This is the fourth issue and part 4 of In the Midst.


Jim: Oh my God, wh-... What happened?

Michelle: He- He was comin' at me... All snarling, snappin' at me. He was drenched in that blood before he came at me. He-.... He tried to take a bite outta me, Dad, there was nothin' I could've do-!

Jim: Stop. Just stop. There's no reason to blame you. Get your gun.

Michelle: Where's Mom?

Jim: We got in a car accident over by Motel 6. Your mother got knocked unconscious so I took her inside, and met Philip. His wife, Kelly, was a nurse I think so she's fixing Ella up right now. We came to get you. Now let's go.

Bill: I'm Bill.

Michelle just sniffled and nodded. Jim angrily took one last look at his son before turning around, walking out the door and down the stone cold steps.

They walked along the road, almost to the motel. When they reached the gas station, they all hid.

Philip: We gotta be extra careful right here, Michelle, Bill, your father and I had a little incident with these things and now that gas station's probably full of them. Be careful, and stay quiet.

They all crouched down and walked by the gas station, but saw there were no walkers at the door and none inside. No dead bodies were anywhere.

Bill: What the hell?

Jim: Where'd they go?

Michelle: SHIT!

They all turned around. One of them had seen them, but Michelle had yelled, which caused the rest to turn around.

Philip: Damn it!

Jim: Michelle, you see that Motor Home over there?

Jim raised his rifle and Philip raised his shotgun. They both started to fire. Jim pulled back the lever, releasing a shell. The bullet drove itself into the walker's chest, doing nothing.

Philip: You gotta hit 'em in the brain, no other place!

Jim: You see it?!

Michelle: Yes!

Jim: Go start it and come get us outta here!

Michelle: Alright!

She ran off to the camper as Jim and Philip still fired, while Bill looked around to see if any more were coming.

Michelle slammed the door open and ran inside to the driver seat, but heard the cocking of a shotgun and then the cold feel of a barrel of a gun against the back of her head.

Unknown Voice: Don't. Move.

Michelle squeezed her eyes shut tight and let a single tear roll down her cheek.


  • Jim Horvel
  • Michelle Horvel
  • Bill Pednure
  • Philip Gords
  • Unknown Man


  • None

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