Episode 7 of Death Among Us! Get ready guys- The midseason finale is next!


After most of the group left the house, Nathan, Asher, Will, Brooklynn, Brealynn, and Jair were attacked by walkers. Nathan and Jair died by them and Will stayed behind to torch the house. The three were cut off from Brooklynn and they saw the house blew up, believing it killed Will. Asher and Brealynn found Brooklynn and returned to the house, where Jazmine had been bit. Ashlynn, Luan, Jordan, and Lauren were with her. Ashlynn greeted her sisters and Asher chopped Jazmine's arm off in an attempt to save her, much to Jordan and Luan's dismay. Asher left out to the woods and Ashlynn thanked him and told him to tell them what had really happened. After the discussion, he told them that Will was dead.


Asher Lucero

Luan Stephens

Jordan Gropp

Lauren Faunre

Ashlynn Taurus

Brooklynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Jazmine Guadycan

Emma Walton

Maddie Stratten


It had been a day since Asher had told the group of Will's demise, and they had left the house for good. On and on they walked, slowly going in circles without realizing it. After about an hour, they stopped.

Asher: We'll camp out here. Pitch a few tents on the side of the road, keep a look out. We'll be good for now.

Ashlynn and Emma glare at each other as they start to pitch a tent. Over the apocalypse, they had both grown fond of Asher. They loved the way he kept them safe, how he put others in front of himself. They both were into it, and they each knew the other one liked him. Luan has Jazmine slung over his shoulder, passed out, and he lays a few blankets out on the ground. He set her down softly, and she slightly woke up.

Luan: Hey, you okay?

Jazmine: Um... Y....Yeah I'm.... Fine...

Luan: Alright, just checking. Talk to me if you need anything.

Jazmine had been weak and had only woken up twice including this time. Luan walked away and saw Jordan walking the side of the road, checking the perimeter. Luan picked up his Glock and started walking to Jordan. He nodded when he got there.

Luan: This okay with you?

Jordan: What do you mean?

Luan: I mean Asher, what he did? I don't know if we can trust him anymore. Although Jazz might live, he might've saved her.

Jordan: Hell with that, he just hacked her arm off. We can't trust him anymore, he just took a bunch of blood. She'll die now.

Luan: I don't know, she would've died anyway, and she still isn't dead. She might make it, but there's a chance she won't. He could have saved her, but I don't know.

Jordan: It's just not right. All this shit going on around us and he goes and does that? I don't like it at all.

Luan: I know, trust me, I don't like it either. But she might make it, we have to give him credit for that.

Asher walked the other side of the road and saw Jordan and Luan talking. They didn't like what he did, but he had to. He continued to walk and saw Emma and Ashlynn setting up a tent. He looks across and sees Maddie Stratten sitting on a log watching Brooklynn and Brealynn play tag. Lauren was setting up another tent about ten feet away from them. The group was shattered in Asher's eyes, broken. They didn't trust each other at all. Luan and Jordan didn't trust Asher, pretty much nobody trusted them, Emma and Ashlynn hated each other for some reason he didn't know, and Maddie Stratten was really lonely. Nobody really talked to her. Asher saw nothing bad and started walking back to the tents.

Asher: How are we on food?

Lauren: Not bad, but not great. We'll need more in a couple of days.

Asher: Alright, I'll take Emma for some tomorrow.

As soon as he said this, Emma slightly smiled and got excited. Ashlynn glared at her.

Asher: What about tents?

Emma: We've got three, and there's ten of us, so one tent'll have four and two will have three.

Asher: Okay, who wants to go in the four tent?

Nobody said anything.

Jordan: I'll go in it, whatever.

Luan: I gotta stay with Jazz to make sure she's okay.

Ashlynn looked longingly at Asher.

Ashlynn: Well... I... I guess my sisters and I can share a tent. Someone can come with us.

Stratten: I will!

Ashlynn was about to protest but she reluctantly agreed.

Asher: Okay, so you four get that tent on the left. I'll put up the third tent so Jordan, Emma, and I will go in that. So that means Lauren, Luan, and Jazmine will get the second one.

Asher had been acting strangely ever since Will's death. He picked up a machete and started walking away from the group.

Ashlynn: Asher, wait!

Asher: No, we're good. I'm gonna set up this tent and you guys can just... Get set up.

Emma: No, really. We need to talk.

Asher: No, there's nothing to talk about.

Lauren: There is! We know Will's death upset you, and we need a sense of hope.

Asher turned around.

Emma: Really Asher, this is serious. We need a new leader.

Asher: What do you want, another vote?

Luan: No, this time it's obvious who we'd pick. We would all pick you no matter what, and you've been keeping us alive the whole time. We need you to lead us.

Jordan: Never said I would...

Asher sighs.

Asher: I haven't been keeping us alive, Will did. I lived because of Will. I never did anything to keep you alive.

Ashlynn: You kept my sisters alive, you need to do it.

Asher looked up at the sky.

Emma: We need a new leader.

Asher: Fine, I'll do it. Come help me set up this tent.

Hours later, the entire group was asleep. When they were checking the perimeter, they didn't notice the two figures behind the shrub. These figures didn't move because they weren't walkers.

