This is the fourteeth episode of Season 4, premiering on November 13, 2013. It is written by Will3947 and Xraymoon102.


A party was thrown to celebrate before the California Expedition. The loud music drew up to fifty walkers to the wall, and Riley and Bocker used two grenades to kill the walkers. The explosions drew hundreds and hundreds of walkers from the cities. After a failed attempt at spreading out all the walkers to make them more manageable, Bocker was devoured rescuing Will, and Jackson put him down before he could say goodbye to people he loved. Riley beat him in a trailer and was about to kill him, but decided to give him one last chance. Riley then approaches Will, telling him what he said back when they left the hangar and that he knows how to get rid of the walkers.


A jet zooms across the sky as Will is heard saying "We have to conserve enough ammo for the expedition." Jackson is seen looking at someone, an enraged look on his face. Sgt. Daniel yells "Let's load up!" Joshua says "It's a bad idea. We need the fuel for later." Will replies to him, saying "It's the only way." Riley is seen talking to Mason, saying "You aren't well enough. I'm sorry." 


Pilot: Like the view? It's amazing!

Lady: Yeah!

The pilot and Lady are both cruising at 20,000 feet, above Wyoming. Lady was given the opportunity by Jackson to go fly with the pilot, who recovered the A-10 Thunderbolt II from Nellis Air Force Base, which was brought to Fort Cessna. Lady is in the back of the rare twin-seater, looking to the left, down on the dark green mountains. Her eyes also switched to the screen on the front, which was viewing the ground below them. 

Pilot: We're gonna try something else now-

The Pilot jerks back on the wheel, rolling the aircraft. Lady screams, and the aircroft aileron rolls for several hundred yards. After a few minutes, the pilot recovers the aircraft. 

Lady: That was fun! How high can we go? Can we go into space?

Pilot: I wish, if it could I'd ditch this f-cked up planet. It's hell. We can go to about 50,000 thousand feet, by the way.

Lady: Can we go there!?! Please?

Pilot: Alright, we'll go for a little bit. There isn't even enough air to stay up there for long anyways.

The Pilot rams the stick backwards, and slams the throttle forward, forcing the Thunderbolt almost straight up into the air. After a few minutes of climbing, the aircraft levels, leaving them 51,102 feet into the atmosphere. 

Lady: Whoa...

The sky above the Thunderbolt was black. The stars and moon were extremely bright. The starbelt was directly above the aircraft. 

Pilot: Amazing, isn't it? The-

Radio: Calling all airborne vehicles, we have several thousand bogeys approaching from Cessna Pass. We need immediate air support. Be advised, friendlies are in the area. Danger close, bitches. Over.

Pilot: Roger that. We'll be over in twenty, over.

Lady: Where are we going?

Pilot: The fort's under attack. We need to help.

The pilot drops the aircraft down towards the earth, speeding towards Idaho.

Sgt. Bocker marshals an AC-130 down the taramac, readying it for launch. After it's aimed down the runway, he runs to the loading ramp, which is still down. A grunt is there waiting to speak with him. The roar of the engines is so loud he has to scream to speak with him.



Grunt: YOU GOT IT!

The grunt scrambles back up the loading ramp, then it closes. Bocker runs back from the aircraft, then marshalls the aircraft to take off. He salutes, then the AC-130 Takes off.

Fort Cessna's air raid siren goes off, and the cannons spin east, towards the canyon mouth. People begin to scramble to thier houses. Soldiers come by each trailer, deadbolting doors, checking to see if everyone is present, and keeping everyone quiet. A soldier comes by Asher's trailer, then walks through the door. 

Grunt: All present?

The commoners, mumble, then the grunt checks down the group on his clipboard. He's about to leave then Asher stops him.

Asher: What the hell's going on?

Grunt: To be honest, I don't have a damn clue. I was just told to round everyone up. But sixty soldiers left, two Thunderbolts, an AC-130, and the tank. So, it's gotta be something huge. They went a mile west, towards the canyon. If all goes well, they'll tell us tomorrow. Remember- Keep completely silent. Keep it dark, keep your gun out, and keep an eye on the f-cking doors and windows. Understand?

Asher: Got it. 

T'he soldier leaves, then walks down towards the heavy metal fencing. He slams and locks the large gate, then stands guard by it, along with 7 other soldiers. Asher slams the door, then slams the doors to the rooms.

Powell Hill, sits on the cliffside, a few hundred yards from where the group came down. They recieve word of the walker attack, then get the cannons ready for the walker attack. 

Lt. Marston: Alright, load the mortars. Walker's comin' from Cessna Canyon. Keep an eye out. 

Grunt: Roger that. I guess we'll just go ahead and wait for some freaking coords then?

Lt. Marston: Yeah, guess so. I mean, how else are we gonna get 'em? A magical god-damned unicorn?

The canyon mouth...Edit

Will: Hold...hold your posistion!

The sixty soldiers are lined up along the mouth of the canyon, aimed at the walkers marching through the canyon, walking into gunfire, being mowed down endlessly. The cannon on the M3A3 Bradley parked in the front of the mouth is firing uncontrollably, dropping the undead like flies. The dim canyon was lighten up at the flash of every rifle, creating a brilliant show of fireworks in the canyon.

Miller: You're fucking crazy Will!

Will: Oh come on, we're fine. If anything, we don't even need the Bradley. 


Will: General dumbass sugguested. Hey, pay attention! Your column is getting tighter!

Miller turns around, then fires at the walker three feet behind him. Will dismounts his horse, then pulls the Henry .44 Rifle from his back, then fires into the herd.

