This is the twenty-fourth issue and part 6 as well as the finale of Life is Death.


Woman: What do you mean another group in Fort Dodge? They cool?

Nick: Hell no. I'm sorry, I'm Nick. This is Bill.

The woman extended her hand and Nick shook it.

Woman: I'm Katie, and this is Teagan.

Philip stepped into the sniper perch and aimed his gun out into the woods. A minute later, he sees a deer skip across the loose gravel. He fires his gun and sees the deer drop dead on the ground. He slings his rifle up and lets out a loud whistle. Jim walks out with another bolt-action rifle on his back and opens the gate. He looks up at Philip, who gives him the thumbs-up. He walks out and lifts up the carcass, then walks back inside and shuts the gate behind him.

Jim throws the deer down on a tarp and pulls out his knife. Before he can start skinning it, he looks in the doorway and sees Ella standing there. She walks in and then looks Jim in the eyes. Hers are watering.

Jim: Something wrong?

Ella: Carmen's pregnant.

Molly: Yeah, Carmen is going to have a baby, Eva.

Eva: Is it a boy or a girl?

Molly: We won't know until it's born. Are you excited?

Eva: Yeah, I finally have someone to play with!

Molly: What about Kate, Jordan, and Joe-

Molly remembered and looked at the ground, embarassed. Kelly and her kids, who were right next to them, all did the same.

Philip stared out at the road, his face dark and cold. After half an hour of waiting, the RV emerges from behind a building and starts speeding towards the motel. Philip runs down and opens the gate, and they drive in and turn it around. They hop out, carrying two large seabags.

Nick: Two military. They can't help us themselves, because they've got a mission or something. Total bullshit, everything is obviously dead. But they did tip the odds in our favor. This one's got weapons, Bill's has food, water, and other supplies that we'll need down the road. With this new stuff, we can do this. I know we can, we just have to try our best.

Bill: We'll go set them up inside the storage room.

Hours later and miles away, inside a dark, wet room, Bryson is shirtless, his hands up in the air tied to a pipe. His feet dangle six inches above the wet stone floor. He struggles against the rope, until a minute later the Mexican man enters through the concrete door and smiles.

Man: Our men are on their way to your people's motel.


  • Jim Horvel
  • Philip Gords
  • Nick
  • Bill Pednure
  • Bryson James
  • Ella Horvel
  • Molly
  • Eva
  • Carmen (Mentioned)
  • Kelly Gords
  • Jordan Gords
  • Kate Gords
  • Joe Gords (Mentioned)
  • Pvt. Katie
  • Pvt. Teagan
  • Unnamed Man


  • None

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