Rise From the Dead will be the first episode of Season 1 of the story, Death Among Us. Be sure to go to the Auditions page and audition a character for Season 1!


Asher Lucero

Elijah Monroe

Willis Hall

Sean Creswell

Bryson Davidson

Maddie Stratten

Maddie Smith

Ashlynn Taurus

Brooklynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Emma Walton

Analee Elsenbeck

Luan Stephens

Jair Paz

Jordan Gropp

Nathan Jackson

Jazmine Guadycan

Lauren Faunre

Delayne Parra


A Whole group of people of all ages is trapped in a small house. The group consists of 19 people, each with their own trait. Sean peeks through the front window, seeing two walkers strolling on by. Everyone else sits by the fireplace except for Asher, Willis, Elijah, and Bryson. The people by the fireplace discuss their situation.

Emma: How long do we have to be stuck in this house? I'd kill for a damn shower right now.

Jazmine: That's one of the things we might never see again, Emma.

Lauren: We've been stuck here more than a week now. How long has it been? I've lost track already.

Stratten: Nine days, and still nobody has answered the phone. Not even the cops have.

Smith: I'm cold!

Brealynn: Me too! Ashlynn, do we have any blankets?

Ashlynn: It's not our turn with it, sweetie, so not now.

Analee: Where's my grandson? He should be back by now.

Brooklynn: You have a grandson?

Analee: I'm seventy-six sweetie, of course I have a grandson.

Analee glances at Ashlynn and smiles.

Analee: Your daughters are absolutely adorable.

Ashlynn: Oh, I'm not their mother. We're sisters.

Brealynn: Where's Mommy? I miss her.

Ashlynn: Mommy and Daddy will be home soon, just wait.

Analee glances over at the sisters and frowns.

Jair: Yeah, shouldn't my brother be alive? He is one tough son-of-a-bitch.

Luan: Watch your mouth, a little girl's right there.

Jordan: I just hope we can leave soon.

Nathan: Yeah, I do too.

Delayne: This place sucks.

Asher, Elijah, Willis, Sean, and Bryson are still standing by the front door and the windows. A walker taps on the window and growls.

Bryson: Damn!

(Whispers)Elijah: Sshh! We need to be really quiet so just shut up!

Bryson: He's coming to the-

Asher runs from behind and clasps his hand against Bryson's mouth, silencing him. sean puts his finger to his lips.

(Whispers)Sean: Quiet down. These things are attracted by sound, so you need to shut the hell up. Do I make myself clear?

Bryson stays silent, staring into Sean's eyes.

Willis: When a man asks you a question, you'd better answer him.

Sean: Do I?

Bryson nods and Asher lets go of him. Asher jogs to the door with Sean and Willis while walkers are pounding on the window. Asher quickly opens the door and slams his hammer into the walker's head, grunting as he does so. Two more limp towards him and he rips the end of the hammer out of the dead female zombie's skull. He takes a swing at one of the oncoming and impales it with the sharper point of the hammer. He kicks the other down and crushes its head with his boot. Suddenly, another walker comes from behind Asher to be tackled by Willis. Asher spins around and swings down upon its brain as a gunshot is heard. Willis gets off the zombie in a hurry and looks into the doorway. Bryson stands there with his .44 Colt Python aimed out. Willis goes limp with rage and tackles Bryson to the ground.

Willis: What did you do? What the hell did you just do? You asshole! Don't you know the sound will bring more of them?! Huh? DO YOU?!


Elijah: Get the hell off of him!

Bryson: Hey, what the hell man? I just save-.

Willis: SAVED ME?! You've SAVED me?! You've killed us all with that ONE BULLET!!

Asher: Sean, get the door! Will, get off of him! We don't have any damn time for this!

Sean: No, he's right! He just rang the dinner bell!

Willis: Don't you EVER do that again! DO YOU HEAR ME?! Don't ever do that!!

Bryson nods repeatedly in fear as Willis steps off of him. Asher nods at Willis.

Asher: I'm glad you chose what's right.

Willis: Anytime.

Sean: Asher? What the hell, man? He just- God damn it.

Sean dashes across the room and tackles Bryson just as he tries to get up.

Sean: I'll kill you!!

Asher: Sean! Damn it, get off of him! Oh, no! Will, get the door!

Asher dashes to Bryson and Sean as Will runs to the door and slams it shut. Brealynn starts to cry as Ashlynn tries to calm her down and keep her quiet. Sean raises his fist and brings it down as Asher grabs it, stopping him.

Asher: Knock it off, seriously! We have bigger problems!

Sean: ...Fine...

He lets go and Jordan runs over to help Bryson up. Luan comes with him. More walkers begin to pound on the door.

Elijah: Shit.

Asher: Damn, we need to find a way to defend this place better.

Willis: Or find a better one.

Elijah: Delayne, you okay?

Delayne: I'm fine, Eli. Thanks.

Sean: We need to stay quiet until this place is clear, so shut up people!

Brooklynn shrieks as the door starts to give away. Asher grabs nails, boards, and a hammer without hesitation. Willis also picks one up and starts to pound them into the door to hold it shut. After they have finished, Asher turns to the group.

Willis: We need to put a vote for who takes leadership. we all gotta vote, and I vote Asher to do it.

Asher: I vote you, Will.

Eli: I vote Will.

Bryson: ME!

Stratten: I vote Eli.

Smith: My vote goes to Asher.

Ashlynn: I think Will should do it.

Emma: Asher.

Analee: Eli!

Luan: Asher!

Jordan: Yeah, Asher could do it!

Brooklynn: I vote-

Sean: Only older people vote, so I vote me.

Jair: I vote Willis.

Nathan: Jesus, people. I vote for Will.

Jazmine: Will should!

Delayne: Eli will do it!

Lauren: I'm the last one, so I'll vote Will.

Asher: It looks like Will's the boss. What do we do now, boss?

Will: Bryson, you and Sean check 'em out from the roof and see how many there are. Everybody else, stay put.

Will walks to Asher.

Will: We have to do something about Sean. He's a threat.

Asher: If he makes one wrong move, he's dead.

Will: Yeah. Let's just say if he comes down without Bryson I'm doing it.

Sean and Bryson are on the roof looking down. Bryson shouts, alerting them to their position.

Bryson: They see us!

Sean: No shit, Sherlock!

The walkers growl at them and lunge.

Sean: Hmmmmmm...

Bryson: What?

Sean: Only one way to do this. I'm so sorry man.

Bryson: What do you-

Bryson screams as Sean grabs his shoulder and slams his axe into Bryson's ankle. Sean uses all his force and shoves him off the roof.


The axe is still somehow stuck in Bryson's ankle and is dangling Bryson from the roof.

Bryson: AAAHHH!!

Sean: Get OFF!!

Sean is unintentionally digging the axe further and further up Bryson's leg. It won't come out and Sean continues to tug.

Sean: Get! The hell! Off!

Bryson: Please, stop! Just sto-op! No more, please, man! Just let go of the-


Bryson: AAAHHH!!

The axe finally pulls through and separates his foot from his leg, and Bryson falls down to get devoured along with his foot. Sean slightly chuckles and smirks as he spots a lone walker off to the side gnawing on Bryson's foot, and Bryson finally stops screaming.


Bryson Davidson

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