This is the twenty-sixth issue and part 2 of Choices We Make.


Jim lies flat on his stomach and pulls Michelle, who is barely conscious, over onto the sniper perch with him and grabs the rifle, rage fuming in his nostrils. He aims around a corner, sees a man behind one of the trees, gets him in his sights, and fires. The man crumples to the ground and Jim pulls the lever back, inserting a round into the chamber. Shots rain down on him and he stays behind cover, waiting for his chance to get at the Mexican man.

On the left wing of the motel, Molly and Philip are firing their rifles down at the men outside. Just then, they hear they thud of a bullet hitting someone, and look down in horror at the person that was hit. 

Michelle is still alive, but barely. She whimpers, and Jim strokes her hair, then holds her close.

Jim: C'mon, baby, I'm gonna keep you alive, just hold on.

He slinks back to the opposite side of the motel and slides down, then runs to the back of Kelly's room and kicks the door open, shattering the lock and knob.

Kelly: 'The hell?

Jim: She was hit, just keep her alive!

Before she can say anything else, Jim sprints past Jordan and Kate and runs outside, taking cover behind the RV.

Molly: Oh shit... Oh shit...

Nick lies down on the ground. Blood pours from his left shoulder. Molly sits still, staring down at his lifeless body. She is in shock, and is up in the open. Just as a bullet flies straight through where her head would've been, Philip pulls her down under cover.

Philip: It hit him in the shoulder, he'll be okay! He's probably just passed out from shock!

Ella and Bill sit in her room, trapped.

Ella: What's going on? Is Jim okay?

Bill: I can't tell! We have to fight them off or we'll get overrun!

He sticks the barrel of his rifle out the window, but can't see anyone. He has to get up high.

Bill: Ella, promsie me something.

Ella: What?

Bill: If you have to, get Michelle, Kelly, and the kids and leave. As soon as you see those gates come down. Just hop the back wall and run if that happens.

Bill exits the room, leaving a surprised Ella. He sees Nick's body on the ground and Jim behind the RV, shooting up at the men in the trees.

Bill: Jim!

Jim: Is Ella alright?

Bill: She's fine, don't worry! Where's Michelle?

Jim: Don't worry about that now, just keep shooting at these assholes!

They keep firing. Bill gets a guy in his sights and fires, hitting him in the arm. The man stumbles down and Jim fires a bullet into his head. The process repeats, and eventually the men get in their cars and speed off. Everyone comes out of their cover.

Bill: We did it! They're gone!

Jim: Stop celebrating.

Jim looks off into the distance.

Jim: They'll be back just to kill even more of us.


  • Jim Horvel
  • Ella Horvel
  • Bill Pednure
  • Philip Gords
  • Molly
  • Nick
  • Michelle Horvel
  • Kelly Gords
  • Jordan Gords
  • Kate Gords


  • None

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