Here we are. This episode will hold the most shocking death of the season. Next episode it'll be sort of resolved... Keywords: Sort of.

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Still trying to find the mysterious killer, Asher killed three walkers while on watch, alerting a nearby group of bandits to the school's location. The group was massacred, with Luan losing his left earlobe and unconscious, Asher and Jasper about to die, and everyone else scared and restless. They held off the group although the Master Lock was blown off and the gate is now open...


Asher Lucero

Luan Stephens

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Lady Slave

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Summer Field

Alexander DeLarge


Ashlynn stared, eyes wide, at the bloody scene.

Ashlynn: Oh shit, Asher! Asher! Please! Someone, HELP!!!

Ashlynn crawled over to his body and turned him over, looking him over. A bullet wound was in his lower gut and another in his shoulder. Tears started to flow and Brealynn hugged Lady and started to cry. Just then Joshua and Summer ran in.

Joshua: Oh, shit, what happened?

Summer: God damn it, we need to get Luan. Where are they? I saw Beth with him outside!

Joshua: I'll go get him, just try to stop the bleeding! We can still save Asher!

Joshua ran out the door. He sprinted through the wide hallways and burst out the main doors. He looked around, and to his horror, he saw dozens of walkers roaming around the open fields, and about three more trickling in every half a minute. He gasped.

Joshua: Oh, shit!

He started to fire at heads and ran around the fields, looking for Luan and Beth.

Joshua: Luan! Luan! Beth!

A walker got too close and he kicked it to the ground. He shot it in the head but was tackled by another. Just as he felt its rough teeth on his back, he heard a gunshot and felt all the weight of the walker on top of him. He got off and looked at the gym building, seeing Alexander firing a pistol at the walkers.

Alexander: Go! They're behind the gym!

Joshua nodded and started to run around the gym building. Alexander kept shooting at the walkers and eventually Joshua got to the back of the building, seeing Beth and Luan unconscious, blood all over them, lying down together. He gasped in shock and ran to them, not sure if they were dead or not. He couldn't tell, so he took Luan's pulse. He was alive, and so was Beth. He started to potato-bag Luan and Beth, one on each shoulder, so now he was unable to use his rifle as it was slung to the side. He carried them out around the opposite side he came and started to walk as fast as he could to the main building. Alexander covered him until his gun clicked.

Alexander: I'm out! I'll meet you down there!

Joshua started to jog until he finally reached the doors. He carried them up the stairs and burst into the infirmary, or the nurse's office. He laid each of them on a bed and back up, not knowing what to do.

Joshua: Oh, shit...

Just then Ashlynn and Summer ran in, carrying Asher. Brealynn and Lady followed. They set him on a bed as they talked.

Ashlynn: What happened?

Joshua: They're both alive, got a strong pulse, but I don't know how to wake them up!

Summer: We need to do something!

Joshua: We don't know what to do!

Suddenly Beth sat up. She looked at everyone then back at Luan, then gasped.

Beth: Oh, shit, no! Luan!

Joshua: Beth, stop, he's all right! You need to tell us what happened out there, though! A group attacked us and shot at us, what did they do?

Beth: They... Oh, I remember! He's okay, they just shot off his earlobe! We just have to shake him awake!

She started to shake Luan until he opened his eyes.

Luan: Wha-....

Beth: Luan, you need to save him! Come on!

Luan looked over at Asher's bed, widening his eyes.

Luan: Oh, shit!

Luan instantly sat up, getting off the bed. He stumbled to the ground, weak, but got back up. He limped to Asher's bed.

Luan: Everybody. Right now. I need the sewing kit, bandages, bandaging tape, gauze pads, tweezers, paper towels, and a hell of a lot of painkillers! Go, get them to me!

The group frantically ran around looking for supplies while Luan took a washcloth, poured a cup of water on it, wrung it out, and began to clean the wounds. Soon everyone was outside the infirmary, waiting for Luan to be done. Alexander walked up the stairs, carrying a bloody Jasper.

Alexander: Found him on the roof. He's bleeding out, Luan has to help him!

Alexander runs inside, sets Jasper on a bed, and runs back out. Luan was too busy operating on Asher to take notice, although he did plan to tend to Jasper immmediately. After about forty-five minutes, Luan stepped out, blood on his hands.

