Sean Creswell was a happy man living the American dream. He wasn't married but usually had one-night stands with women. Sean lived in a big house, had lots of friends and threw lots of parties. He made lots of money as a stock trader. He always enjoys himself and has a good attitude. Though sometimes Sean gets stressed and loses it.


Sean was sitting at his home watching the news when he heard pounding on his door. Sean was suspiscious because of the attacks in the neighborhood, so he grabbed his Pocket Protector and opened the door. A walker lunged at him and scratched him pretty bad so Sean defended himself. Sean wasn't sure what was going on and tried to cover up the murder. Later that night he had no idea that the apocalypse had started and soon zombies invaded his house. He climbed up on his roof and jumped onto his neighbor's working his way out of the neighborhood on rooftop. Finally when he was tired and near-death, he ran into an old lady and about 12 others holed up in a house. The people were kind enough to take Sean in.