After Will found the men at the hangar, they attacked the steel mill. Asher and Brooklynn went scouting. Luan found out that Ben had escaped. Luan got angry and went into the forest in search of Ben. Hudson came back and killed Maddie Stratten and Emma. After Ben escaped, Asher had a brief fight with walkers. Ben took Asher's gun and, aiming for Asher, he shot Brooklynn in the stomach. Asher punched Ben to near death and left him for the walkers. Luan found him and dragged him back to camp. When he got back, He found the group tied up in a tent. Asher was kidnapped in that attack. Will shared a joke with Miller in the helicopter.


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Luan Stephens

Jordan Gropp

Lauren Faunre

Jazmine Guadycan

Pvt. Grimes

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Miller

Sgt. Harris



Radio: Whiskey 2-1, going down, over. This is Pvt. Red and Pvt. Davidson; we’ll try and fight our way back to the ground team

Radio: Whiskey 1-1, that’s you Colonial; provide air support for the ground team, over.

Will: Roger that, over.

Whiskey 1-1 slams the ground with a large thud. The trail broke off, and the rotor flew into the steel mill, exploding on impact.

Will: Damn!

Sgt. Smith radios Will for assistance.

Sgt. Smith: Will, we need air support! We’ve got one wounded! Hit the smokestack! I don’t think there are only 30 of them!

Radio: Roger that, bombs away!

Five missiles hit the base of the smokestack, sending it flying down to the ground. A large cloud of dust forms around the steel mill.

Sgt. Smith: Thanks, Will, but we’ve lost visibility-

Radio: On it!

Will’s helicopter drops down flares, clearing smoke.

Sgt. Smith: Thanks Will! Oh shit……

Pvt. Red and Davidson run over to Sgt. Smith.

Red: We’re ok, it’s fine. Oh DAMMIT!

Smith drops his gun. A giant horde of walkers stumble towards the group.

Red: I know what I have to do.

Red grabs his handgun and runs towards the zombies.

Red: Come on! COME ON! LETS GO!

Davidson runs over to join Red.

Davidson: Lead them inside the steel mill! I’ll just lightly pick ‘em off!

Davidson starts shooting at the zombies.

Sgt. Smith: You don’t have to do this! I’m gonna help! Cpl. Riley, you’re in charge of this humvee now.

Riley: Yessir. Alright men! Get in! We’re gonna find the other group, I think they’re on the other side of the building!

Another roar of gunfire reigns down from the building. Riley crumples to the ground.

Riley: Oww! SHIIIIIT! I think I got hit on the ear! Dammit! Medic!

Pvt. Medic: Nothing serious, luckily.

Medic quickly wraps some bandages around Riley’s ear. '''''Riley looks over at the horde of zombies, they don’t notice the soldiers., and they’re all inside the building now, the gunfire zones inside, but the soldiers on the roof continue to fire. Pvt. Medic turns around.

Pvt. Medic: It’s working! We might be-

A bullet rushes through his brain, and he falls to the ground.

Riley: No!!!!!!!! YOU BASTARDS!

Riley jumps into the humvee with his men. He starts it and drives into the steel mill. 

Meanwhile, the other humvee sits by the group, trying to start.

Jordan: What do you mean I can’t go?

Sgt. Hacker: Ah, well…ok. 

Hacker: Alright, Jordan, you know the steel mill well, can you guide me though it?

Jordan: Yeah, that's what I just said.

Hacker: Cpl. Lucas, you and the rest will stay with the group, keep them safe ok?

Cpl. Lucas: Yessir.

Hacker: Alright, lets go!

The humvee roars to life and drives towards the steel mill. Jordan looks up, only four helicopters remain. He then looks over at the wrecked helicopter on the ground. A real shame it was, to see these bandits destory the US Army's equipment.

Jordan: So, can I ask where the hell you all came from?

Hacker: We’re Will’s soldiers. He’s our commanding officer.