The next morning, Brealynn was the first up. She rolled over and shook Brooklynn awake.

Brealynn: When will Ashlynn be up?

Brooklynn: I don't know, why are you asking me?

Brealynn just looked down and started thinking about their mom, about their house in Meridian. She wanted to go home.

Brealynn: Are we ever gonna go home?

Brooklynn didn't answer. Ashlynn opened her eyes and looked at them.

Ashlynn: You two are up early.

Brealynn: Yeah, I woke her up.

Ashlynn: 'Kay...

They lie down in silence for a few moments.

Brealynn: I want to go home...

Ashlynn: I know, sweetie, I know.

Once the group wakes up, they eat breakfast and pack up the tents. They start walking down the highway for hours and eventually stop for lunch.

Asher: After this I'm gonna take a group and search around for food and a place to stay.

Luan: Who you takin'?

Asher: Doesn't matter, whoever wants to go. I was thinkin' I'd take Ashlynn, Lauren, Jordan, and Maddie.

Brooklynn: I wanna come too!

Ashlynn: No, you stay here. I need you to be safe.

Brooklynn: I will, I survived all night alone! I'll be okay!

Ashlynn: I said n-.

Asher: She'll be okay, Ashlynn. I'll make sure. She did make it all night after all. What's an hour gonna do?

Ashlynn: Well, I... Okay.

Asher: Alright then, we'll go after lunch.

A couple minutes later Asher, Jordan, Lauren, Ashlynn, Maddie, and Brooklynn got weapons and started to head off. They walked for twenty minutes until they ran into a pharmacy.

Asher: Alright, get behind me. Get ready, this place could be crawling with walkers.

Asher gets ready and quickly pulls the doors open.

Asher: Alright, none came out, get flashlights.

The group splits up and goes all around the store, finding nothing but empty shelves.

Asher: Shit, empty shelves. Let's go.

They walked for about another half hour before Brooklynn shouted out loud.

Brooklynn: Everyone, look!

The group looks over the trees and they see two large factory buildings.

Asher: Whoa, holy shit! What the hell is that?

Jordan: I've seen one of those before, what are they called?

Ashlynn: It looks safe, what is it?

Jordan: It's a steel mill. That's what it was called.

Lauren: Could we live in it?

Asher: I don't know, I think so. It doesn't look overrun.

Stratten looked down sadly for some reason.

Ashlynn: What's wrong?

Stratten: It just brings back memories, you know? My husband used to work in a steel mill.

Lauren: I'm sorry for your loss.

Stratten: Well no, I never saw Josh die, I mean... He was in Portland for work when the apocalypse hit. He was tough, you know? He could still be alive.

The group looked down sadly.

Asher: Let's go back, get the group. We'll come back here with them and try to check it out.

Two hours later, they came back with the whole group and looked at the steel mill.

Asher: Everyone ready?

Luan: Let's go.

They were walking until they went through the forest between them and the steel mill and Luan stopped them.

Luan: We can't take Jazmine. I'll stay behind with her, someone will stay with me. Maddie, you want to? Also, Brealynn better stay.

Stratten nodded.

Asher: Alright then, set up camp back towards the middle of the forest. We'll be back by nightfall. Will she be okay?

Luan: She lost a lot of blood, I don't know.

They split up and the people remaining started walking towards the steel mill. No walkers were visible between the gates and the steel mill. The gates were lined across the top with barbed wire.

Asher: Let's go.

They ran to the gates and Jordan cut it with a pair of bolt cutters. Once they were in, they got to the side of the larger building. They opened the side door and started to file in. They were completely silent, their footsteps not making sound. They kept going, up the stairs and to the second floor, where they heard something that scared them more than anything: Walkers don't talk.

Voice 1: ...People, out there! I saw them come in, we need to stop them!

Voice 2: Fine, go check outside. I'll see you later.

Voice 1: Alright.

A man came around the corner and Asher slammed his Baretta into his temple. The man crumpled to the ground and Asher sighed.


Asher: Shit, people live here, not walkers!

Ashlynn: Everyone get their shit together because we need to go right now!

Asher: Hurry and come on, we're leaving! We'll figure it out later!

Just then two men came around the corner.

Man 1: What the hell?

Man 2: Shoot them!

They had drawn their pistols and started to fire. They missed, and Asher yelled for everyone to take cover. Brooklynn started to run but was fired at by the first man, who barely missed her.


Brooklynn: ASHLYNN!

Ashlynn had gotten very mad and had run at them with the baseball bat, hitting one man in the head. He crumpled down but the second man hit her in the head with the butt of his rifle, knocking her down.

Asher: Everyone, get back!

The group ran down the hall without Ashlynn and more men were shouting, firing shots.

Lauren: AAAHHH!

She had been shot in the shoulder right when they got to the stairs, tumbling down. Asher yelled for them to get down and to run, and he picked up Lauren.

Asher: Go, we need to get out of here right now, Ashlynn is gone! Grab that guy we knocked out!

Jordan is still at the top and picks up the man they knocked out, running after them.

Asher: Alright, we have a prisoner, now run! We need to go! Just run! RUN!!


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