The midseason finale of Death Among Us...


The group was reunited and Jazmine was bit, but her arm was cut off and she is still alive, for now. The group was scouting and Asher was elected the new leader. He lead some around and found a pharmacy, but nothing was in it. Two men were watching the group on the highway. Brooklynn noticed a nearby steel mill, and Asher led the group to it. They went inside and found that it was filled with survivors. They ran but Ashlynn was captured and Lauren was shot in the shoulder. They took a prisoner and Asher yelled for them to run. Will was lost in a battle against the walkers, but was never seen dying.


Asher Lucero

Lauren Faunre

Luan Stephens

Jordan Gropp

Ashlynn Taurus

Brooklynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Jazmine Guadycan

Emma Walton

Maddie Stratten

Willis Hall

Hudson Mayer

Ben Gawea


Asher: God damn it, just run!

Asher is carrying Lauren and they run out of the steel mill, Brooklynn crying. Men are heard shouting and shots are fired down at them from the top of the steel mill.

Jordan: Keep your heads down and run, people! We'll make it!

Asher: Son of a bitch, go! I'll be right behind you!

Jordan: Can't let you do that! We need to stay together!

Asher: Don't worry, I'll make it! Someone take Lauren!

Emma and Jordan come and start carrying Lauren back towards the gate. Asher ducks behind a steel barrel and bides his time. As the others run, he aims his rifle up above and starts picking them off, one by one. After killing four of them, the group is clear and is in the forest. All the shots now rain down on him. He sits for a moment and lets out a loud, fake scream of pain. The shots stop after a few more seconds.

Asher: Shit...

The whole group runs, gasping, through the forest. Jordan and Emma are carrying the prisoner and Lauren. After a few minutes, they finally get back to the camp in the forest.

Luan: Holy shit, what the hell happened?

Jordan: The damn place was filled with people, Asher knocked one out.

Luan: People? What the hell happened there? Oh shit, get Lauren in my tent!

The group runs back and puts their weapons down, relieved. Luan and Jordan rush into the tent and set Lauren down next to Jazmine. Luan turns her over and she groans. He starts doing stuff to her back, getting the bullet out.

Luan: Damn, alright. The bullet's out. Now, what the hell happened there? Where's Asher?

Jordan: Well, we-. Oh, shit... Asher was just with us.

Luan: What?

Jordan: Well... We were running away and Ashlynn got carried off, Asher told us to run and we grabbed that guy out there, the one Asher knocked out. Asher told us to go and he stayed behind, shot some. We didn't see him after that.

Luan: God damn it, what the hell? Those shitheads are gonna feel pretty stupid when we go back and get our people. I'll go right now, let's kick some ass!

Jordan: No, I... We can't go yet, we don't have the ammunition for it. We gotta scout around, find stuff, maybe even some good people. We could make it through this, but it won't be easy. And the odds are we'll lose some people in the process.

Luan: You're right, we don't have that much.

Emma sits on a stump and watches Brooklynn and Brealynn. Brooklynn sobs and Brealynn is asking her what is wrong. She watches in guilt as Brealynn continues to sob. Lauren is heard talking to Luan and Jordan in Luan's tent. The bullet had just gotten her shoulder, nothing that bad. Maddie was just standing by a tree. She was lonely, nobody really talked to her. Luan walked out of the tent.

Luan: We decided. We're gonna attack those people in a few days, once we get more weapons and maybe even survivors. I'm gonna head out, scavenge for some stuff and people. I'll be back before night, and I'm going alone.

Emma: You sure? Those guys weren't exactly friendly, what if you run into some while you're out?

Luan: It's a risk I'm willing to take. Don't worry, I'll be careful.

Emma: Okay, bye.

Luan picks up the last empty backpack and grabs a shotgun. As he touched it, something sparked in his brain. He remembered a shotgun, Hannah. Will's named shotgun. When he remembered, a part of him broke. Will was one of the people he trusted to keep the group safe, part of the reason he was a friend. Luan shook his head and walked into the forest. He walked for an hour before he heard rustling in the trees. He raised his gun and aimed it towards the sound.

Luan: Who the hell is it? Come out, or I won't hesitate to unload on your ass right now!

Luan waits for a few seconds until a figure steps out of the trees.

Luan: You-... Asher?

Asher: Oh, jesus. Thought you were gonna shoot me.

Luan: What the hell happened back there?

Asher: I stayed behind, and when they went inside, I ran. I screamed and pretended I was dead. Glad I found you now, where's everyone else?

Luan: Back at camp, I've been scouting for an hour now. Everyone's fine, Lauren made it. It hit just right, in her shoulderblade. I'm still not done scouting, wanna come with?

Asher: Sure.

The two started walking and kept going for two hours.

Asher: How's the group doin'?

Luan: Not so good, they were pretty shaken up when they got back. I'm just worried about Ashlynn.

Asher: Yeah.

Luan: Do you think we'll get her back?

Asher: Damn right we are, I'll die for it. We just gotta plan and get supplies.

They walk for a few more minutes.

Luan: What is going on?

Asher: What do you mean?

Luan: I mean this whole god damn world. Why do we have to live like this? What went wrong, made this all happen? Dead started to rise, people died, humanity went to shit.

