This is the sixth issue and part 6 as well as the finale of In the Midst.


Kelly stares, shocked, at Jim.

Jim: Where's Ella?

Kelly: She's in the back, watching the kids.

Jim walked past her and opened the door to the bedroom. He saw Ella sitting down with the kids, a bandage wrapped aroun her head. They were all laughing. When she saw Jim, she gasped in excitement and instantly ran to him and embraced him.

Ella: I was so scared...

Jim: Don't worry, babe, I got you now. You're okay. I love you.

Ella smiles, then kisses him.

Ella: I love you too.

Ella: Kelly told me about how you went to get Michelle and Danny. Did you get them?

Jim stayed silent for a minute, causing Ella to worry.

Ella: Jim? Did you?

Jim: Danny turned into one of those things, he... He attacked Michelle. She had no choice... She put him down and then we found her.

Ella started sobbing and sat down. Jim comforted her.

Jordan: What's wrong?

Jim: Nothing worth worrying about, son, we're okay. Why don't you guys go see what your dad's up to?

The three kids ran off. Ella rested her head on Jim's shoulder. They sat there for a long time.

Everyone stood outside. Philip was talking to them.

Philip: We need to barricade this place better. We'll clean up all the rooms, get everyone their own so we don't have to share, and block off everything. We could survive this, we just have to work for it. We can do this, everyone, I know we can.

Jim looked behind Philip, seeing a figure walking in.

Jim: Creeper!

Lewis aimed his shotgun at the figure, but it raised its hands.

Man: Yo don't shoot, please! I'm cool!

Lewis lowered his gun adn the man walked forward slowly.

Man: My name is Bryson James, I'll contribute in any way I can if it means I get fed and rested and a safe place. You guys have kids, so I'm guessing you're cool. And if you don't want me here, I'll pick up and leave. Your choice.

The group all looked at each other. Jim looked at Lewis and Philip, who both nodded. Jim turned to Bryson.

Jim: We'll let you stay. I'm Jim, by the way. This is my wife, Ella, and my daughter, Michelle.

Lewis: I'm Lewis, and this is my brother, Brock, and my wife, Aubree.

Kelly: I'm Kelly, these are my kids, Joe, Jordan, and Kate, and this is my husband, Philip.

Bryson: Sweet. You guys have any beer? I could really go for a beer right now.

Lewis: Oh, shit, guys, we need to go on a supply run soon. We need better guns and some melee range weapons. Stores are getting raided left and right just about now, so we need to hurry before all the weapons and beer are gone. Especially beer.

Everyone laughed, except Philip's kids. They all started picking up and sweeping the inside of the motel's parking lot.

Philip: You know, Jim, I'm regretting what I said earlier today. We can make it through this, we just have to work together. We can do this. It's gonna be alright, Jim. I know it is.

They stared off into the setting sun.

Jim: Amen, brother.

Bryson popped open one of Lewis' leftover beers.

Jim: Amen.



  • Jim Horvel
  • Ella Horvel
  • Philip Gords
  • Kelly Gords
  • Jordan Gords
  • Joe Gords
  • Kate Gords
  • Bill Pednure
  • Lewis Simon
  • Aubree Simon
  • Brock Simon
  • Michelle Horvel
  • Bryson James


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