This is the first Season of Death Among Us. It consisted of 14 episodes.


Boise House SurvivorsEdit

Asher Lucero

Elijah Monroe

Willis Hall

Sean Creswell

Bryson Davidson

Maddie Stratten

Maddie Smith

Ashlynn Taurus

Brooklynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Emma Walton

Analee Elsenbeck

Luan Stephens

Jair Paz

Jordan Gropp

Nathan Jackson

Jazmine Guadycan

Lauren McBride

Delayne Parra


Pvt. Grimes

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Miller

Sgt. Harris

Cpl. Lucas

Cpl. Riley

Sgt. Greene

Pvt. Red

Pvt. Davidson

Pvt. Medic

10 Unnamed Survivors

Steel Mill SurvivorsEdit

Hudson Mayer

Ben Gawea

Over 40 Unnamed Survivors


The whole group is in Analee's house. Ashlynn implies that she, Brooklynn, and Brealynn's mother is dead. Analee is depressed by this. Asher kills walkers and Bryson fires a shot, angering Willis. Sean tries to kill Bryson but is stopped by Asher. The group puts the position of leadership to a vote. Willis wins the vote and tells Bryson and Sean to go on the roof to see how many walkers there are. He tells Asher to keep the group safe and to kill Sean if he makes one more wrong move. Sean and Bryson are at the roof and Bryson alerts the dozens of walkers below them. Sean chops off Bryson's foot, throws him off the roof to the walkers, and he is devoured. Sean smiles as he sees a lone walker chewing on Bryson's foot. Will and the rest of the group hears the shots, and Will sends Luan, Elijah, and Nathan up to see what happened. As they leave, Will tosses them his very powerful shotgun, which he named Hannah. Sean notices them coming and hides by the chimney. When they come out, they examine the blood and axe, and they find out that Bryson is being eaten down below. Just as Luan yells out, "Well then where the hell is Sean?" Sean bursts out from his hiding spot and disarms Hannah from Luan. He slams the butt into Nathan's gut, making him cough up blood, and shoots Elijah in the chest. He shoots him again, this time in the head. After stomping on Luan's face, he forces Luan to go down and get Analee and Brealynn. Luan goes, but the group gets into an argument about who should go up to stop Sean. Jair refuses, and the group gets paranoid. Unnoticed, Analee and Maddie Smith go up the stairs to the roof. Brooklynn takes Asher's Baretta 92FS from his pack and goes up the stairs without being noticed. Sean shoots Analee and Maddie Smith after insulting them and kills both of them. He turns to the barely concious Nathan and is about to shoot him, but he is saved by Brooklynn. She asks him if he is okay, and helps him to the door. Will and Luan walk out and hear what happened, then hear Asher scream loudly. Apparently, the door broke down from the walkers and Asher is killing some. Luan and Will run down with Brooklynn and Nathan and split up, killing the walkers in groups. When they are done, Delayne learns of her fiancee's death. She breaks down emotionally and the group feels scared from the deaths. Asher wakes up to Delayne crying next to Elijah's body. She gets angry and repeatedly stabs Sean with a knife. Asher calms her down and gets her back inside. Luans teaches Jordan how to use a gun and walkers repeatedly attack the house, scaring most of the group. One day, Asher, Will, Luan, Jordan, Delayne, Nathan, and Jair are outside the wall of cars, practicing killing walkers. Delayne gets bit, and shoots herself in the head. Luan wants to find a safer place, and puts it to a vote, deciding who wants to go. Everyone leaves except for Asher, Will, Brooklynn, Brealynn, Nathan, and Jair. A horde of walkers attacks as soon as they leave. Nathan and Asher go with Will to the wall of cars and kill any that get through. Jair stays by the door and covers them. Asher goes in to check on Brooklynn and Brealynn, who were hiding in a closet. They aren't there, and he finds them up on the roof. They go outside and find the wall being breached, and they are slowly trickling in. Will, Jair, and Nathan are now all killing them. Will uses Hannah and kills several. Asher realizes they have to go and Will slowly accepts the fact. They pack up supplies and run out the side fence, where they see the wall of cars has been completely breached, and the walkers have now overrun the house. Will stops and plants C4s to the house, pours gasoline, and gets a box of matches, but he gets separated from the group. Jair gets eaten by the walkers and the rest leave him. The remaining four survivors get trapped, and Nathan sacrifices himself for Asher and the little girls. They keep going and Brooklynn gets separated from them. Asher hates himself and finally reaches the top of a hill with Brealynn. He uses the view and spots Brooklynn by the forest. Just as he picks up Brealynn, the house ignites and explodes. Brealynn asks if Will is okay, and Asher responds he doesn't know. They run all night and finally find Brooklynn in the forest, being chased by walkers. Asher saves her and they find Ashlynn, Jazmine, Luan, Jordan, and Lauren at the house. Jazmine gets bit by the zombified Jair and Asher hacks her arm off. Jordan is scared of him and Asher informs the group that Will, Jair, and Nathan died in the walker attack. The group is next seen walking down the highway, on the road for once. Asher tells the group to stop and says they need to set up camp on the side of the highway before it gets dark. Emma tells him he is acting strange and that he needs to snap out of it. She says they know he is upset about Will's death but the group has to have a leader. Asher asks if they want a vote but Emma says they all know it would be him who would win and it's best for everybody. Jordan complains that he wouldn't vote for Asher. Asher says he'll do it, and tells them they need to set up camp. After they set up, they go to sleep, not knowing that two men are watching them from afar. The next day, Asher takes Brooklynn, Jordan, Lauren, Ashlynn, and Maddie to go scavenging for supplies. They find an empty pharmacy and a steel mill. They go back and get the group to show them the steel mill. They go through the nearby forest and want to take the steel mill from the walkers. Everyone goes except Luan, Maddie, Brealynn, and Jazmine. Asher leads the rest inside and they find out that walkers don't exist inside the steel mill; people do. They knock out a teenager and Ashlynn tells them to get their shit together and leave. Just then, two men come and start firing at them. One man almost hits Brooklynn, and Ashlynn goes berserk, knocking one man out cold, but the other man knocks her out. Asher yells for them to run and grab the kid they knocked out. Jordan picks him up and Lauren gets shot in the shoulder. Asher gets them outside, and Brooklynn is devastated that they left Ashlynn behind. Asher decides to stay so the others can escape, and Asher tricks the steel mill group into thinking they killed him. They get back to the camp, and Luan finds out about the steel mill. Luan goes scouting and finds Asher in the forest. Asher goes with Luan and they tell each other about their past. Luan reveals how he got to the house and they remember how Nathan had four bulging backpacks on his back. They start to run to the neighborhood, but they hear splashing. They slowly walk down to the ditch nearby and find Will, near death, barely concious. They freak out and pick him up, starting to carry him back to camp. Emma and Lauren are freaking out about how they should be back soon. Soon enough, they return carrying Will and the group is scared and relieved. Asher goes inside the prisoner's tent and interrogates him. He punches the young teenager, named Ben, and Jordan runs in to tell him that the steel mill group is here. Asher runs out and a man pops up, named Hudson, and reveals himself to be the leader. He wants Ben back. Asher just stands there, with Luan, Emma, Jordan, Lauren, and Maddie behind him. He tells Hudson to give back Ashlynn for Ben. Hudson gets angry and yells that he tried to be reasonable, and that Asher killed several of Hudson's men. Asher still stands there, the group behind him. Hudson turns around and tells his men to kill all of them. Maddie's body is the first to crumple to the ground. Chaos ensues during the shootout and Asher is stunned, kneeling down. Hudson makes his men stop and starts playing a sick game where he flips a coin and if it lands on heads he saves them for a later torture while tails means he kills them right there. When Asher's lands on tails, Luan freaks out and shoots into the crowd with the shotgun, the spread hitting Hudson's eye, taking it out. They retreat and Will wakes up, perfectly fine, and says he needs to go somewhere. He leaves and Asher goes to Ben, questioning him again. After a week, the steel mill group shows up again with Ashlynn, although it is just Hudson and a random man. They torture Ashlynn and, about to kill her, Emma pops out of the forest and kills the man. Hudson yells to attack, and the whole group attacks from the woods. Asher and everyone else drives them out. Will shows up at a hangar and kills the walkers ouside, then enters, but is shot.



