Sgt. Bocker


Sgt. Bocker was a lawyer for 5 years before he joined the Marines. He is 36 years old, and had a wife but got divorced 3 years before the apacalypse. Bocker was getting some R&R before he was redeployed to the Middle East when it all broke out. He was in some faceless military base in Western Oregon.


When he was in the military base in Western Oregon, he stayed for about 10 months, before a massive herd of nearly 2,000 walkers attacked, because of all the bullets and explosions from fighting off bandits and other walkers. He and a few other marines flew over to Northern Idaho in a medical helicopter with their remaining fuel, hoping to escape into Canada, but ran out of fuel near the border from Oregon to Idaho. He and his team tried to get to Boise and gather some more fuel, but came across Fort Cessna and ended up staying there.

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