Kattner before the apocalypse.

Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Before the apocalypse, Private Joey Kattner was a man of religious beliefs, as he believed joining the army was his way of God's Will. He lived in Seattle, Washington, where he was alone. His mother died in childbirth and his father killed himself after his mother died, leaving Kattner with his grandma. When he left to Afghanistan his Grandmother died of Alzheimer's disease and he felt terrible for not being there. The house was left to him, where he stayed when he wasn't at war. When he came back one day, he found his neighbor banging on his door. He told her to calm down, but when she turned around she had blood dripping from her lips. She chased him all over the neighborhood. When he realized what was going on and that almost everyone was doing this, he opened fire on them and killed them all. He knew what he had to do, and left his house.


After Kattner lost his house, he headed down for Oregon, where he camped in the Elkhorn Mountain Range. After awhile, his small camp was overrun. He barely made it out alive, and traveled to Portland. There he got loads of guns and traveled back down, until he found a cabin. About to go in, he saw people were living there and he went along the road until he found a pharmacy, where he stored his guns and stayed for the remainder of the apocalypse, until he found a radio. He let out a broadcast and found that the Montana Wing was traveling to Idaho, where a few soldiers had formed a small community. He tried to let evryone in the area know, and a man with two soldiers pulled up in a humvee, offering to take Kattner to his cabin. Kattner accepted, as he now resides at the cabin with Will and his group.