Season 5 was confirmed by Xraymoon102 in 2013. It was announced on October 23, 2013 that Googlespark would be upgraded to a main writer, writing the same amount as Will3947 and Xraymoon102. It will consist of 16 episodes, the midseason finale being episode 8. As of now, it may be the final season, for Season 6 has not been confirmed and the audition number is low.

Changes in Season 5Edit

  • Episodes no longer have the episode number next to them; i.e. "Episode 1: Rise from the Dead", "Rise from the Dead"
  • Writers have contracts; Googlespark has agreed to writing and promises he will make it work. It is guranteed that there will be no vacation breaks, and the episodes will continue smoothly. 
  • Some cast members upgraded.


The Death Among Us crew has promised that Season 5 will be "The best yet." According to Xraymoon102, "Season 4 was great, but it just wasn't really making headlines. If I had to rate seasons, I'd say Season 1 was the introduction to the story, Season 2 was the hardships the group had to overcome to harden themselves, Season 3 was all the action, Season 4 was all getting to Fort Cessna and settling there to try and rebuild humanity, and Season 5 is actually starting to try and rebuild." The team has said that "Season 5 will absolutely blow your minds." Apparently there's "something that happens in one of the early episodes that totally puts a dent in your heart." We will be "upset for days. Weeks, if you're like me." from Xraymoon102. Will3947 says "It is the most tragic event in the story thus far, and the cast of characters will never be the same." They have said a trailer will be released after the finale of Season 4, "Countdown". There "won't be as many new characters as there were in Season 4, as it will focus more on getting to know those characters." More will be announced soon, stay tuned to the Season 5 news!

On October 24, 2013, the crew revealed a lot of coverage from Season 5 due to the 1-year anniversary. Xraymoon102 says "It all happens really fast, it seems like. In the first half there are two particular events that are just devastating. If you ask me, they're the two biggest events in the story so far. And I don't just say that, I mean biggest." From Will3947: "It's a massive kick in the teeth. A slap in the face to readers." As of now we haven't been able to get ahold of Googlespark, but as soon as we do get a word from him on these events it will be posted. Stay tuned!

We have gotten word from Googlespark! About the two events, he says "Season 5 is going to blow your mind, and detatch you from your favorite characters" Sounds intense. So far, from what we've heard about Season 5, there are two major deaths or events in the first 8 episodes that just completely blow us out of the water. Also, based on what Googlespark has said, it seems some of the most loved characters will change and become not-so-loved. What does this mean? Xraymoon102 has just informed us that the first thought of a title for episode 1 will be revealed after Blackout. Stay tuned for more news on Season 5!

Everyone, Googlespark finished Blackout and has said this: "As promised, here you go. The first episode of Season 5 will be titled The Golden State And it will be written by me." There we have it, Season 5 is looking great! More news on Season 5 after In God We Trust and HUGE news revealed after Countdown, so stay tuned!

Xraymoon102 has just let out another tidbit! There is "a new character in the first half. He's badass, he's hilarious, and he'll stay for awhile." After some pressing, he told us that "He'll be a part of the main cast for sure." Unfortunately, he would not say anymore. But what Googlespark said was "We'll tell you where he comes from after Countdown." Will3947 was not at this small event, but Xraymoon102 has promised the main event will start after he releases Countdown, where they will have lots of coverage from Season 5 and hopefully we'll learn more about this mysterious character. Stay tuned!

Xraymoon102 has let out another hint about Season 5, as well as why Screaming Eagles is so delayed! His words, "Everyone, I apologize for Screaming Eagles being delayed, lately we've been gearing up for the big event after Countdown premieres. Our very special interviewer, the owner of the account DeathAmongUsNews will be at this event with Will3947, Googlespark, and myself. They will be interviewing us and recording all the information released, and then post it onto here. As an apology for the delay, here is something we're planning on doing in Season 5: As you probably know, we regret killing off so many of the starter characters so soon, because we really didn't expect this story to come this far. We thought Season 1 would be it, but you guys kept us going. Now here we are in Season 5, with only 5 people left out of the beginning 19. We're gonna try and rebuild what we started out with in Season 1. I can't say much more, and I know it sounds confusing, but we have a really great idea on how to do it. Season 5 is gonna set up a whole new beginning for the survivors, and build on the Season 4 characters' identities. You'll see. I can't tell you how we're redoing everything without rewinding the story, but I can promise that you won't be disappointed. Oh, and about the event after the Season 4 finale: The reason it's a big deal that we're gearing up and the reason it's delayed the episode so much is because we have lots of huge things to reveal." Well, looks like the event is going to be huge! And rebuilding? WHAT? But how? We'll see in Season 5, stay tuned!

More news revealed! Countdown has been released, merely moments ago, and this is what Xraymoon102 has just said: "The live event will be in half an hour, when Googlespark and Will3947 arrive." Not news for Season 5, but now we know! The event will be recorded and posted later today, so stay tuned!

After the live event aired, the cast for Season 5 was revealed! See below for details!

