Rise is the second episode of Season 4It will premiere on July 11th, 2013.


After being contected by Riley, Will consulted the group and they all decided to leave back to the hangar in Idaho. Will seemed surprised that the helicopter hadn't broken yet. Just as he said that, the engine broke down and Mason yelled for everyone to get parachutes from the back and bail on the helicopter.


Pvt. Mason

Asher Lucero

Willis Hall

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Hannah Reese

Dean Chang

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Kameron Carter

Sasha Carter

Ellis Hall

Graydon Hall

Pvt. Miller

Beth Wring

Erika Munnyey

Lady Slave


Will pulled the strap on Beth's chute.

Will: Now jump! Get some distance down before you pull it open!

Beth: I don't think I-!

Will: No time!

He shoves Beth off the edge of the helicopter. She screams in fear the whole way down. They see her parachute open up after awhile.

Will: Who's next?!?!

Kameron: How will I get Sasha down?!

Will: I'll get her, she'll be okay, I promise!

A tear rolls down Kameron's cheek.

Kameron: Okay. Please be careful!

Will: I will.

Kameron takes a deep breath, then jumps off. She sails through the air, the wind whipping her hair in her face. She pulls the chute.

Asher: Erika next, she'll take Lady with her! Can you do that?!?

Erika: Yes!

Will nods. He sees Mason and Reese frantically messing with the controls, trying to buy as much time as possible. Erika nods at Will, then jumps off the helicopter holding Lady. They grip each other as they descend swiftly, then pull the chute and fall.

Ellis: Someone get Brealynn down!

Ashlynn: I will! C'mon, Brealynn!

She lifts up Brealynn then looks at Asher he nods and she does the same. A tear rolls down her cheek. She jumps off, screaming and holding Brealynn.


Will: I'll get Sasha down! Meet everyone down there! We'll find each other!

Will picks up Sasha, clutches him close, and jumps off without hesitation. The chute deploys as soon as they are out of radius of the helicopter.


Ellis: I ain't leavin' ya!

Graydon: Hon', come on!

Ellis: I'm not leavin' my husband!

Graydon nods at Mason, who has a grim look on his face. Graydon grabs Ellis and clutches her close, then jumps off the helicopter with her.

Ellis: NOOOO!!!!

Reese gets up after Mason says something to her.

Reese: I'LL GO NEXT!


Reese straps one on and jumps off.

Asher: Dean, you go next!

Dean: Alright!

Dean is about to jump off, but hesitates.

Miller: We don't have time for this shit!

Miller shoves him off and then looks at Jasper.

Miller: You next, brother.

Jasper nods and hops off.

Joshua: I'll go now!

Joshua jumps off as well.

Miller, Asher, and Mason are the remaining three.

Miller: You next, Asher!

Asher: There's only two left, one of you guys will have to-

Miller: JUST GO!

Asher nods and straps one on, then looks at Miller.

Miller: Good luck, brother.

Asher: You too.

Asher jumps off. Miller turns to Mason.

Miller: Mason, man, you gotta go!

Mason: No way. I'm not having you and everyone else die because of a stupid decision. This damn thing's drawing a whole helluva lotta attention as it is, you can jump out and I'll guide the helicopter as far away as I can! They'll all come and eat my dead body at the crash site, but that can't happen if you don't go in the NEXT TWENTY SECONDS!

Miller: Man, please, I-


Miller looks at him sadly, then nods.

Miller: Goodbye, brother.

Mason: Goodbye. Keep them safe for me, please. Later man.

Miller takes one last look then jumps down. Mason squeezes the controls and watches his whole life flash before his eyes. This was the reason he was born. He exhaled slowly.

Mason: Goodbye.

The helicopter shuttered as it reached the town. The back half clipped into a steeple and sent the helicopter spinning and flying down to the earth. The steeple shuddered then flew off the church, then erupts on the ground. The back plummits into a store, bending and tearing the helicopter, leaving the tail jammed into the roof of a store, and the nose pointing straight into the air.