Asher: I just don't know. Something bad, that's for sure. You know, you never mentioned how you got to the house.

Luan: Oh, well... I was kinda with my girlfriend and she got eaten, I put her down. I started running around, got to Analee's place.

Asher: That's a quick story, what about family?

Luan: Not much family at all. Mom died when I was young, Dad went to prison for dealing drugs. I was raised by my cousins, and I moved out when I was eighteen. While I was gone, two of them died. One of cancer, one from my dad's drugs. So yeah, pretty wasted life. I was a combat medic in the Iraq war, came home for the holidays, and shit hit the fan.

Asher: Wow, that sucks. When do you think we'll get back to camp?

Luan: I don't know, a couple more hours. We'll turn around in twenty minutes.

Asher: Alright.

They walked for about ten more minutes until they reached a swampy area.

Asher: Oh, hell, we're close to the highway by Analee's neighborhood now.

Luan: Didn't you say Nathan had like, four backpacks?

Asher: Oh yeah! We'll get them, let's go!

They start to run when they hear a splashing sound, followed by another. It comes from a ditch nearby.

Asher: What the hell?

Luan: Come on.

They raise their guns and slowly walk towards the ditch. The grass gets muddy and wet. They continue and finally reach the ditch, looking into it.

Asher: Holy shit!

Luan: Is that-?

They run down to the tattered and bloody body. As they started to help him, they panicked. They both knew who it was, barely concious. He was ripped up all over and was only making small grunting noises. Luan and Asher heaved him up and started carrying him back to their camp.

Asher: Will.

A grassy field is shown burnt to hell. As the wind slightly rustles it, three men walk through the field, followed by four cars. More men follow, and eventually at least thirty men are seen altogether. They are then seen going into a forest, and coming out of a steel mill.

Emma: Damn it, when is he gonna be back? Luan's been gone for almost an hour now.

Jordan: Something might have happened, but we'll be okay. He'll make it back, just wait.

Stratten: What if he doesn't?

Jordan: Trust me, he will.

Just then, movement is heard and the forest around them rustles. Luan and Asher run into camp carrying Will.

Asher: Get medical supplies, hurry! Will's alive, but barely, so get some damn supplies!

Jordan: Oh, shit!

Emma: Asher's alive!

Stratten: I'm more surprised Will's alive! Let's get the tent open!

They run into Luan's tent where Jazmine is lying down and Lauren is resting. Lauren is surprised to see Asher and Will. She blushes when Will is inside.

Lauren: Oh my gosh, he's alive!

Luan: Yeah, he made it!

Asher: Let's leave Luan to it.

They leave the tent as Luan does medical stuff to the now unconcious Will.

Jordan: You made it.

Asher: Of course I did, I said I would. Where's that prisoner we took?

Jordan: Oh, he's tied up in there.

Asher: Alright, I'm going to go see him.

Asher walked away and ducked into the tent. He saw a man tied to a chair.

Prisoner: 'The hell do you want?

Asher: Where do you keep prisoners?

Prisoner: I ain't sayin' nothin'!

Asher looked at him and pulled another chair next to him. He sat down in front of him and rubbed his face.

Asher: What's your name, kid?

Prisoner: Ben.

Asher: Okay, Ben. I want you to tell me something. Where's our girl?

Ben just sits there, not answering.

Asher: Where the hell is our girl?

Ben: I told you, I won't answer.

Asher: Kid, this will turn out much better for you if you just tell me. I don't want to hit you, but if that's what it takes, I'll do it.

Ben: Screw you.

Asher: Damn it, where the hell is she, you little shit?

Ben just sits there. Asher lunges and grabs his shirt.

Asher: You answer me, damn it! I want answers! Tell me! Where the hell is our girl?! Answer me!

Ben just leans back, not answering still.

Asher: Fine. Don't put this on anyone but you, you made me do it.

Asher pulls his fist back and punches him in the face, yelling for him to tell him where Ashlynn is. He hits him two more times until Jordan runs in.

Jordan: Asher!

Asher: What is it?

Jordan: They're here.

Asher sighs and looks at Ben, the teenager.

Asher: We aren't done.

Asher quickly runs outside and sees three men with rifles, four cars, and lots more men behind that.

Asher: What the hell do you want?

Man: Hello there, I'm the boss of these guys. My name is Hudson. What's your name?

Asher just stares angrily in silence at Hudson and his men. Lauren, Luan, Emma, and Jordan are with him now. Maddie ushers the little girls into the tent with Jazmine and Will, then comes with them.

Hudson: Fine, bitch, be that way. You have our man, so give him back!

Asher: Give us back ours, then.

Hudson: Wow, someone's been taking bitchy pills! Now, you also killed several of my men! You gotta pay up now! I tried to be reasonable and friendly at first, but you're just pushing me to go the hard way, buddy! So, last chance, give us our man and we'll bring your girlfriend back safe and sound!

Asher just looks on in silence.

Hudson: You asked for it.

He turns around to his men, lowering his voice.

Hudson: Kill them. Kill all of them.

As the flurry of bullets rains down upon them, Maddie Stratten's body is the first to crumple to the ground.


  • Maddie Stratten

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