Episode 6: Search for Help. In this Episode Asher and Brealynn will look for any survivors.


The whole group left except for Asher, Jair, Will, Nathan, Brooklynn, and Brealynn. The walkers attacked, forcing the remaining group to leave. Jair was eaten. Will stayed behind to torch the house and plant C4s, and the rest ran. Nathan sacrificed for the little girls. Brooklynn was cut off from Asher and Brealynn. They ran to the top of the hill and saw Brooklynn run into the forest and started to go after her, but Brealynn asked if Will was okay, because after the house blew up he wasn't seen again. Asher replies, "I don't know.


Asher Lucero

Brealynn Taurus

Brooklynn Taurus

Ashlynn Taurus

Luan Stephens

Jordan Gropp

Lauren Faunre

Jazmine Guadycan


Asher jogged through the forest, a machete in his right hand, Brealynn's hand in his left. They had been following the walkers for hours now, trying to find Brooklynn. After a few more minutes, a small figure was spotted at the corner of his eye. Brooklynn was very close now, he could see her. They had been running all throughout the night. Brooklynn was tired, not having any sleep all night and jogging all night. She was so smart, she had paced herself as to not grow tired so quickly. But now she was slowing down and the walkers were catching up to her. Brealynn had gone all night, too. Asher felt sympathy for the girls, how they had gone all night without stopping. They had alternated between Asher carrying her and running with her. Their stomachs clenched, burning in pain. After awhile, Brooklynn turned around and fired two shots into the group, putting down two. Five still remained. Brooklynn fired another shot, and the gun clicked after the body crumpled to the ground. With four left, she was absolutely defenseless. She ran faster now, trying to get away from the small crowd. She was about eighty yards from them now, still too far for Asher to reach. He decided he had waited long enough, and now was the time to call them. He placed his fingers in his mouth and let out a loud whistle.

Asher: Hey, bitches! Fresh meat right here, come eat it!

Brooklynn: Asher!

Asher: Brooklynn, get around them and draw them to me, I'll take them out!

Brooklynn: Okay!

Brooklynn curved around and started to run back to Asher. He then threw a rock at them, making them come at him. Asher started running to them, pulling two fully-loaded ammo clips from his sweater pocket. He met Brooklynn about halfway between them, handing her the clips.

Asher: Here, hurry and load them in, protect Brealynn, I'll be right back!

Brooklynn: But I don't know how!

Asher: You just pull the hammer and-. Here, I'll do it!

Asher takes the gun and quickly emptied it, loading one of the new clips in.

Asher: Now stay with her, and keep her safe!

Brealynn: Don't-!

Asher: I have to, just stay with Brooklynn! Brealynn, I need you to be strong right now! Stay with your sister, she'll keep you safe!

He runs to the walkers and buries the blade into one of their skulls. He rips it out and turns to the next, but is pounced on by another oncoming one. He screams and throws it off, seeing two more than the four coming. Six are there now, and he stabs the machete into one's face, killing it quickly. He then kicks one down and slams his boot into its face. It crunches in and he sweeps another one's head off. Getting overwhelmed by the remaining three, he runs off and hides behind a tree about a hundred yards away. He waits for thirty seconds until he steps out and sees the walkers coming at him. He raises the machete and slams the sharp blade into one's head, kicking its friend down to the ground. He rips it out and swipes a clean blow through the standing one's neck at the same time he stomps on the last one's head, killing all three.

Asher: Ho-. Holy shit...

Luan: Come on, this way! We came from over here!

The group that had previously left had been walking around for awhile now. They were on their way back to the house because they heard the explosions. The ones that left for the house were Luan, Jordan, Jazmine, Lauren, and Ashlynn. Maddie Stratten and Emma had stayed behind at the Seven-Eleven down the highway about twenty miles.

Jordan: Why are we doing this? We don't even know what this explosion was. It was loud, but how do we know it was our people?

Luan: Dude, Will was a civil air patrol pilot. He probably had some explosives on him I bet. He didn't seem to follow the rules at all.

Ashlynn: Damn it, will you guys just stop? Let's go find my damn sisters.

Jazmine: Oh shit, look out!

Lauren: Shit!

Ashlynn quickly stepped in and killed the walker with her baseball bat.

Ashlynn: Oh, screw it. Let's just go!

Ashlynn starts to sprint towards the neighborhood the house was in, followed by the others. When they come to the top of the hill, Ashlynn stops, mouth open, tears forming in her eyes.

Lauren: Oh... Shit, I.... I'm.... I'm so sorry Ashlynn.

Luan: Oh, no.

Jazmine: It... It's gone.

From their view, they see the house engulfed in flames, blown apart, and walkers all over the place. It has cleared out a bit, but about twenty still remain.

Jordan: We need to go back.

Luan: Yeah, come on-.

Ashlynn: Hell no! What the hell is wrong with you god damn people? Seriously, dipshits! I'm not going to give up!

She yells in anger as she barrels down the hill towards the house and the walkers. She runs to the closest one and swings the bat into its head. It crumples to the ground and she continues to swing, destroying it.

Jazmine: Ashlynn, stop! We need to leave!

Lauren: No, she's right! We can do this!

The group passes through the herd, killing all of them and eventually finishing it off and looking around them. Everything is on fire.

Ashlynn: Check the bodies.