Boise House SurvivorsEdit

Bryson Davidson- Episode 1

Elijah Monroe- Episode 2

Analee Elsenbeck- Episode 2

Maddie Smith- Episode 2

Sean Davidson- Episode 2

Delayne Parra- Episode 3

Jair Paz- Episode 5

Nathan Jackson- Episode 5

Maddie Stratten- Episode 8

Emma Walton- Episode 9

Brooklynn Taurus- Episode 11

Jordan Gropp- Episode 13

Jazmine Guadycan- Episode 13


Pvt. Medic- Episode 13

Sgt. Harris- Episode 13

Sgt. Greene- Episode 14

Cpl. Lucas- Episode 14

Sgt. Smith- Episode 13

Sgt. Hacker- Episode 13

Fourteen Unnamed Soldiers

Steel Mill SurvivorsEdit

Ben Gawea- Episode 13

Hudson Mayer- Episode 14

Over 45 Unnamed Survivors


Episode 1: Rise from the Dead

Episode 2: Death From Above

Episode 3: Many Out There

Episode 4: How Times Change

Episode 5: We All Suffer

Episode 6: Search for Help

Episode 7: Rescue Us All

Episode 8: Reunited for Purpose

Episode 9: A New World

Episode 10: Going Back Home

Episode 11: To Die Bravely

Episode 12: Love What's Left

Episode 13: Prepare For War

Episode 14: Looking Away From Survival