This is the ninth issue and part 3 of All Barred In.


Bryson tossed the body onto the fire, sending up a cloud of sparks. He walked back and picked up another body, then started dragging it towards the flames. Jim, Bill, and Philip stood away from everyone else.

Bill: We can't just kill him, there's gotta be something else we can do.

Philip: We know what happens when we let in someone that's bit. We know they'll turn, so there's no other choice.

Jim: So we kill him? I know it has to be done, but... Who'd be able to do that?

Philip: I will. There's no other choice.

Bill: But how? Do we wait for him to die, or... do we just do it? How the hell are we gonna pull this off?

Philip: We tell him what's going on, let Aubree and Brock say their goodbyes, take him out back, and do it.

Bill nods regretfully and they walk over to where Brock, Aubree, and Lewis are by the RV.

Philip: Lewis, we're gonna have to-.

Aubree: NO!

She and Brock instantly turned around, aiming their rifles at the three, who were shocked and put their hands up in fear.

Brock: You're not touching him! EVERYONE! GET OUT HERE!

Jim: I swear to God, you even touch my wife, I'll be on you in less than a second. Know that.

Aubree: Eh, we're so scared! EVERYONE OVER HERE!

Everyone started walking over to them, not knowing what was going on.

Bryson: What the hell's- OH SHIT!

Aubree aims her gun at Bryson.

Brock: Nobody's touching Lewis. Now, one person moves- God damnit.

Brock reaches out and grabs Joe by the hair, pulling him back. He screams in fear and pain.

Kelly: NO!


Philip lunges out, but is shot instantly and falls on the ground. Kelly shrieks, but Aubree aims at her. The whole group is shocked. Lewis slumps back against the RV, his back is to the group.

Aubree: You make one move- even the tiniest inch towards us, we'll shoot you.

Brock: You're all screwed.

Brock still has his gun pointed at Joe.


  • Jim Horvel
  • Bryson James
  • Lewis Simon
  • Aubree Simon
  • Brock Simon
  • Philip Gords
  • Bill Pednure
  • Kelly Gords
  • Joe Gords
  • Jordan Gords
  • Kate Gords
  • Ella Horvel
  • Michelle Horvel


  • Philip Gords (Presumed)

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