

Lauren: Soon Will, will be mine! HAHAHAHA-

The next morningEdit

As the sun reached over the mountains, a shaft of light in the woods revealed Ramona working hard on the fences, with her tractor, as the rest of the group was working at other places. No one had seen Kattner that morning.

Ramona: Oh, shit.

She stands up and aims her rifle at Lauren, who's charging at her with a rock. Ramona fires, and hits Lauren in the shoulder. She keeps charging, and smacks Ramona on the head with the rock. Ramona falls down, trying to stay concious. As she looks up. Lauren drives the tractor over her. She screams. Lauren kicks her in the ribs as Ramona is slowly getting crushed. Ramona pulls the Magnum from her belt and blows off Lauren's ear, in an effort to hit her head. Ramona fires again as Lauren approaches her slowly. She fires a round, dead in the chest, but Lauren was wearing Kattner's Kevlar armor. As she ran out of ammo, she throws the gun at Lauren, but it simply bounces off. 

Ramona: If I live- I will rip out your fu-

Lauren slams the barbed wire fence onto Ramona's body. Then Lauren rolls Ramona down a short hill, tangling Ramona in the bloody mess of skin, blood and wire.

Lauren: Bitch.

Down the field, Ashlynn, Luan, and Brealynn notice the fence falling.

Luan: What the-

Ashlynn: Walkers?

Back at the cabin, Will and his soldiers notice the screams and begin to run towards Ramona. Will drops his gun when he sees the bloody scene.

Will: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pvt. Kattner

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