After plowing through the undead hordes, the California expedition reaches the safety of the warehouse while Mark and Jayden are eaten alive. During the night, PFC James is murdered by PFC Tandy, a bloodthirsty maniac who silently takes down his victims, leaving the expedition to think it is one of their own killing people. Katie reaches the C-130 after being sent out, only to find they can't communicate with the fort, Will, Miller, Juwan, and Reese kill several limpers until they reach the C-130, where Katie fires off her pistol to save Juwan, alerting the massive blob of the undead about their presence. Will is saved by a mysterious man with a sniper rifle picking off limpers to help them get back to the warehouse.


Someone is heard saying "Oh Shi-!" A walker tackles a man to the ground, and screams sound off. A woman's voice says "Let's go!" A bullet goes off and a group of blurry people surrounded by thousands of infected and blood sprays everywhere in slow motion as a figure in the back drops to his knees. Endless moans and growls surround a familiar voice saying, "We may walk in the valley of death, but we fear no man, 'cause we're the biggest badasses in the valley." Everything suddenly goes silent, and a creepy, low, liquid sounding chuckle sounds out. 


Will: Up there!

Will points to the building the soldiers were in with his free hand. Everyone in the group turned to look at the building, an unwise descision.

Juwan: Oh sh-!

Another silent limper creeps up behind Juwan, pushing him forward with it on top of him. Will turns his head just in time to see it on top of Juwan. Instant memories of Mark skix being devoured in front him filled his mind, hot rage and a coppery filled his mouth as he ran toward Juwan.


Again, Will puts all his force into his foot, kicking the limper's head like a soccer ball. It's head ripped off, spraying blackish fluid all over Juwan, saving him from being bitten.

Juwan: OhmygodOhmygodOhmygod...

Will: GET UP!

Without realizing, Will kept the same tone, until he saw Juwan look at him and go pale. 

Juwan: W-w-w-will? You feelin' alright?

Will lowered his voice and pulled up Juwan.

Will: Uh, sorry. I'm fine, we've got to go.

The group continued their rampage through the horde, after fifteen seconds and several sniper shots later, Asher sees what's going on.

Asher: Aw shit... I need two people, grab your weapons and come down with me.

Dakota: Screw that!

Echo came forward along with Tyler.

Echo: Already combat effective and ready to roll.

Tyler: Let's go.

The three people hastily climbed down the catwalk, onto the box Peter nearly broke. Tyler pistol whipped the only walker in there with them as hard as she could.

Decay does magic to muscle and bones.

With a small crunch, the limper dropped and they began to pick at the others outside until they could see Will through the barricade of undead.

Asher: I can see them! Almost there!

Not bothering to use melee weapons only, Asher speeds up his pace to a jog, spraying brains on other limpers with his Glock. There are only 4 left between the two groups, Asher hits one in the left eye socket, another in the forehead, one in the earlobe, and another in the jaw. Killing 2 of the 4 walkers. Nobody even saw the bullet go through the one hit in the jaw out the other side.

And into Juwan's neck.

Juwan drops fast, not dead, but mortally injured. His attempt to scream provided a fresh blood spatter out his neck onto the ground. Juwan was in the back, not visible to Katie, Miller, Reese, or Will. Juwan was pulled into the group of walkers to his left, gone without a trace. The remaining members almost sprinted down the somewhat clear alley Asher, Tyler and  Echo had cleared.

Reese: Thank god...

Miller: We may walk in the valley of death...

Almost everyone cocked their heads at Miller.

Miller: But we fear no man, 'cause we're the biggest badasses in the valley.

Will, Reese, Echo, and Tyler laughed hard, the rest cracking a smile and keeping up to pace with the narrowing path to safety. One had grabbed Reese by the shoulder, but Will slammed the but of his M4 into it's shoulder, inhumanly bending it backwards and losing it's grip on Reese.

Will: Watch the limpers, they're closing in!

Everyone fought the rest of the way to the warehouse, only to discover Jasper waiting for them ready to help people up.

Jasper: Come on! We don't have all day!