Will: Keep sharp men! 

Will picks up his radio, then calls for assistance.

Will: We're gonna need some air support. Towards the middle of the canyon. They're really clogging up there. I can see it from here, over.

Radio: Air support, ETA 30 Seconds, over.

Will: Thanks you guys, over.

Pilot: Alright Lady. Watch this.

The pilot does an aileron roll, then slows the aircraft down to about one hundred, then squeezes the trigger for a second. Hundreds of rounds, all in that second, pour down onto the undead, vaporizing them. The pilot pulls up, then swoops around for another pass. The Pilot slams the pedal down, spinning the Thunderbolt back towards the canyon pass. He squeezes the trigger slightly, then seventy rounds spray down on the undead, spraying dust, blood, and gore. 

Lady: Wow!

The Thunderbolt climbs almost straight up, then flops downward, accelerating towards the canyon. For a brief moment, Lady and the pilot are shoved into thier seats, and the pilot fires. The aircraft slows down, then he releases the trigger and pulls back up, flying slow above the canyon. The walkers were filing down, completely packing it for inches. All of a sudden, the ground thirty yards from the canyon explodes, sending dust, dirt and more gore up in the air, almost completely covering the canopy. The pilot shouts, then pulls the aircraft up. 

Pilot: I can't see a f-cking thing! We've gotta get back to base! Cessna 1-1! We can't fight anymore! We're on our way back to base!

Radio: Roger that, Kilo 6-9'll take your place, over.

The pilot sighs, then looks over at Lady, who seems terrified.

Pilot: Get ready, Lady. We're in for a hell of a ride.

Will leads about fifteen soldiers into the canyon, close to fifty yards in front of the undead horde.

Will: Whatever you do, don't back up without my command! Hold your ground, and keep shooting no matter what. Make sure every shot counts, too. I know we have an overflowing supply, literally, but you can never have too many bullets for the California Expedition!

Grunt: Sir, won't the gunshots just draw more to the canyon? What's the point if that's the result?

Will: Won't matter. By the time the others get here, we'll be gone. Let's just do this as quick as possible. Start firing!

Will raises his M4 and fires three shots, taking down two. Hannah is strapped to his back in a position that he could grab it in less than a second. A Glock is at his left waist. The men behind him start firing as well, and in ten seconds about twenty limpers have dropped to the ground. Will's face is grim. He is remembering a long time ago, about a month into the apocalypse, when he was standing in that very same position next to Asher, Nathan, and Jair, defending the place they had worked so hard on to keep standing. He failed almost all of those people. He vows not to let that happen again, ever.

Asher sits at a small table inside his trailer across from Echo. They are playing chess, staying very silent.

Will is walking towards the oncoming horde, firing his M4 at them still. It then clicks, and he stands there, watching them crumple to the ground after being shot in the head by his own men. One of them steps past him, but he yells for him.

Will: Stop, you're getting too close!

The man can't hear Will over the gunfire, so Will starts running for him to stop him, but it is too late. The limpers have him pinned to the ground. He screams, but that stops as soon as one bites his throat.

Will: NO!

The other men stay calm, however they are still baffled at what just happened. They start to back up, but Will yells.

Will: Hold your ground! Don't back up until I say!

Grunt: Sir, you need to get away from that! You're gonna get yourself killed, we'll just call in an air strike! Come on!


The men keep firing as Will slams the butt of the M4 into a limper's skull, then kicks a few back. He grabs the fallen soldier's arm, then starts pulling him back from the horde. Will stumbles over a rock, pulling the body on top of him.

Will: Shit, keep them off of me!

Before Will can roll the body off him, the man opens his eyes. They are now deep yellow with dark black pupils.

Will: F-CK!!!

He wrestles with the man, trying to pull him off, but his grip on Will's jacket is too tight. His yellowing teeth snap at him, terrifying Will when one of his front teeth brush his nose. He grabs it by the throat, holding it back, and reaches down. Just before he feels the handle of his Glock, the weight of the body disappears and he is pulled off of Will by an unknown soldier. He sees it is Miller, who then stomps down on the man's skull.

Miller: Get up, man, we gotta go!

Will looks at Miller. He turns to the horde and draws Hannah, then starts to fire. 

Will: I'm not gonna fail these people like I have before! We have to kill them all!

Miller: We will! After extraction, the cannons up there will blow most of them away, and then the pilot up in a Thunderbolt is taking Lady for a ride! He'll come down and take most of 'em out, and then we'll have some more aircrafts come in and obliterate them! We have to go!

Will looks down in regret, knowing he is right. He quickly lifts up the soldier, then turns to Miller.

Will: Let's get the hell outta here.

Will calls for the men to fall back, heaving the man across his shoulders. As they run back, a helicopter touches on the rocky ground. Two more land behind it, and Will and Miller heave the man onto it, followed by four more men. After a few more seconds, it lifts off. Will sits next to the edge, staring out at the canyon filled with walkers. There must be thousands, he thought. The helicopter starts gliding back towards Fort Cessna. Will watches as the Thunderbolt races back across the canyon, taking down up to fifty limpers. The cannons go off, and dust flies into the air. The next thing he knows, several aircrafts race across the canyon, making large booming sounds. They were exploding most of the canyon, he realized. Those limpers will all be dead in less than twenty minutes. He smiles, proud of what he and his men have built. He looks ahead at the California Expedition, thinking about what will happen then. He knows they can do it. Only one casualty happened today. They can do it. He knows they can. He remembers his vow not to fail his people again, and promises himself he will always stick to that vow.


  • One unnamed soldier

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