Kameron took a deep breath before she pulled the parachute cord. She flung backward, then her chute ripped open. 

Kameron: Damn, that wasn't so hard was it! Now all I need to do is find a safe spot to land!

She was nearing seven hundred feet now. After careful thought, Kameron chose a hill partly out of town, and wait for the others in the center of town. Kameron looked up to see one parachute open behind her, and the helicopter, pouring its black smoke, spinning around, ever so slowly falling towards the earth. Kameron aims for the hill, and lans on the ridge, blanketing herself in the parachute. She struggles, but rips her way out of the parachute. Looking down at the town, she can see the helicopter get even closer to the ground. She mumbles under her breath, then starts to run down the hill. By the time she reaches the bottom of the hill, the helicopter hits the steeple, then spins out of control towards a store.

Kameron: Oh shit!

She starts sprinting down the meadow, until she reaches a steep riverbank. Kameron hesitates, then dives into the river and begins to swim across it. When she is about halfway through, she feels a hand from the water grab her ankle. Kameron screams, then flais about, trying to get free of the grip. Kameron pulls her foot up and jumps to a sandbar in the middle of the river. As she pulls her foot up, the hand lets go, then a walker emerges from the water, covered in moss and underwater plant life. Kameron pulls her pistol from her belt and shoots the walker straight in the forehead. 

Kameron: Oh my god! What the hell...just happened!?

Joshua blinks at the hot sun. He takes off his parachute pack and throws it off the roof of the building. He looks over to see the billowing smoke of the helicopter, and the steeple spread onto the building next to it. About 350 yards away,down the street, he could see Ashlynn hanging from a telephone pole, and Brealynn standing on the ground next to her, holding something. He fires his M16 up in the air twice, then begins to look for a way down the building and over to them. The building to the left of him, with the steeple sprawled across it, was about 10 feet next to him and slightly lower. Joshua threw his M16 over to the roof. 

Joshua: Well shit. No going back now.

He steps back a little bit, then sprints frantically towards the edge. Joshua jumps across the alley, but hits his gut on the edge of the roof, then falls down to the balcony ten feet below. He groans, then tries to sit up, but cant. After a minute of trying to get up, Joshua rolls to the side of the balcony, then pulls himself up with the bars. He pulls up his shirt to see a large bruise over his stomach and belly button, and a gash on his ankle. On the roof, he could see the stock of his M16 sticking over the side. 

Joshua: Shit...Shit! I guess I'll have to go through the building.

He opens the door on the balcony, and steps inside. The building was a saloon, and he was now on a loft overlooking the saloon, The tables and chairs were knocked over, and the bar had been mostly looted. All that remained on the counter was an old-fashioned cash register, with the glass display dented in, and covered in blood.

Joshua: What the hell happened here?

Several bodies were lined along the wall, each with a bullet in thier heads. Blood sprawled the loft wall, and the stairs downward were burnt out. Joshua sighed, then sat on the edge of the stairwell, dangled his legs over, then landed on his feet, gushing blood out of his leg wound. Joshua yelps in pain, then continues to limp along. He reaches the saloon doors, then begins to lose conciousness as he tries to open the doors. Joshua tries to keep himself concious, but he falls over, asleep. When he wakes up, he's in the saloon office, sprawled on the desk, with Will wrapping up his leg. Joshua looks to the side to see Sasha on the chair next to him. Will smiles.

Will: Damnit man! How did you manage this?

Joshua: Long story. Did you see my gun anywhere?

Will: Yeah I did. On the roof. But there's no access hatch down. So be glad you didn't land there, because there were no more buildings you could jump to after that!

Will chuckles, the wipes his eyes.

Will: Seen the others?

Joshua: Just Ashlynn and Brealynn, Ashlynn's parachute's tangled in power lines.

Will: I'll go get her in a second, You need to stay here and rest.

