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The humvee is speeding. One of Miller's CDs are playing in the radio. "On the Road Again" is playing.

Miller: On the road again, that means going places that I've never been.

Will: We're the best of friends.

Mason: Shit, I forgot my line. 

Kattner: Wow, you are forgetful.

Kattner reaches into the back of the truck and pulls out his guitar. He begins to play along to the CD. Will smiles and begins to tap the steering wheel. Everyone begins to stomp to the rythm not shortly after.

Kattner: Maybe the world isn't so screwed. 

Will: Yeah. I feel a happier then ever. Hey look! A herd!

Mason: Oh shit! 

Will: Of deer!

Will points out the window to a herd of several hundred deer grazing in the meadow. A gentle wind blows the meadow grass. The sun is set on the mountain ridge across the meadow.  Will looks at Miller. His face his grim and he sniffs.

Will: What's wrong?

Miller: I just miss the way things used to be, you know? Things were so happy, until know.

Will: Yeah, I do to. Just look to the brighter side of things, that-

Kattner: What the?

Kattner points out to two men on the side of the road. One's waiving the humvee down while the other is on the ground. Will turns the humvee to the of the road. Will and the others get out and aim thier guns at them.

Man 1: Please! Just help us!

Will: What happened?

Man 1: My brother was attacked by a bear!

Will: Ok, we have a place. Get in!

Man 1: Thank you so much! So what are you guys, Army?

Miller: Totally. 

Man 1: Is the Army still operating?

Mason: We came from Nampa, down in Idaho. Rumors of a small city being built. I don't know if you've heard the planes though.

Kattner: Yeah, other planes of the Army, making thier way down to Nampa.

Man 1: So, what's your story?

Will: I've been in the Army my whole life. Plain and simple.

A silence falls upon the humvee. A few minutes later, the Man replies.

Man 1: I'm Aaron, My brother back there's Jason.

Kattner: Nice to meet you both.

Aaron: So, are we close?

Mason: Yeah, it's just over here. So, is your brother ok? 

Aaron: Yeah, he's fine. I got it all patched up, he just needs some antibiotics and some rest.

Miller: Understandable.

Will slows the humvee and rounds the corner to the cabin. Soon they're travelling down the forest road until they pull up to the gate.

Will: Here we are. Aaron, mind if you'd help us with the stuff in the back?

Aaron: Hell, that's the least I could do. Wait, Pringles, Whiskey, and Water bottles? 

Kattner: Don't ask. It's for the group.

Jason: Group?

Will: Other people, we're just helping them. Looking for a safe haven, you know? We asked what they wanted the most and that's what was possible to get.

Aaron: So, why don't you guys travel to Nampa?

Will: I wanted to come here, to my cabin. More peaceful, you know?

Aaron: Oh.

Will and the new group walked towards the cabin. He hears a gunshot and sees Brealynn go running outside of the cabin. 

Brealynn: Help Will! Lauren's gone, CRAZY!

Will: GOD-

Will and his soldiers ready thier guns, and aim it at the house. they walk into the house in a tight formation. Will turns around to see Lauren holding a bloody knife, cowering in the corner. Kattner fires a round at her hand, and she drops the knife. Her hand begins to bleed, and she starts to cry.

Lauren: Why Will, WHY?!?

Will signals his other soldiers to get the rest of the group out of the rooms. Soon the group walks into the kitchen where Lauren is.

Will: What, In the son of- God Damn- SHIT! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?

Lauren: I love you!

Will: That much is ovbious, but to go on a rampage for it? WHAT IN THE HELL!?!

Luan: The bitch stabbed me!

Miller: You alright?

Luan: Yeah, she just got me in the hand. Nothing serious. 

Aaron: Damn, you should get that patched up.

Ashlynn: Who's this?

Will: Some guys who need our help. We need to get them patched up. Maybe let them stay a little while.

Asher: Is the water going?

Will: Yeah. The electricity work ok?

Luan: Yeah, great!

Kattner: Damn, pretty nice setup!

Will: Hold on guys, I think we need to call a meeting. Asher, Luan, Ashlynn, Miller, Beth, Mason, Kattner, Ramona. We need to decide something. Aaron, Lauren, come with us. Brealynn, can you please go into the cabinet in the bathroom, there may be some antibiotics. Give them to Jason, and get him some water?

Brealynn: Yay! I'm useful!

Everyone laughs. Brealynn runs off to the bathroom. Then the group walks towards the living room.

Will: We have some descisions to make. First, how long Aaron and Jason, the new guys, should stay. Second, Lauren's fate. Any Ideas for Aaron and Jason?

Asher: A week, until they get better.

Luan: A month.

Ashlynn: Let's add them to the group! They look helpless.

Miller: I'm with Ashlynn.

Beth: Same.

Mason: Yeah, they can stay.

Kattner: Yeah, they need help.

Ramona: Let 'em stay, I don't give a shit.

Will: It's settled then! You can stay!


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