The fourth Season of Death Among Us is based on four locations, one of which may not be revealed. It has 16 episodes with the midseason finale being the eighth. It will be written by Xraymoon102, Will3947, and the returning writer, Googlespark

Changes in Season 4Edit

  • Ratings section removed.
  • Less typos.
  • More thought put into each episode.
  • More planning than Seasons 2 and 3.
  • New method of writing episodes.
  • Episodes come out more often.
  • Improved season page.
  • Some cast members upgraded.
  • Release dates on episode pages.


1. There is Always Hope- Will3947

2. Rise- Will3947 & Xraymoon102

3. Waiting for Nothing- Will3947

4. 13 Months- Will3947 & Xraymoon102

5. Like Old Times- Will3947

6. A Change in Life- Will3947

7. Almost There- Will3947 & Xraymoon102

8. Fort Cessna- Xraymoon102 & Will3947

9. Champagne- Xraymoon102

10. Old Friends- Will3947

11. One Last Fight- Xraymoon102

12. Fiesta- Googlespark

13. Blackout- Xraymoon102 & Googlespark

14. Screaming Eagles- Will3947

15. In God We Trust- Will3947

16. Countdown- Xraymoon102


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Will stares at the radio in shock. Brealynn skips down the halls of the school. Up in the helicopter, Miller pushes Dean off, saying "We don't have time for this shit!" Ashlynn is suspended in the air, dangling. A train plows through a large horde of walkers. Graydon yells "HOLD ON!" The group rushes through the forest. Will screams through the radio at Riley. John asks, "When do you think Riley's gonna wake up?" After Asher is seen killing a walker with a hammer, he yells for the group to run and then Erika and Ashlynn are seen killing walkers with Brealynn and Lady behind them, screaming. Intense music plays as Mason yells for everyone to hold on, Ellis yells loudly, Kameron falls through the air, and the helicopter spins out of control and the tail slams into a church steeple. 





Googlespark's firingEdit

On July 15, 2013 Googlespark was fired for not writing his episodes, causing a hiatus from episode 2 to episode 3. He was replaced by a new writer, Will3947 and Xraymoon's closest friend, Demon0612.

On October 20th, 2013 he was re-hired and given another chance. He will be writing the one-year anniversary episode. "I'm back!" Demons0612 resigned his position, and everything will be the same as before. "I'm out."