Ashlynn and Brealynn scream as they fall towards the ground. Ashlynn pulls the parachute cord, jerking them back as they drift towards the ground. Ashlynn looks around in the sky, about one-thousand feet from the ground, to see the helicopter spinning around and falling towards the earth. More parachutes fall out. Brealynn whimpers as they approach the ground. Ashlynn looks closer, seeing one other parachutes on the ground near a hill outsde of town, and another very close to the ground.  The small town they're approaching looked peaceful as they got closer. Small 1920's shops and buildings, like a step back in time. Prairie City was no more then five blocks squared, making the town look even more like the 1920's. 

Ashlynn: Hold on tighter sweetie!

Brealynn: I'm scared!

Suddenly, the helicopter hits a steeple and plummits towards a store. Ashlynn and Brealynn slightly feel the heat as the store, helicopter, and church erupt into a giant ball of fire. The heat startles Brealynn, slipping her left hand from the parachute straps. She screams, then her right hand begins to slip. Ashlynn grabs her left hand and pulls her up, but her right hand slips.

Ashlynn: Hold on as tight as possible sweetie!

Brealynn: I can't! 

Brealynn's right hand begins to slip. She screams as it slips even more. Ashlynn pulls up Brealynn and jerks her hands onto the parachute straps. 

Ashlynn: That wasn't so hard was it! Oh shi-

The street is clearly visible now, only twenty-five feet in front of them. Ashlynn turns, only to have their parachute catch on a power line, suspending them only eight feet off the ground. 

Ashlynn: Shit! We're stuck! 

Ashlynn hastily opens her satchel, and pulls out her knife, but drops it, leaving them hanging. 

Brealynn: You dropped it!

Ashlynn:  I know sweetie, I know! But you've gotta jump down and get it!

Brealynn: I can't! I'm to little!

Ashlynn: You have to sweetie! You have to!

Graydon turns his parachute towards the town. He can see some railroad tracks, so he decides to follow them. As graydon gets closer to the ground, he can see masses of walkers near the railroad tracks, and standing near a train. Graydon turns again and lands ontop of a train depot, dropping Ellis next to him. She will not say a word. The undead notice him, then start to swarm near the base of the depot. Graydon takes off his parachute pack, then throws it over the walkers, distracting them so he can jump to the train. He fires six rounds from his hunting rifle into the parachute, killing one. Ellis follows, still silent.

Graydon: Hell yeah!

The walkers tear through the parachute and begin to stumble towards the traincar. Graydon shoots another one, but the other twenty five swarm near the base. The traincar begins to rock as the walkers try to push on it. Graydon hears a slight pop, then looks behind him to see an explosion in the city. Some walkers go near the explosion, while the others stay to rock the car. The traincar tips slightly, but levels back out. Graydon shoots another trying to climb up. He pulls the trigger again, only to hear a click. He swears under his breath, then turns around to run, but bumps into Jasper.

Jasper: Need some help old man?

Graydon: I was about to ask the same thing!

Graydon and Jasper laugh, but are interruped when the traincar tips even further.

Jasper: Shit! Take care of these bastards!

Jasper fires a Skorpion down onto the walkers, and kills three. He reloads, and sprays down again. Graydon sighs. 

Erika grips onto Lady, who is holding Guiness. After awhile she pulls the chute.

Erika: Jesus Christ, I am never doing this EVER again!

Lady: Yeah!

They see the helicopter slowly spiraling down. Everyone is parachuting down, she sees. She tips down and then lands on a small hill. She rolls down with Lady and the puppy, then dusts herself off and helps Lady up. She looks over her shoulder, seeing the helicopter slam into a church steeple and then flip over, its tail smashed into a store and the nose pointing up.

Erika: Over there, that's where everyone'll head to!

They start to run towards the crash site.

Ashlynn looks down at the road where her knife is.

Brealynn: Please don't!

Ashlynn: Brealynn, please! I need you to be strong right now!

Brealynn: Okay, be strong... Just like Willie, right?