Luan: I did what I could.

The group steps inside and sees a clean Asher and Jasper. Jasper is seen to be breathing lightly, but Asher seems to take a breath about every twenty seconds.

Luan: I removed the bullets and cleaned them out. The bleeding stopped so they should be okay, but it'll take time.

Ashlynn: So, they'll live?

Luan: I sure hope so.

A bandage is wrapped around Luan's left ear. Joshua steps up and make his announcement.

Joshua: Everyone, there umm.... There's a slight problem outside. The group that attacked shot off the lock and opened the gate. When I went out to get Luan and Beth, there were dozens of walkers across the field. More appear to be coming every minute.

Summer: So we're trapped?

Joshua: The walkers heard the shots and it drew them here. They sren't gonna leave anytime soon, but there are way too many for just the able-bodied ones here to take out.

Ashlynn: How many walkers are we talking about?

Joshua: As far as I could tell, about four dozen and counting.

Summer: Four dozen?

Joshua: And counting.

Beth: How exactly are we gonna get food? We're in the middle of winter and the Cafeteria building is across the field!

Joshua: Exactly. We're trapped in this building for now, without food. If one person could go out and shut that gate it would help a lot.

Summer: But there's fifty walkers out there! How the hell would that person get past them?

Luan: A distraction. That person goes out the back door from the janitor's office, the rest of us go to the roof and yell at them. It's risky, but it would work.

Joshua: Either that or we all load up and head out, try and take 'em all out with our firepower.

Beth: Luan's plan is less risky.

Summer: But who would be willing to risk themself to close the gate?

Luan: I can't, not with my busted ear.

Joshua: I'm too muscly, not nimble enough.

Summer: I will.

Beth: No, you guys took us in to the school, it has to be one of us.

Ashlynn: I'll do it.

Beth: You have your sister to live for.

Ashlynn: I'm the smallest one here, other than the kids. I can do it, in and out, really quick. It won't be a problem.

Summer: You sure?

Ashlynn: I'm sure. 

About ten minutes later, Ashlynn is holding the group leader's bowie knife and has duct tape covering her wrists, ankles, neck, and hands. She stands in the janitor room, holding a new Master Lock. They have about six of them in a box in the backstage of the auditorium. She holds the knife and lock. Summer stands at the door, holding the handle.

Summer: Ready?

Ashlynn: Ready.

Summer opens the door and Ashlynn creeps outside. The door closes and she looks up at Jasper who is peering down from the roof.

Joshua: Go, we got it!

Ashlynn runs around towards the gate, seeing all the walkers grouped up at the main building, growling and reaching relentlessly up at the group above. She stabs one not over there and keeps running, determined to do this. Everyone up on the roof started to yell at the walkers to get their attention when one turned around and started stumbling towards Ashlynn. She kept running and got to the gate, seeing the old lock on the ground. She unlocked it and put the lock through the hole, then snapped it back together. She wiggled it, making sure it was locked, then turned around and started to run back. When she got close to the walkers, about eight of them turned around and started to walk towards her.

Ashlynn: Oh, shit! What do I do?

Joshua: Just stay calm! Back up and go around! Go slowly, so they follow you and don't cut you off!

Ashlynn: Okay! Can I have some help down here? Get wepons and we can try to take them out!

Luan: It's too risky! I'll meet you outside by the gym, just take it slowly and I'll meet you there!

So Ashlynn started to creep around the walkers, drawing all the attention to her. She backed up slowly, herding them towards her. When she got around to the gym building, Luan ran out with a shotgun. They started to run back to the main building.

Luan: Go, we're almost there!

They started to run until suddenly Luan tripped. There was a walker- well, I guess you could say a crawler- on the ground, legless. It had grabbed Luan's ankle as they were running, knocking him on the ground.

Ashlynn: Oh shit, LUAN!

Luan: Just go, get inside!

The walker struggles to grab Luan's ankle and bite him, while Luan kicks it, trying to shake it off. Ashlynn takes her knife and slams the blade into its temple. She helps Luan up, then they turn around and see the giant horde of walkers about five feet away.

