This is the twenty-seventh issue and part 3 of Choices We Make


Jim sits under a tree, tying a knot. It is revealed he is setting up a trap out in the woods. He hears crunching and looks back, seeing a walker stumbling towards him. He takes his rifle and slams the butt against its chin, then caves its head in with it, spraying black, flowing liquid all over the place. He walks back to the trap and finishes, then starts walking. He passes by a set of train tracks and keeps walking for another half hour or so. When he reaches the motel, Bill opens the gates and he walks in. He goes over to his room and opens the door, then steps inside, seeing Kelly wrapping a new bandage around Michelle's stomach. She is back on her feet. It has been four days since the attack from the Mexican man's group.

Jim: Doin' alright?

Kelly: Yeah, just changing the bandage.

Jim: That's good. I was gonna take Philip and Molly on a run in a bit, that alright?

Kelly: Yeah, fine by me.

Jim nods and opens the door to walk back out, then sees Michelle looking saddened. Kelly notices too and finishes the bandage, then walks out of the room.

Jim: Let Philip know about the run.

Kelly: Got it.

He lets her out, then walks over to Michelle and sits in the brown leather armchair.

Jim: What's going on?

Michelle: I don't want you to go again.

Jim: It's okay, I'll be back in a few hours.

Michelle: I know, it's just... You leave too much.

Jim: Someone's gotta go check up on the traps, hon'. Nick's still not doing so well, Philip's busy making sure everything's locked down, and Bill's always on watch. When Nick gets better I'm sure he can go check up on the traps and I won't have to leave as much.

Michelle: Okay...

Jim: I promise this'll all be over soon.

To be continued

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