Luan: Ashlynn, we-!

Ashlynn: I said check these god damn bodies!

Luan is surprised and kneels down next to the closest walker. The group searches every body and checks them all down to the bone.

Jazmine: Oh, shit!

She was next to the dead Jair who arises as a zombie, several chunks taken out of him and bite marks all over. He comes at Jazmine and backs her up against a wall, grabbing her wrists.


The walker growls and sinks his teeth into her left wrist, gnawing on it.

Ashlynn: No, god damn it!

She slams the bat into him and kneels down next to Jazmine.

Luan: What happened?

Ashlynn: She's been bit!

Just then gunshots are heard. Turning towards the forest, they see an African-American man carrying a small girl, and a slightly taller girl behind him. All three run swiftly out of the forest and towards the house.

Luan: Oh, shit! Everybody, raise your weapons! Make a move if I tell you to!

They all line up by Jazmine with melee weapons. Luan has a pistol and Jordan wields an assault rifle. They aim at the oncoming survivors.

Luan: Who the hell are you?

Asher: Don't shoot, I've got a four year old-! Holy shit, Luan? Guys it's us, Brooklynn and Brealynn too!

Ashlynn: Oh, thank god!

Ashlynn drops the bat and runs to her sisters, hugging them both.

Brealynn: Ashlynn, you're alive!

Brooklynn: I wasn't scared! I killed a bunch of walkers and I wasn't scared! I even protected Brealynn!

Ashlynn: I love you girls so much, I thought you were dead! I-!

Lauren: Ummm, guys? Hurry up, Jazmine needs help!

Asher: What the hell happened here?

Ashlynn: Oh, shit! Sorry girls, I'll talk to you in a few minutes! Come with me! Asher, Jazmine got bit!

Asher: Oh, shit!

They all ran to the dying Jazmine.

Luan: Oh shit, what do we do?

Ashlynn: We have to put her down, give me the bat!

Luan: No, that's sick!

Ashlynn: Well we have to do something!

Lauren: Can you two please come to an agreement?

Luan: Asher, where do you stand on this?

Asher didn't answer, he was lost in thought.

Luan: Asher?

Asher stared for a few seconds, then suddenly snapped out of his trance.

Asher: Luan, this won't be easy to do. Hold her down!

Luan: What? Why?

Asher: Just do it, it's the only way she'll live!

Asher sets down his machete and unbuckles his belt. He wraps it around her arm below the elbow and pulls it tight.

Luan: Umm... What the hell are you doing?

Asher picks up the machete.

Asher: Just hold her down, she's gonna squirm. Ashlynn, get the girls away.

Ashlynn: What are you-?

Asher slams the blade down on her arm. He repeats, Jazmine screaming and squirming. Once the arm comes free, she passes out.

Asher: Oh, shit! Luan, help her!

Brealynn starts to cry and tells Ashlynn she loves her. Asher notices the group is looking at him in disgust.

Asher: What?

Jordan: What the hell did you just do?

Asher: I-! I just saved her! I saved her damn life!

Jordan: You didn't save her, you killed her!

Lauren: Hey, he did what he thought would save her, who knows? She might even live!

Asher: Screw it. You want to think that, fine. I'm leaving.

A few hours later the group is still by the house around Jazmine. Asher sits far away out by the forest. After awhile, Ashlynn walks to his small campout.

Ashlynn: Hey.

Asher: Hey.

Ashlynn: I just came by because I never got the chance to... Y'know... Thank you for protecting Brooklynn and Brealynn...

Asher: No problem.

Ashlynn: But also, nobody seems to notice this 'cause of Jazmine, but I do. Nathan and Jair aren't here. Neither is Will. What exactly happened last night?

Asher sighs.

Asher: Jair got eaten, I think he was the one who bit Jazz. After that, Will stayed behind to blow up the house with his bombs, or C5s, or whatever you call them these days. We were gonna meet up later. After that, the rest of us got trapped. Your sisters and I wouldn't be alive if Nathan didn't run into the walkers. I was about to, but Nathan stopped me and just sacrificed, tackled them to the ground and held them there. They bit him all over the place, ripped out his throat. It was just sad. After that we got split up from Brooklynn. That girl survived the night all alone without sleep. Me and Brealynn were chasin' after her until morning, I got them off of her, and then we came back to find you guys.

Ashlynn: Wow. She survived alone throughout the night?

Asher: Yeah, I tell you... Your sister is one tough son-of-a-bitch.

Ashlynn: Wow........... And Will?

Asher looked down at the ground, then up to her with tears in his eyes.

Asher: He didn't make it.

Ashlynn: I really am sorry, I wish we never left. We shouldn't have, anyway. I already knew there was no good place as soon as we started. You need to tell them what happened last night. They need to hear it.

She got up and walked back to the rubble of the house. After about another hour, Asher got up and walked back to the house, seeing the group in the darkness.

Asher: She okay?

Luan: Yeah... So far. No fever.

Asher: Good.

He noticed Jordan glaring at him and didn't look at him anymore.

Asher: So guys... About last night... Well... Nathan and Jair got eaten and Will blew up the house.

Lauren: You never saw Will die?

He shook his head.

Ashlynn: So what happened? Did he die in the explosion?

Asher: He didn't make it.




  • This is the first episode in which someone was bit and amputated.

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