Ashlynn: RUN!

Luan: Get back, open the door! I'll hold them off!

Ashlynn sprints to the door and swings it open as Luan pumps and fires the shotgun over and over again. Walkers drop down and Luan keeps firing.

Ashlynn: Luan, come ON!

Luan: Alright, GO! I'm coming!!!

Ashlynn holds the door open. When Luan runs in, she slams it shut and clicks the lock. Walkers start to bang on the door and Summer runs in.

Summer: Oh, thank God you made it. But that door won't hold forever. How many did you kill?

Luan: Oh, I don't know... Around, ten maybe? I really don't know.

Ashlynn: It wouldn't be as hard as it seems. We could honestly herd them out the gate and into the woods if we wanted to. It wasn't hard to get there and back at all.

Summer: That's what we were saying up on the roof. Joshua says he can take two people out front and have everyone else shoot down at them. Now that we've got the gate closed this'll be a lot easier.

Luan: The safest way, honestly, would be just to have everybody go out there and take them down. I took out about a fourth, and that was just me. All of us together could do it easily.

Summer: I'll go tell Josh, you guys get loaded up.

About twenty minutes later, the group stands at the door in the lobby, holding melee weapons in their hands.

Luan: Okay, everybody, you know the plan? We don't use guns until we really have to. We need to save bullets. On my lead. One... Two... Three!

Luan slams the door open and they all run outside. They split up into two miniature groups and head around the back of the school. There they see the walkers pounding on the door. They turn to the group and growl, then start to stumble. Luan hits one with a hammer and Joshua slams his shovel into one's head. Summer slams the bat into one and Ashlynn stabs one with her bowie knife. Alexander swung a hatchet into a head. A python was sheathed at his side and an M1903 Springfield rifle was slung over his shoulder. This went on until finally all the walkers were decimated.

Luan: Well... That went easier than expected.

The group burned the bodies that night. Two more days went on until Jasper finally woke up.

Jasper: Nngh... He... Hello?

The room was silent. Jasper slumped back, remembering what had happened, and waited for someone to come. After about half an hour Luan stepped in.

Jasper: Luan?... It's good to see you...

Luan: Jasper's awake! Hey man, it's good to see you too. How do you feel?

Jasper: Uggh, just... Just peachy... Stomach stings...

Luan: You got shot. Remember a few days ago? We got attacked.

Jasper: Yeah... I remember...

Luan: We still don't know if Asher's gonna make it.

Jasper: Ughh... Anyone die?

Luan: So far, no. We're still not sure about Asher.

Jasper: He better... Wake up...

Luan bowed his head in silence. Another day went on before Jasper could walk around again, although stumbling and slow. The day after that they got some unexpected news.

Luan stepped into the infirmary. As soon as he entered, Asher opened his eyes. He already remembered everything.

Luan: Oh, shit, yes! He's awake!

Luan sprinted to Asher and sat down in the chair next to his bed.

Luan: You're awake!

Asher: Yeah... I am...

Luan: You remember everything that happened?

Asher: Yeah, I do... How's the group?

Luan: Great. No one's died, at least. You and Jasper barely pulled through.

After the group came in and paid their respects and everything, night fell. A week passed before Asher and Jasper were completely healed. Asher stepped up to Luan's door.

Luan: Yeah? Oh, hey, Asher.

Asher: Hey. I came to thank you.

Luan: Oh, no problem.

Asher: No, I mean it. Thank you. Everything that's happened... You've been there for us. You've saved several people. You saved me. Thank you, Luan.

Luan nodded and Asher shook his hand. Asher strode across the hall and reached his room, then opened the door and lied down in his bed. That night was the worst of all.

It's the middle of the night, around two in the morning. Asher hears banging on the wall, then a scream:


Asher cringes. He's having nightmares again, and he can't get them out of his head. After the banging stops, Asher realizes what happened: That wasn't a dream. He instantaneously jumps out of his bed, leaving his gun. He runs out into the hall, seeing Beth kneeling down in Luan's doorway.

Asher: Oh, no!

He runs to the shocked Beth and looks into the room, seeing Luan, the gash-mark down his stomach, his throat slit, and his neck in a noose nailed to the ceiling.



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