Live Event with Xraymoon102, Will3947, and GooglesparkEdit

The event began at 4:00 MTN Time. NOTE: The interviewer's words are in normal font, Xraymoon102's words are in bold italics, Will3947's words are in bold, and Googlespark's words are in italics.

Here we are at the Season 5 live event with the three writers of Death Among Us, Xraymoon102, Will3947, and Googlespark! Let's get started! First off: Of course, the obvious- what can we expect from Season 5?

Well, you can expect to cry during the first half.

Totally. I cried for a long time.

Any words on what this tragic incident is in the first half?

There's actually more than one tragic event, and I'll tell you this: One of them happens in episode 8, our midseason finale for Season 5. The title for that episode is 'No More'.

I honestly think one of these events changes the story drastically. You'll be saying goodbye to many's humanity, and you'll be wishing some characters farewell.

Speaking of characters, what can we expect to happen with Riley and Jackson in Season 5? Based on Countdown, it looks like their relationship isn't looking so great.

There will always be an ongoing conflict for leadership between Riley and Jackson, and eventually Will is going to join that conflict. It'll be an ongoing conflict until, eventually, one will get fed up with it and kill the other.

BUT that might not happen in Season 5.

Wait wait wait- Season 5 won't be the last season, will it?

Right now, we aren't sure. It most likely won't be the final season, but we are low on auditions and we aren't getting as many as we'd like. And you can't have a zombie survival story without casualties, and you can't have casualties without new characters. So, right now, we don't know.

Back to characters- we have a new character in Season 5 that we promised to talk about here!

That's right! His name is PFC Tayson, and he will appear VERY early on! And yes, he will be a part of the main cast.

Really? How many main cast members are there this season?

We have 12 main cast members appearing this season, but I promise that there will be a drastic change between that and the number of main cast members alive by the end of the season.

Any words on exactly how many main cast members are alive by the end of Season 5?

Haha, sorry, we can't say.

Dang! Can we expect a trailer anytime soon?

Of course, at the end of this event we will show it to you, then we'll post it on the site.

Yeah!!! Next up: Any memorable events happening this season?

Oohh, buddy, there's nothing BUT memorable events happening this season. There's a huge one in the midseason finale, but an even bigger one even earlier than that! 'We're also gonna rebuild!

Oh, yes, I remember that! Xraymoon102, you told me awhile back that you'd be rebuilding the entire beginning of the story without even rewinding, how is that? 

Well, like we have said on numerous occasions, we regret killing off nearly all the beginning characters so quickly. All we have left are Will, Asher, Ashlynn, and Brealynn, so there's not much we can do for shock value. We're gonna find out how to remake the beginning, without even going back. We will have a whole new set of beginner characters by the end of the season.

That's all we can say about that, otherwise we'd be giving it away.

Alright, I won't ask, haha. Next, episode titles. Any way you could reveal them?

I don't know, can we, guys?

I say we can reveal the first half. Will3947?

Sure, first half.

Alright, here you go! The first episode will be written by me, and it will be called 'The Golden State'.

I'm writing episode 2, which will be called "Fight or Die"

I've got episode 3, which is called "Run"

Epsiodes 4 and 5 are mine, and they are called "We Can't Win" and then "At Long Last"

6 and 7 are mine, titled "Mourning" and "End it All"

And finally, the midseason finale will be written by me, and it will be called "No More"

Great! Now, before the event ends, one more thing- in comparison to other seasons, are there a lot of deaths this season? Or not so many?

In my opinion, the number of deaths isn't what counts, it's who dies. And compared to other seasons, this season has the worst deaths. Ever. So it isn't a lot, but it isn't few either.

Like Will3947 said, not a lot of deaths, but not very few either.

Seriously? This season has a crapload of deaths! And yes, the people that do die really affects the story.

Well, that's all, thanks for being here today!

My pleasure.

No problem.


Well, that concludes this season's live event, any words on when the first episode will be released?

Soon is all I can say. Thanks to all who are reading this event, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving break! Check below for full cast and trailer!


1. The Golden State- Googlespark

2. Fight Or Die- Will3947

3. Run- Googlespark

4. We Can't Win- Xraymoon102

Contiue to the end, also known as Endgame


See Cast for details.


Will and Asher stare out of the warehouse window, eyeing the horde of limpers all over the place. Will whispers, "Do they ever stop?" Asher replies, "They stop when we kill them." Will is seen stabbing a limper, sweating heavily, and panting. Jasper fires a small machine gun down at the limpers. Echo and Asher stand, back to back, wielding baseball bats. Katie jumps into the aircraft used to get to California. Tyler Boone is seen running, yelling "NO!!!!!" Katie jumps off the catwalk inside the warehouse, screaming. Will yells, "Up there!" A figure is seen atop the large building, firing down at everyone. Riley sits in his office, staring out the window, waiting for the group to get back. Very intense music plays as Asher is seen screaming, Ashlynn screams "NOOOOOO!!!!", and Will aims his gun down at someone's head, a grim look on his face, and pulls the trigger, saying "I'm sorry."



What do you do when you lose someone you truly love?


What Happens Next?


  • Mark Skix
  • Jayden Marco
  • PFC James
  • Unnamed Soldier


To be announced

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