This is the third issue and part 3 of In the Midst.


Philip: Get back to the motel!

Philip started to run but Jim stopped him.

Jim: No, we can't! We still have to find my kids and weapons, and besides that we'll be leading them right to Kelly and your kids! We can't go back, just get in that gas station!

Philip nodded and they ran inside the gas station. The man and Philip held the doors shut.

Man: I'm Bill, by the way. Bill Pednure.

Philip: Now's not the time for names, man! Now Jim, get something to barricade the door so we can get the hell out of here while these dipshits keep on banging on the glass! HURRY!

Jim: I'm trying!

Jim sprinted through the aisles. After a minute of searching, he heard banging on the door.

Philip: Hurry up, Jim!

Jim: Hold on!

Jim saw a bent lead pipe lying in a pool of blood coming from a dead body's chest.

Jim: Oh God...

Jim picked up the lead pipe, but the "dead" body started growling and got up slowly, walking towards Jim.

Jim: Oh no... Oh no!

Jim backed up but the man kept coming at him, extending his gory arms towards his face.

Jim: I'm sorry...

Jim swung the lead pipe at his head, killing him instantly. He then ran around the aisle where he saw Philip and Bill holding the door shut, but it was slowly opening.

Bill: Hurry up please!

Jim shoved the lead pipe in between the handles.

Philip: Alright, let's book!

They ran into the back security room and saw the door outside, with a sign on it that read 'Employees Only.' They burst outside and saw the other section of the parking lot and a dumpster off to the side.

Bill: What now?

Jim: We're looking for my kids. My daughter lives a few blocks away. Would you be willing to help us look for them? We'll let you join us when we get back.

Bill: Yeah, sure, let's go!

They all started walking towards her apartment, led by Jim. When they got there, they burst into her room.

Jim: Michelle? You here?

Voice: (SOB)... Y-yeah.... In here....

She was sobbing.

Jim: Oh, shit.

Jim sprinted off.

Bill: Uh oh.

They all walked up to see Michelle holding a gun and a man in his early twenties lying on the ground; his face was identical to Jim's.

Michelle: I'm sorry...


  • Jim Horvel
  • Philip Gords
  • Bill Pednure
  • Michelle Horvel
  • Unnamed Man


  • Unnamed Man

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