This is the eighth issue and part 2 of All Barred In.


Bryson plopped down more planks of wood onto the blazing fire.

Bryson: There, that should last us an hour.

It was pitch black, even the sky. No stars were visible above the clouds.

Jim: Lewis, Bryson, and I are gonna head out again tomorrow.

Lewis: We found a mansion, but it was overrun. Tomorrow it should be somewhat cleared out.

Bill: I'll go with you. We need to hit the hardware store or the Home Depot to get melee weapons and wood.

Ella: Be careful, Jim, please.

Jim: I will.

Philip: How 'bout some s'mores?

Kate + Jordan + Joe: YAY! S'MORES!

Everyone laughed as Philip handed everyone some graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate.

Lewis: What about the wieners? You got those?

Bill: Oh yeah, they're over in the room. I'll go get them.

Everyone stared into the campfire as Bill shuffled away.

Brock: Anyone know any good ghost stories?

Aubree: Now's not really the time for ghost stories.

Kelly: I've got one. 

Lewis: You sure it won't scare the kids?

Kelly: I'm sure. So one time, there was this woman driving around at midnight, and she noticed a strange car-.

Bryson: SHIT!

Everyone stood up from their chairs. Bryson had spotted several walkers closing in on the group.

Philip: Kelly, get the kids!! Lewis, my gun! Get it NOW! Everyone stay together!

Everyone was screaming and panicking and splitting up. Bryson yelled for Jim to help him as he fired his shotgun at walkers. Jim frantically looked around, seeing Ella and Michelle over by Aubree and Lewis. Jim sprinted for Ella. She handed him his pistol.

Ella: What'll we do?

Jim: Stay calm and stick with the rest of the group! GO!

They slowly made their way over to Philip and Kelly, who were in front of the kids. Ella was gripping onto Jim and Aubree was doing the same to Lewis.

Philip: Bryson! Get over here!

Philip, Lewis, and Jim fired at the oncoming zombies. Bryson was on the other side of the pack, firing his shotgun, pumping away shell after shell. Brock was seen even further away, towards the edge of the wall. He was cornered.

Lewis: No, Brock, GET OVER HERE!

Brock: I can't, just go! LEAVE THE MOTEL!

Lewis: NOOO!!!

Lewis went into a rage and sprinted towards the group. He shoved the nearest zombie out of the way and pushed his way through the crowd. He then felt a sharp stabbing pain in his left shoulder. He screamed.

Aubree: NO, LEWIS!

She tried to run to him but Philip held her back.

Lewis: AGH!

Lewis shot the zombie and ran to Brock, who was staring at him, his eyes wide open. The walkers got closer and Lewis fired again and again. When he ran out of bullets, Lewis looked at Aubree and started sobbing.

Aubree: Noooo!!!!

Lewis: I'm sorry, babe, I LOVE YOU!!!

They both sobbed. Suddenly a bullet tore through the walker's head that grabbed Brock. He looked up to see Bill up top with a rifle. Everyone started firing at the walkers. Everyone was screaming and eventually, when Jim killed the last one, Lewis sobbed, ran to Aubree, and hugged her.

Kelly: Don't worry, kids. We're okay.

She stared on at Lewis' bite.


  • Jim Horvel
  • Bryson James
  • Philip Gords
  • Kelly Gords
  • Brock Simon
  • Bill Pednure
  • Lewis Simon
  • Aubree Simon
  • Michelle Horvel
  • Ella Horvel
  • Joe Gords
  • Kate Gords
  • Jordan Gords


  • None

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