This is the fifth issue and part 5 of In the Midst.


Michelle: Please don't hurt me.

Voice: You plannin' on taking this RV? What about your friends over there?

Michelle looks over at Jim, Philip, and Bill and then shuts her eyes again.

Michelle: We were, but we didn't know you were in here. We're getting swarmed and they told me to start this RV.

Voice: I see.

Jim: Michelle, do you have it started yet!?!

Voice: Don't answer.

The man who was holding the gun to her head ran outside.

Voice: Over here, COME ON!

Bill: Thank God!

Philip: Can it, Bill!

The three ran inside, seeing Michelle.

Voice: I'll start the RV, you guys shut the door and get comfy!

The man brushes past Michelle and starts the RV.

Voice: Sorry about that, young lady, we just can't take our chances. What were you folks doing, using guns?

Philip: We were getting Jim's daughter here. We got attacked and yeah, we use guns, so what?

Voice: Hm. I'm Lewis, by the way. Last name's Simon. The people in back are Aubree and Brock. My wife and brother.

Michelle looked back and noticed the two people sitting in back.

Aubree: We were doin' just fine until you guys showed up.

Lewis: Hon', stop, this is a good thing. More people means better. Where we headed?

Philip: Motel 6. You know where that is?

Lewis: Yeah, actually. I stayed there about a month ago with Aubree. Brock, you still got the weapons in the bag? What about the food?

Brock: Yeah, it's all good.

Lewis: Alright. What're your names now? I didn't catch 'em before.

Jim: I'm Jim. This is my daughter Michelle. Guy with the glasses is Philip and this guy's Bill.

Lewis nodded and the motel came into view.

Lewis: Here we are.

He parked the car in a position where they could get out in a hurry if needed. They all got out and Philip led them up the steps to the room where Ella, Kelly, Jordan, Kate, and Joe were. He opened the door. Kelly walked up and kissed Philip.

Kelly: Who's this?

Philip: We found 'em all on our way back. Michelle here is Jim's daughter. THey're all gonna join us.

Kelly: What about his son?

Jim's face turned grim and he stared at the ground. He shook his head and a tear fell down Michelle's cheek.

Jim: No.


  • Jim Horvel
  • Philip Gords
  • Bill Pednure
  • Lewis Simon
  • Aubree Simon
  • Kelly Gords
  • Brock Simon
  • Michelle Horvel


  • None

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