Jordan: Oh…

Hacker: Oh hell no.

Jordan: Damn it.

A truck, with solid steel armor drove out of the steel mill, followed by another, and another, until there were 10 armored cars outside. All at once, a hatch opened. People holding RPG’s aimed up at the helicopters, then fired. Whiskey 1-2 lost its tail and began to fall to the ground, towards the humvee.

Hacker: Son of a bit-

The helicopter slammed into the humvee, erupting into a giant ball of fire. Jordan ran from the ball of fire, engulfed in flames.

Jordan: AHHHHH!!!!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan screamed one last scream before falling to the ground, lifeless.

Meanwhile, the remaining three helicopters formed together.

Will: Alright, you’re under my command.

Will picks up the megaphone.

Will: Attention Hudson! Surrender or else we’ll blow you all to hell!

There is no response.

Will: You have 45 seconds!

Will and his three helicopters sit in mid-air for 30 seconds.

Will: Alright, Cpl. Riley, Bring around your humvee, go inside and get him!

Radio: Roger that!

Out of the corner of his eye, Will catches sight of a man with an RPG shoot a shell at him. It missed, but barely. The helicopters break formation and begin to hover around the mill, firing missiles and machine guns. Then the armored cars begin to roll around the mill, firing mounted machine guns at the helicopters. Will looks over to see an entire volley of bullets hit the pilot of Whiskey 2-2. The helicopter spins out of control, slamming into two of the armored cars on the ground, exploding into a giant fireball. Will picked up the radio.

Will: Miller! It’s time we use, "the package!"

Radio: HOORAH!

Back at the campEdit

Miller: Jazmine, you feeling ok?

Jazmine winces at Miller.

Jazmine: Fine, fine.

Miller: Well, I need you guys to get going, we're gonna blow up the entire steel mill. With a giant bomb. 

Luan’s jaw drops.

Luan: Wha……

Brealynn helps Jazmine up to feet, then leads the group into the woods, until they reach a bare hill at the top of the woods, then sits the group down on the hill.

Cpl. Lucas: This ain’t right man.

Miller: Shut up and give me a brick!

Cpl. Lucas puts a brick on the gas pedal of the stripped humvee. Cpl. Riley and his men had found Lucas and his surviving men, as they regrouped around the mill and were sitting in cover as the gunfire reigned down around them and hit the helicopters. The group was completely unsure of what happened to Smith, Greene and Hacker. There were eight men from the ground team alive, and four from the air support. The remaining two helicopters swarmed around the mill’s roof, dodging the RPGS and gunfire.

Riley: Ok, hit it!

Miller shifts the humvees, carrying the MOAB, into drive, as he steers them inside the mill. At the last second, Miller jumps out of the humvee. The humvee perched itself right in the dead center of the mill, lodged between some pressing equipment.

Miller: Now all we gotta do is go get Asher, in less then….one hour.


Lucas: YOLO!

Miller: What does that mean?

Lucas: YOLO means you only live once.

Miller: Ok then…we didn't need to know that.

Soon enough, the eight men began to storm the building. They threw smoke grenades into the mill and stormed inside. Miller armed the bomb and began to look around.

Miller: Just abandoned equipment.

Miller looked over at a large sign. The sign said Mineshaft and pointed towards a small valve.

Lucas: The Hell?

Riley impulsively turned the lever. A giant iron door slowly cranked open. Red flashing lights and caution sirens flared. The old iron door then fully opened.

Riley: No shit?

Lucas paused for a second, shushing everyone.

Lucas: They’re dead. For sure.

Lucas could hear screaming and moaning of the dead. After a second, the lights turn on.  The shaft was fifty feet wide by fifty feet tall, maybe going back for miles, on a gentle slope. Miller saw minecart tracks, and one lone minecart. Miller grinned an evil grin.

Miller: I’m gonna go get Asher. Stay here.

Miller jumped into the minecart and pushed a button. Within two minutes he had Asher riding back up with him, and Hudson tied up in the cart behind him.

