Will: Alright, now for the hard part. We gotta decide what to do with Lauren.

Ashlynn: Death.

Luan: Exile.

Will: Imprisonment.

Beth: Exile.


Asher: Exile.

Miller: Exile.

Aaron: Exile.

Mason: Uh, Uh, Death. I honestly don't care.

Kattner: No opinion.

Will: It's been voted. 

Lauren gasps, then falls over and faints. 

Will: We'll give you few supplies and then send you on your way. You don't deserved to be with us, you bitch.

On the floor, Lauren was asleep. But, like a coma, she was concious of Will's words.

In the humvee...Edit

Several Minutes Later, Lauren woke up. She was tied up, gagged, and laying on the cold floor of the humvee. Kattner and Miller have thier rifles aimed right at her. She tried to scream, but she couldnt. Lauren was trying to listen to what they were saying, but she was drifting in and out of conciousness.

Miller: Think...Get....Her?

Kattner: Nah, Shes......


Mason: Here....

Mason hands Will a M1911 magazine. Will loads it, then puts the pistol back in its holster.

Will: Man...She's!

Miller turns around and smacks her with the stock of her gun. She falls into unconciousness again, this time unaware of what Will was saying.

Will: There's a herd out here somewhere, I just don't know where exactly. We'll just pull over and dump her ass off.

Mason: No, it's probably not very unsafe.

Kattner: He's right. I'll bet someone's there anyways. Have you guys heard some gunshots recently?

Will: I think I have sometimes, but not often.

Kattner: Sometimes I swear someone's out there fighting, but I can never tell. 

Miller: When we were flying over, I actually saw someone on a giant woodstack, shooting at the undead. 

Will: You did? Why didn't you tell me?

Back at the Cabin...Edit

The group is sitting around the table in the kictchen.. A Beatles record is playing on the record player in the living room. 

Aaron: Damn, she's messed up.

Luan: Tell me about it.

Ashlynn: I wonder where they're going to drop her off?

Jason: Man, I don't know.

Ramona: I'm just happy that phsyco bitch is dead.

Beth: Have a heart people. 

Everybody: What?

Beth: Cleary she's mentally confused. She thinks she loves Will, but because of the violent world we've all been exposed to, it's distorted that fact. So when Ramona came along, Lauren lost her shit and tried to go on a hellbent rampage to kill everyone standing in the way between her and Will. She did that because she was so f-cked up at this point, she figured all of the guts and gore wouldn't bother Will, and that all of his friends were dead, he'd go to Lauren. But since Will has a brain and a heart, Will simply got rid of Lauren without killing her. I think it's right to do that.

Asher: No way, I didn't look at it that way. She probably has a mental disease. I mean, come on, really? We were all fine, except for her. It has to be a mental disease! IT HAS TO!

Beth: There's no way it is! My husband's brain was shit, but not before! I mean, he was abusive, but that's different!

Asher: Bullshit it is!

Aaron: Whoa, calm down you guys, why are we arguing on how insane people are? Isn't that a little, insane?

Ramona: Guys, no more, let's just say she's an evil bitch.

A Long Ways away...Edit

John: No! 

John raises his M1911 up at the insane man, and fires 6 times into his body. The man's body falls backwards, then slides off the platform, hitting its head on the ground, splitting it open on the pavement. John, the Medic, and a few other soldiers run over towards Sgt. Hawthorne.

Sgt. Hawthorne: Finish...the...mission.

John: You won't be, unless we treat you! 

Sgt. Hawthorne: I guess...fine...

The medic and Katie help up Sgt. Hawthorne, then help him towards the humvee. John pulls the list from his pocket and checks off cement bags. Next on the list was plywood. 

John: Alright! Let's get some plywood and get the hell out of here! 

John and the rest of the soldiers run down the hardware depot to the other end of the store, where stacks of wood remained. The soldiers all grabbed sheets and ran back to the truck, then came back to grab more. They did this several times until all the plywood was gone, all under five minutes. Soon after, Lt. Powell's group returned with a large drill, and bundles of metal poles and stakes, along with large amounts of caging, for framing the wall. Lt. Powell and his group piled the stuff into the back, strapped it down, then jumped on the humvee. The driver slammed his foot onto the pedal, and the humvee took off from the parking lot. Inside the humvee, The driver grunted, then shifted the humvee into a lower gear, speeding the humvee up to 80 MPH. The Humvee commander pulled binoculars from his belt, looked down the road to see a group of people on the road, holding guns, and waiting for the humvee. 

HMV Commander: Katie! Get on that gun!

Katie: Yes, Sarge!

Katie climbed up to the turret on the humvee, aimed down the road and waited for the Commander's word. When they were within fifty yards of the people, the driver slammed the brakes and drifted right up to the people. Katie aimed the cannon at the group. Lt. Powell jumped down from the trailer and walked twenty feet down to the group. 

Man: You can't pass! We'll kill you if you do!

Lt. Powell: Now hold on-

The man and his group looked ragged and beaten. Thier clothes clung to thier body like rags. They're hair was torn and greasy, and thier weapons were rusted and dirty. Only the man talking wore shoes. 


HMV Commander: Katie!

The man fires a round from his hunting rifle right into Lt. Powell's chest, killing him instantly. Katie squeezes the trigger, and the cannon fires two rounds in an instant, ripping open the man. The driver gets out with his M1911, and shoots one of the bandits. John jumps from the truck, and fires his last M1911 rounds into another bandit. Katie squeezes th'''''e trigger again, and shoots another bandit, also ripping him in half. The final bandit stops shooting at the humvee, drops her gun, and runs off into the distance. The driver aims carefully, then fires at her. The bullet rushed right through her head, dropping her body with a thud, onto the hot desert soil.