Ashlynn: Yes.

Brealynn takes a deep breath, then lets go of Ashlynn. She falls down onto her feet, but rolls over and then gets right back up.

Ashlynn: Good job, you did it! Now get the knife and toss it up to me, okay? Be careful, it's sharp.

Brealynn: Ashlynn! I did it!

Brealynn throws the knife up, but misses. 

Will walks through the streets. He sees Ashlynn up on the wires and Brealynn on the ground, screaming. Ashlynn is yelling down to her, telling her what to do. Will sees walkers closing in on them and instantly starts firing at them with his M4. They all topple over and Brealynn sees him.

Brealynn: Willie!

Will hugs her, then looks up at Ashlynn.

Will: Hold on, I'm coming.

Will takes the knife and climbs up the telephone pole on the staples. WHen he gets up, he smiles.

Will: Hold on tight!

He severs the wire and sends Ashlynn flying, screaming. She swings off, then lets go towards the ground, rolling away. She gets up, laughing, then hugs Will.

Will: I found Joshua. His leg's busted pretty bad. And I saw Graydon and Ellis land over at the train station. Jasper too.

Ashlynn: Let's go!

They walked back to the train station, finding Joshua and Sasha.

Jasper shoots the last walker.

Graydon: Let's go.

Graydon and Jasper jump down, followed by the still-silent Ellis. They start walking towards a store, but Will opens the door.

Will: C'mon.

They walk in to see Will, Sasha, Joshua, and Ashlynn.

Kameron walks back and forth. Suddenly the trees ruffle. She instantly turns around, aiming her pistol up at it, but just sees Asher dangling there.

Asher: Help?

Beth lands down. She looks up, seeing two parachutes falling down about one-hundred meters away. She runs over, finding Dean and Reese land next to each other.

Dean: Erika and Lady landed over there, c'mon!

Beth: Alright!

They all start running. After a minute, they find Erika and Lady heading towards the crash site.

Reese: Guys! We need to head to the town, that's where most people landed!

Erika: But the crash site-

Dean: We'll meet up with everyone and then head over there, let's go!

Erika and Lady follow.

Asher lands down softly.

Asher: Thanks.

Kameron: No problem.

They look towards the town to see the last parachute land down next to it.

Kameron: What happened up there?

Asher: I don't know... Everyone made it out okay, but I was the second last person to jump down. Miller and Mason were the last ones, but there was only one parachute, so that person over there is either Miller or Mason.

Kameron: Did Will make it down okay?

Asher: Don't worry, Sasha is fine. If anyone, Will's the guy to trust for this. He kept him okay.

Kameron: I sure as hell hope so... So now what do we do?

Asher stared at the city.

Asher: Now we wait.

Miller hiked through the streets, a grim look on his face. He sees a walker and walks over to it anxiously, then slams his M4 into its face and stomps its head in. He stomps and stomps, letting loose the bioling rage inside of him. He hates the world right now for what it did to Mason and Grimes, his friends. He kicks the dead body and shoots it in the face, unloading a full clip into its head. He repeats six times before a hand grabs his gun.

Will: Jesus Christ, man, what the f-ck? Where's Mason?

Miller looks down in anger at the walker.

Miller: That son of a bitch... He made me take the last parachute and led the helicopter way out there, said he would... HE SAID HE WOULD LET THEM EAT HIS DEAD BODY!! HE ACTUALLY USED THE WORD 'LET'!!! SO NOW WE CAN'T BURY HIM OR NOTHING, HE JUST GETS EATEN!

Will pulls a bottle from his pack, rubs it into a cloth, then shoves it into Miller's face, knocking him out cold.

Will: Thank my lucky chloroform.

Beth, Dean, Reese, Lady, and Erika burst into the store, seeing Will, Brealynn, Graydon, Ellis, Ashlynn, Jasper, Joshua, Sasha, and an unconscious Miller.

Will: You made it.


  • Pvt. Mason (Presumed)

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