Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Before the apocalypse, Phillip Jackson grew up as the youngest child of sadistic parents. When he was 18, he joined the army to get away from his parents. When he came back, he had a hard time finding work. He blamed illegal aliens for his problems. He got swept up in a white supremacist gang. He served as a turture expert and would make sure his victims were in extreme pain before they would die, using his skills from the army days. He is angry, racist, homophobic, and not afraid of anything. He had a sister who he was close to, and when she died at the hands of the walkers, he mourned her and pretends as if she is there sometimes, and talks to her, telling her he hopes she would

Phillip Jackson arriving at his white supremacist gang.

be proud.


Phillip was enjoying a smoke with his white supremacist gang when a dead man barged in. He bit several of the members and only Phillip escaped. He went to his sister's house where he found her hiding out in the basement. They left and decided to stay in Portland. From the roof, they watched family, friends, and strangers die by the dead. They went on runs every day for supplies, until his sister was bit. She cried, and he decided to just leave her as bait, although he felt terrible. When he saw two twins, he shot at them, but they escaped. He started talking to his imaginary sister eventually and went on runs to honor her, until he spotted two people walking through the streets of Portland