At last, although it came quick, the season finale. The title says it all.


The group left the hangar as it was attacked by walkers. The remaining three soldiers, Riley, John, and Parker had to fight them off. Parker was bitten, amputated, and then killed in the chaos. Riley and John were saved by several soldiers, at least 120, who joined the hangar. They decided to make a wall so they could be safer. Riley and Private Katie went to get a cement mixer and brought one back, but then an arrow came flying from the forest and pierced Riley's skull at an angle, not killing him but taking out his right eye. He woke up from a coma 6 months later, and went outside to see the large beautiful community that was built, but only saw over 80 people walking from the forest towards the gate.


Willis Hall

Brealynn Taurus

Asher Lucero

Pvt. Mason

Ellis Hall

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Beth Wring

Dean Chang

Lady Slave

Pvt. Miller

Erika Munnyey

Cpl. Riley

Hannah Reese


Reese and Will pulled open the heavy gate, letting in the woman.

Woman: Thank you so much. I was about dead out there.

Will: No problem. You've been out there this whole time?

Woman: I've had groups here and there, but none of them work out. Sorry, I should probably introduce myself. I'm Erika Munnyey.

Will: I'm Will, this is Hannah.

Reese: Try to call me Reese? I hate my first name, so call me by my last name.

Erika looked down at the ground.

Erika: Not even sure if last names matter anymore.

Will and Reese glanced at each other before Will looked over towards the school.

Will: C'mon inside, you should meet everyone.

They started walking to the school. When they got close, Will looked up at the roof.

Will: It's okay, she's cool!

Beth revealed herself holding the rifle. She was currently on watch.

Will: Taking precautions, sorry. Let's go.

Reese opened the door and they all stepped inside before the oak wooden door clicked itself shut. They stepped through the empty lobby and Will led them to a door, passing the collapsed gym. He turns the golden handle and steps inside, followed by Reese and Erika.

Will: We're okay, everyone.

Everyone steps out from hiding. They appear to be in a cleared out conference room, containing only a table flipped on its side. Asher comes out from behind the bookshelf, putting his gun away. Brealynn and Lady come out, Brealynn holding a puppy.

Will: Guys, this is Erika. She's gonna join us.

They nodded.

Ashlynn: Beth alright?

Will: Yeah, she's fine. We'll get you a room, Erika.

Erika: Thanks.

Jasper: Wait!

Will: Yeah?

Jasper: I haven't left this place since I got here, other than supply runs and getting your group, Will. But how bad is it really out there? I didn't have a rough time, I got here after a month and I've been here ever since.

Erika looks down sadly.

Erika: It's hell out there. What I've seen-... Fathers, sacrificing their children to herds to keep themselves safe... People abandoning their families... It's at an all-time worse. This whole thing just got worse, if you ask me. People are dying left and right, and the people that live... They aren't the people that lived anymore. They turn into something else.

Joshua: How long has it been?

Will: Over a year now. It started in October of 2012, and now it's November 2013. According to my calendar.

Ashlynn: Wow... I can't believe this...

Everyone sits in silence for a minute before Will breaks it.

Will: I'll show you your room.

After she got settled in, Will left to his room. Then he had a dream. He was fighting through a herd of walkers until he killed them all and got into the hangar back in Idaho, where he looked for Riley, John, and Parker. He walked around looking for them. When he looked behind the large Humvee, he was attacked by a zombified Riley.

Will: NO!

He slammed his pistol into his head as Riley tackled him. He wiped the blood off his eyebrow and started to sob. Suddenly he heard voices. He heard Ramona, whispering: 

Ramona: You let me die... You let your friends die... You let Riley, John, Parker, Lucas, Harris, Greene, Medic, and all of your other friends die... Ellis is gonna die soon.... Mason, Miller, Graydon... Everyone you know... You'll let all of them die because that's what you do, Will... I feel ashamed that I called you my lover... Get ready to see your friends... DIE!

Will: STOP!

He angrily grabbed his pistol and fired off the entire clip at the spot where he saw Ramona standing. Blood spattered onto him from her decimated body. He kicked her in the ribs in anger and then started screaming.


He started to sob again, but this time he heard the voice of Ellis.

Will: No... Not you...

Ellis: Get up! Stop it and get the hell up, asshole! C'mon, get up!

Will felt himself shaking all over the hangar and then his body went limp. And then woke up from his nightmare, seeing Ellis shaking him.

Ellis: Get the hell up!

Will: I'm up!

Ellis: Jesus christ, Will, you're sweating like hell. And it's almost two in the afternoon!

Will: God, sorry... I had the worst possible dream.

Ellis: I don't wanna hear it, just get your ass up.

He sat up and Ellis left. He got dressed and then walked up onto the roof. Reese was on watch.

Will: Hey.

Reese: Hey.

Will: This is your fifth day here, right?

Reese: Yeah. I like this place. I don't think I'm ever gonna leave unless I'm either forced out or if there's an amazing oppurtunity. Out on the road... It's not the best place, I'll give you that.

Will: No kidding.

Will stared out onto the horizon.

Will: How many people do you think are still fighting?

Reese: The world is so big, Will, there's always someone out there. But so far, it looks like we're losing this fight. People die every day, maybe not in this world, but every day something dies. Every single person I knew before this started is dead. I had to watch them all die, I had to put a few down, and some I had to kill myself. People are dying, and we won't win this war, the walkers outnumber the people amazingly. We just have to put up as best a fight as we can.

Will: You got that right. I'm gonna check around the fence.

He went around the perimeter, only killing three walkers through it. After that he ate. Asher and the rest had about the same day. Nobody really did anything. It was at night that the miracle happened. Will was getting ready for bed. He pulled on sweatpants to sleep in and pulled off his shirt, then sat on his bed and layed down. A minute later, there was a knock at his door.

Will: C'mon in!

The door opened and Brealynn walked in, holding Will's handheld radio.

Brealynn: Willie? I'm scared! The radio's talking to me!

Will sighed.

Will: No it's not, it's just-.

Will was cut off by a loud static. Suddenly he heard shouting, gunfire, and screams over the radio. Then he heard a familiar voice; it was Riley.

Radio: Will, we're being attacked! We need your immediate assistance! I-! (STATIC)...

The sound of more screams, gunshots, and shouting was heard. Planes were heard and bombs going off were heard. Riley came back on again.

Radio: This is Corporal Riley, we need your immediate assistance! An unreal horde of shitbird deadlimpers is-! (STATIC)...

Will stared in shock, eyes wide open, at the radio. He waited for awhile, but then it was still static. They had lost connection.

Will: Holy shit.


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