One by one, Jasper helped the group up onto the catwalk, noticing something shift in the darkness near some crates in the back. Jasper dismissed it as a limper and helped up Will, the last one. Before Will was completely up, a hand reached out and grabbed one of Will's combat boots. The expression on Will's face turned from shock to fear in less than a second. Jasper was the only one who saw the hand, the arm was clad in BDU's, covered in dry blood, mud, and...


Will: Let go of me you undead sack of horse-...

Will kicked out his boot, hitting something soft very hard. Will almost jumped out of his skin when he heard the inhuman scream come from below. Not the sound of a limper, or a human. The hand let go, Will instantly pulling himself up entirely, pushing Jasper ahead of him, away from the scream. The two met up with the others further in, finally breathing, terrified expressions on their faces.

Dakota: What the hell happened to you? Scared of some walker?

Jasper: No... Not real... Just a limper...

Jasper went into a corner and curled up into the fetal position, rocking slowly back and forth as Will breathed heavily, leaning on his M4.

Asher: Is Jasper ok?

Will: I'm sure he'll be fine, just some creepy ass scream, biter musta' been messed up or something...

Will knew inside it was not a limper, something more.

Echo: I'm tired... Jeez that was intense...

Asher: Let's just... lay low for a bit.

The expedition spent the rest of the time on watch duty, Jasper still curled up in the fetal position rocking back and forth. He had no reason why he was so scared, but somehow he felt the need to just shut down and sleep.

Eight hours laterEdit

Jasper had come to his senses, but still wasn't talking. Will and Asher were discussing what to do next, when Will finally noticed something that had not occured to him before.

Will: Wait...

Asher: What?

Will: Where the hell is Juwan?

Asher: Oh god. He probably got dragged off by limpers, he was in the back the whole time anyways.

Will: We don't know that yet. We'll just have to find out.

The two sat silently looking out at the California moon spraying light over the mass of undead. Asher saw something about half way from the warehouse to the C-130, a group of about 50 limpers, all piled up in one spot. He squinted his eyes at it, and leaned forward.

Will: What're you looking at?

Asher: Probably what happened to Juwan...

Will glanced at the group of 50 or so undead all piled up and sighed.

Dakota was still awake, along with some others. His little group of friends, him, Drakes, and Matthew all sat around a chem light from a pack Drakes had brought. None of them were exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, more like bananas in the theoretical knife drawer.

Drakes: I bet if we could get to the plane and get our gear and ammo, we could kill like all these things.

Matthew: Yeah, we'd be heros too. Everyone would be all proud of us and Jackson would give us like a promotion or something.

Dakota: That would be great and all, but how are we going to get to it?

Matthew: Easy, me and Drakes can just make a bunch of noise and fire off some bullets to bring them over somewhere else, then you can go for the plane. The others did it earlier and it worked like a charm.

Drakes: Alright, let's get ready to do this.

Matthew and Drakes both went to the opposite side of the warehouse, then started shooting into the limpers on that side. Within 15 minutes '''''some of the limpers were on that side, so they sent out Dakota.

Dakota: I don't know if I can do thi-

Matthew: Come on, go make your country proud. Hero.

Dakota climbed down the catwalk, and outside as he kept low, and tried to avoid as many undead as he could. He hadn't been out there for more than a minute before he heard the low, liquid sounding chuckle, and felt the knife slide around, and slit his throat. He went down with a bubbly hiss, and was dragged away into the darkness, to be another victim of the phsycopathic killer who slays in the dark.

Will and Asher were still in their spot, unaware of what had just happened to Dakota.

Will: That guy on the roof...

Asher: Yes?

Will: We have to save him. That man up there is the only thing left alive here, it would be a mistake to leave him after everyone we've lost.

Asher: He might be able to tell us what happened here, besides all the dead soldiers.

Will: Alright, we gather up a rescue party in the morning and go over there.

They stay alert, not daring to fall asleep, afraid of what might happen to them while they sleep.


Dakota Dessaray

Juwan Majors

Next and BeforeEdit

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