This is the twenty-fifth issue and part 1 of Choices we make.


Bryson: Mmph!

He struggles against the ropes and squirms in midair, but can't escape. The wet washcloth in his mouth is getting very warm, making it uncomfortable. The Mexican man simply smiles.

Man: You will never leave this place. At least not alive.

He turns around, about to leave, but then looks back at him.

Man: My name is Josè Fernandó Frappè. You will remember that name for as long as you live.

He turns around and leaves the room, shutting the door. Bryson is left hanging in the damp room.

Jim, Philip, Bill, Nick, Kelly, and Molly are all up at some point at the motel, up high. Jim sees movement in the trees and aims his gun at it, but it is only a creeper. He lowers it and sighs, then looks up. He hears movement behind him, so he turns around and sees Michelle.

Jim: You should be inside.

Michelle: I wanted to help out.

She sits next to Jim, pulls out her pistol, and coughs.

Jim: Getting a cold?

Michelle: It's nothing. 

They sit for a minute or two in silence.

Jim: You should really be inside.

Michelle: Dad. I'm twenty-one.

Jim: Doesn't matter, I'm still your dad. It's not safe out here.

Michelle: It's not safe anywhere.

Jim smirks and sets his gun down. It is about 7:00, and he is getting tired.

Jim: How's your mom doing?

Michelle: Good. Did you hear about Carmen?

Jim: Yeah.

Michelle: What do you think she's gonna do?

Jim: I don't know. She has Jeromy's baby, which is horrible... The kid will never know what their dad looked like.

Michelle: Yeah... And how do we know she'll survive?

Jim: We don't... It sucks ass.

Michelle: Yeah... And in the meantime we're sitting here butt-ass naked, just waiting for these assholes to show up.

They sit for a minute.

Michelle: You know, before you found me I-

She is interrupted by the loud echo of a gunshot, and makes a slight choking noise when a bullet flies from nowhere and drives itself into her gut. 



  • Jim Horvel
  • Michelle Horvel
  • Bryson Simon
  • Jose Frappe
  • Philip Gords
  • Kelly Gords
  • Bill Pednure
  • Nick
  • Carmen (Mentioned)
  • Molly


  • Michelle Horvel (Presumed)

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