Finally, Season 2 started! There will be a little notes section here, I'm in bold, and Will3947 is in italics! I'm very excited to watch our story grow! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!


Boise House SurvivorsEdit

Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Luan Stephens

Lauren Faunre

Brealynn Taurus

Helicopter CrewEdit

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Grimes

Cabin SurvivorsEdit

Ramona Merril

Beth Wring

Brock White

School SurvivorsEdit

Alexander DeLarge

Jasper Lionell

Summer Field

Brad Cott

Miscellaneous SurvivorsEdit

Joshua Bishop

Aaron Madison

Jason Madison

Phillip Jackson

Pvt. Kattner


The group travels in the helicopter and lands in a small meadow. Brealynn really wants to stay, but they have to go. They review what's happened so far, and leave for the cabin. The helicopter gets badly damaged and they have to pull it with the humvee, and finally reach the cabin. In side, Will, Miller, Grimes, and Mason are walking around, trying to find any walkers. A man lashes out from the corner and injures them badly, but is killed by Mason. A woman comes out and shoots Grimes, killing him. Miller knocks her down and Asher, who is outside, protecting the group, finds another woman and disarms her. The woman who killed Grimes feels terrible and reveals her name is Ramona, the woman outside is Beth, and the man was Brock, Beth's husband. Will realizes who Ramona was: Will's girlfriend, prior to the outbreak. He cradles her and Lauren sees, severely angering her. She wants to kill Ramona, and Will knows she likes him and wants to make sure she leaves Ramona alone.


Brock White- Episode 2

Pvt. Grimes- Episode 2


Episode 1: A Fresh Start- The survivors on the helicopter land in a meadow and review what's happened so far.

Episode 2: Why We Live- They finally reach the cabin, only to find that it is not what it seems to be.

Episode 3: Hope Still Lives- Riley and the two remaining soldiers try to hold up the hangar.

Episode 4: It Don't Last- Lauren tries to make Will like her, Asher secures the fences, and Brealynn tries to make new friends.

Episode 5: People Will Die- Will suspects something about Lauren, Ashlynn finds something special.

Episode 6: Shadow Of Dead- After their discovery, the group comes to an unexpected surprise.

Episode 7: Kill To Live- Will and Asher together realize the true ways of survival in the new world.

Episode 8: So Little Life, So Much Death- The group finishes fences, Beth scouts around, and Lauren makes her grand scheme.

Episode 9: A Death Sentence- After the tragedy, Will orders his group to do his asking. Asher becomes the new leader.

Episode 10: We Were Wrong- Asher leads the group, back on the road, to find a new place.

Episode 11: Live Life Well- Will reflects on his actions, Beth tries to make Asher go to a large city, and Miller makes a discovery.

Episode 12: What If?- Will tries to think of better choices he could have made, Asher finds success in leadership, and the dead loom closer than ever to some.

Episode 13: We Now Know- Asher goes on a run to find people but ends up getting into trouble himself.

Episode 14: A Living Hell- Will doesn't want to live because of his loss, Asher goes back, and Beth finds a safe haven.

Episode 15: Kill Them Twice- Ashlynn tries to find Asher in the wild, Luan goes looking for survivors, and Will discovers the true way to stop the dead.

Episode 16: Survival for the Fittest- Asher gets to where he's going, but is rejected softly, and Ashlynn finds him.

Episode 17: Three Little Birds- Will fixes the helicopter and travels back to make things right. Miller worries and Mason goes on a shopping spree.

Episode 18: We Will Be Okay- Finding the new survivors, Asher realizes that survival is still possible and comes to the conclusion. Ashlynn wants the group back together.


As promised, here we are, at the end of Season 2! We thank you everyone, and any questions should be posted in the comments. Thank you!