Miller: Taken care of.

Miller picks up his radio.

Miller: Will, we’ve got Hudson and Asher, now what?

Radio: Pull out, you know what happens next.

Hudson: No, no no no! I don’t wanna die!

Riley kicks Hudson.

Riley: Shut UP!

Radio: Heyoo! It’s Will, Whiskey 2-1 and I made a little room. We can extract you all! Despite we have about, two minutes to get away from the nuke.

The two helicopters touch down on the ground. Cpl. Lucas and his men, and Asher get into a helicopter while Riley knocks out Hudson and puts him in the helicopter.


The helicopters take off and begin to work their way away from the mill. Will looks at his mirrior. The bomb exploded, completely decimating the mill. The shockwave went rolling through the woods, knocking over trees. The helicopter studdered, then began to shake.

Will: AGH!

Will pulled back on the stick, leveling the helicopter. The blast threw it forward, and Will's foot hit the pedal, rolling the helicopter. It his the ground, tail first, then it snaps and flies away. The fuselage rolls on the road until it lands on its skids, sitting there.

Will: That-

Miller: Was-

Will + Miller: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!


Random Soldier: Uh, yeah, not possible.

Will: Damn. I forgot.

Will opened the helicopter door, as it fell of its hinges. He began to casually walk towards the other helicopter. The wreck was much better. Greene was in the cockpit, laughing. His co-pilot was reviewing what just happened, and Asher was sitting on the pavement, wondering how this was even possible. The other soldiers were all drinking a victory drink.

Asher: That….was…amazing.

Greene: HA-HA!

Co-Pilot: So, what about the people trapped underground?

Asher: Shit...we murdered innocent people.

Hudson: You won’t get away with this! I’ll tell the government!

Lucas walked over, drunk already.

Lucas: Son, we are the governmenty force people of these here parts….

Lucas broke a beer bottle on Hudson’s head, knocking him cold.

Luan: Will!

Will looked over to the tree line. The group, with Ben tied up behind them, appeared.

Lucas: Of course we have enough booze for ya’ll people.

Lucas passed out, drunk.

Luan: Oh wait, the prisoners.

Miller tossed Ashlynn a revolver.

Miller: Use it wisely, I think. Didn't I load it? Didn't it? Oh shit- Crap! Wait! Yes I did!

Ashlynn walked over to Ben. She untied him, then helped him to his feet.

Ashlynn: You deserve a sporting chance; I’ll give you ten seconds.

Ben began to run.

Ashlynn: 1...2.....10!

Ashlynn shot ben six times in the stomach. 


Greene: And Asher?

Greene handed him an M4. Asher dragged Hudson out from the helicopter, then dragged his tied body behind it. Suddenly, a gunshot erupted from behind the helicopter. He walked back around it, with a grim look on his face, and handed Greene his M4.

Will: So, where’s Jazmine?

Luan looked down in regret.

Luan: Got nabbed by a walker on the way to the crash site. Okay, a couple walkers.

Will: Damnit!

The soldiers quickly packed up the booze. Then loaded their guns, and began to walk down the road. Lucas sat up.

Lucas: W-W-AIT for me!

After a day of walking down the road the group finally got back to the Civil Air Patrol base. The hangar doors slowly opened. The soldiers, the group, everybody jumped onto the couches and chairs.

Will: Oh, We have a helicopter by the way.

Asher: Say What?

Will: We can use it go get out of the valley.

Asher: Where?

Will: My cabin. It’s in Eastern Oregon, in the Elkhorn Mountain Range.

Asher: And it's safe?

Will: Its got barbed wire around the perimeter, fresh water from a creek, solar panels, it’s a great place to go.

Asher: Are you sure?

Will: It’s for the best.

Miller: And I get to go!

Grimes: So do I!

Mason: And, by process of elimination, I get to go as well.

Asher: It’s settled then.


  • Several soldiers
  • Steel mill group

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